Vertex Sample English

Vertex Specialised Natal Report –  Sample English:
by Donna Henson

For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia
33 N 44 56 84 W 23 17
Time Zone 5 hours West

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WHAT IS THE VERTEX ASTROLOGICALLY?: The Vertex represents a role or part we play that is not a matter of personal choice but is fated or destined.

We cannot really change things signified by what is involved with the Vertex. Vertex events involve other people. Often their actions come from things already set in motion. They are automatically forcing “personality completion” or bringing out what is expected of us. For example, a person with a Vertex in Cancer may not be comfortable dealing with emotional or family matters until he learns to do so. Vertex events make it possible to learn this.

The Vertex represents one’s lot in life determined by one’s past. The sign the Vertex is in represents a quality one needs to bring out, i.e. with the Vertex in Aries one needs to bring out initiative, the courage to start new things and to lead. The results are inevitable unless the actions had been changed sometimes years earlier. The Sun on the Ascendant gives a personal approach to life, but one has something to say about it. Sun on the Vertex, though, is a “Key Man” in a group or collective setting and very much subjected to fated situations. Coming on the right side of the chart, the Vertex is also a mirror to ourselves as to how other people see us. It shows expectancies of a person as a result of the reputation he has earned.

The Ascendant is our face to the world; the Vertex tells how the world interprets this face. It represents the result of personal growth as it is interpreted by one’s environment as a result of what a person has done. Delphine Jay has written that “as a result of what one is (Asc.) and what one does (MC), the Vertex represents what is expected of him.”

Therefore, the Vertex symbolizes a facet of our natures that we are compelled to bring forth. One way to think of the vertex is that the ascendant is the body, the MC the soul, and the vertex the spirit. The vertex shows expectancies from a person as a result of the reputation he has earned. It brings forced personality completion since it is a cycle finalizer. It is heavily activated when a cycle is ending. It represents the result of personal growth as it is interpreted by one’s environment as a result of what one has done. At the asc. we take from the environment (i.e. food, air, etc.). At the MC we give but with compensation. At the vertex we are expected to return to our environment by service.

The vertex is also known as the wish factor, but these wishes are fulfilled in a perverse manner. There is always the involvement of others in some manner. It is the reflection of what we are (asc.) and what we do (MC). While the descendant reflects how other people react to us, the vertex reflects how our environment responds to us. Many think of it as representing a fated quality in the sense that we have little or no control over its actions.

Being an East-West polarity, the vertex represents others and the anti-vertex, the self. The anti-vertex represents the cause and the vertex, the effect. The anti-vertex indicates an area of ease or favors freely given. We’re used to events brought by the anti-vertex. They’re comfortable. However, the vertex indicates challenge. These events are impersonal. They’re not under our control. Like the nodes of the moon, the north node and the vertex are indicative of challenge and growth while the south node and the anti-vertex are indicative of ease and familiarity. A person needs to go a step higher in the sign of his natal vertex, and each time the vertex changes signs by progression, he is challenged to learn the lessons of the new signs. Bringing it forth, we must remember that the potential has always been there. This is an area of our lives we know we could develop and will have the chance to develop when the Vertex is activated.


The Vertex works somewhat like the Moon’s Nodes since the Vertex and its opposite point, the AntiVertex is also an axis. We say we have already developed the qualities of the South Node and we get out greatest growth from the North Node. Likewise, we have well-developed qualities of the AntiVertex, and we need to bring forth the qualities of the Vertex.

How aspects to the Anti-Vertex work

Conjunctions to the Vertex are oppositions to the Anti-Vertex. This shows the need to balance and use what you already know with what you are developing by using what both signs signify.

Sextiles to the Vertex are Trines to the Anti-Vertex. While you have the opportunity to develop the qualities of the Vertex, it is easier for you to express those of the Anti-Vertex. If you allow this, it could hold back your efforts to express the Vertex sign. Used constructively, it’s a highly harmonious aspect.

Squares to the Vertex are also squares to the Anti-Vertex, so you have impediments in developing the things signified by the Vertex sign and from using the innate talents of the Anti-Vertex. This is the most challenging aspect of all.

Trines to the Vertex are the easiest and usually most favorable aspects. They are also sextiles to the Anti-Vertex, so you have both the ease and opportunity to develop what these signs signify.

Oppositions to the Vertex are conjunctions to the Anti-Vertex. Here you have the strong well-developed talents of the Anti-Vertex, which may overshadow your development of the Vertex sign. Neglecting one over the other is not the best use of this. You may meet opposition from someone else when your fated events occur, or you may take the easier path of the Anti-Vertex.

Quincunxes to the Vertex are also semi-sextiles to the Anit-Vertex. While you’re fated to develop the sign of the Vertex, help from your Anti-Vertex is just beginning to develop giving you little help from previous development. This results in minor irritations that could eventually develop into big problems such as health or financial concerns. To handle this you have to adjust to the differences of the two signs.

Vertex in Sagittarius, Anti-Vertex in Gemini

You are expected to develop broad vision and a deeper understanding of the significance behind the facts. You may develop a new religious awareness or a philosophical view of things. You could become inspired by reaching toward higher truth. You may travel or attain a higher education, deal with legal principles, teach a class dealing with religion or philosophy, and editorialize, promote, or bring understanding to difficult situations. Doing these things may teach you to have faith in yourself, your abilities, and your goals in life. You will learn that faith in yourself must come from faith in something outside the self.

Not accomplishing your goals may incline you to accept a law or principle without looking past the facts to see how it will actually affect people. You will find it difficult to accept the accolades and rewards you have earned and, instead, drift aimlessly through life. The Gemini Anti-Vertex shows a mind and communication skills well suited to developing Sagittarius principles. Your previous life work has dealt in concrete facts and education that equip you to go farther.

Vertex in 5th house:

Your ability to be creative and yet retain your individuality is one possible issue. You have much to offer the world but need to develop the self-esteem and courage to have the confidence to do so. Your generosity and ability inclines people to call on you to work on entertainment projects or to guide young people, which you often do by example as well as work. For some, love affairs, romance, or sports become the vehicle to bring these about. You are expected to retain a sunny disposition.

Vertex Trine Saturn:

You are usually self-motivated, not needing the constant encouragement and pushing some require. Even as a child you were the one who could be relied on to take care of yourself and do what you believe is right. You may show wisdom that you may have gained in other lives as well as this one.


The Ascendant is who you are and how you express yourself. The Midheaven describes what you do (your career) and also one of your parents. As a result of how you express yourself and what you do, you are expected to express the characteristics and tasks of the Vertex.

Cancer Rising:

You are seen as gracious and charming, but you tend to withdraw into your shell when confronted by unpleasantness. You are easily upset though you don’t stay upset for long. You respond to life by feeling rather than thinking. You tend to be overly sensitive even when no offense is intended. If your moon is angular you have a strong attachment to your home and mother, which may keep you from maturing and becoming independent as quickly as ohers. You cling to the past with great tenacity. Patriotism, the past, and tradition are very important to you. You need love, encouragement and acceptance to overcome your timidity. When the ascendant progresses into Leo, you become more courageous and outgoing. Some of you become antique dealers since you love to rummage in the past.

Children with this have active imaginations and also great timidity. They need to be given constructive ways to apply their imagination, such as music, art, drama, or games using the imagination. Some of you come before the public in your career. You love to travel but only if you have your home to come back to.

At times you have indigestion when upset, but you will retreat from anything unpleasant because of your sensitivity. You can be gracious and charming making others feel very comfortable in your home.

The Adjectives in Interpretation

Aspects to the Ascendant are like the adjectives in a sentence. They tell who, what, when, why, and how the Ascendant is affected. Taking interpretation to this level enables you to know yourself much more specifically. Every ascendant aspect shows a potential for different expressions of the personality. Regardless of the ascendant sign, it takes on the characteristics of the planets (energies) aspecting it, and the kind of aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, or opposition) tells how you are apt to express this energy. Usually we can choose to express this energy positively or negatively.

Uranus Sextile Asc.:

One of your greatest assets is your original and progressive creativity. Daily, routine jobs are too confining for your creative talents. You have a wide variety of friends from different backgrounds. You are envied and even disliked by some co-workers whose limited perspective prevents them from really understanding you. You will probably be active in expressing your own creativity all of your life. Time means little to you, and you reject the limitations it imposes.

Neptune Trine Asc.:

Your extreme sensitivity makes it difficult to be satisfied in personal relationships. A romanticist at heart, you seek an ideal human partner, and then may be disillusioned when this person lets you down. You are not afraid to work hard if your efforts are appreciated. You can demonstrate your spiritual concern for man by actively helping everyone to use his highest values to make the world a better place. Careers ruled by Neptune appeal to you such as art, music, acting, politics, chemistry, or painting as well as dealing in products from the ground such as oil. You do well in any field having to do with public relations or sales where your sensitivity is an asset.


The Midheaven (MC) indicates the highest level to which one may aspire. It shows one’s position or status in the world and what the person has aspired to achieve. It also indicates a parent or parents from whom a person gets his station in like, especially as a child, and indicates how far a person is able to rise above his birth condition. Later, this status comes from his employer or the nature of his life’s work. Ambition, or its lack, is indicated here too. The Midheaven shows how favorably or unfavorably a person is known. The sign, ruler, and aspects to the ruler indicate the ease or difficulty one has in reaching his potential. Planets in the 10th house may give additional information. Politically it has a connection with the government.

MC in Aries

You are a pioneer in your career, perhaps starting many activities and finishing none of them. You feel you were born for the limelight. You maintain ceaseless activity until you do attain importance and recognition. You might see one of your parents as bossy or domineering, yet eager, competitive and dynamic. This parent may want you to follow in his or her footsteps especially if you have a Cancer ascendant. A Leo ascendant trines this sign making success relatively easy. With a Gemini ascendant the only real obstacle is Gemini’s versatility combined with your lack of perseverance. Regardless of your ascendant sign, you are the one who gets things started. Your enthusiasm inspires others to join you in your efforts. If your midheaven ruler, Mars, is well aspected your efforts are more effective. You will fight to keep what you have achieved and may run into conflict by your pioneering efforts. People often prefer their comfortable and familiar ruts while you may get them into unfamiliar territory. Your own tendency to be bossy and argumentative needs to be curbed to avoid hostility from those who don’t want to be bossed. This is a good midheaven position for sales work since you have great ability to initiate activity.

How You Handle Each Stage of Your Life

Aspect you have to your Midheaven give a more thorough interpretation of how you come across than the sign only. When we are born we get our identity from our parents or the circumstances of our birth. With each stage of development we usually have more control of this public image. As a child you began to develop an identity through your social contacts as well as your parents. As a teenager, you begin to establish your own identity apart from your parents. Next, your educational level and your job or career identifies you. Marriage usually brings a major change in your identity, and so on as does every stage of your life. The sign and aspects to the Midheaven indicate how you handle these stages. With each planet we develop differently.

Mercury Quincunx MC:

You are non-stop talkers who need center stage to feel secure. You have a great need to talk, but your authoritarian attitude can turn people off. You are crushed when people don’t take you seriously. You have mental ability, but it’s not always easy to put your thoughts into words others can understand. You never stop learning, but may talk too much on the job. You need chances to relax since you are easily keyed up by daily concerns. You sometimes blurt things out without thinking. Think twice before you express yourself to avoid hurting others verbally.

Venus Quincunx MC:

People are drawn to you like a magnet. A grace and ease of movement are an asset for any sports activity. You are at your best working with people, and you tend to win them over by turning on the charm. You may attract people who want to take care of you, so you must watch being too dependent on others. Once you make the essential modifications that improve your capacity to function, you may express an artistic or musical talent.


The MC and the IC are the parental axis. Aries on the IC means that one parent is described by the Libra MC and the other by the Aries IC. These signs do not necessarily describe the parents so much as your perceptions of your parents. Thus, your perceptions may be very different from those of a brother or sister with the same parents. Like the natural sign of this cusp, Cancer, the 4th house cusp (Imum Coeli or IC), represents nurturing, security, and your base of operations. Security usually comes from the nurturing parent, whether this is the father, mother, or other caregiver. In a broader sense it represents protections such as police, military personnel, or fortifications. It shows whether or not you have a base of operations you can count on and a place where you feel secure. It describes the actual home or dwelling where you live. In addition it represents conditions in the last yeas of your life. The sign, ruler, and aspects to the ruler as well as planets in the house describe these conditions in your life.

IC in Libra

The 4th house indicates your roots and foundation. It describes your home whether it is with your parents or your own home. Above all your home must be as beautiful as possible. You will make great sacrifices to make it as harmonious and pleasing to the eye as you can. If the ruler, Venus, is afflicted you could use poor taste in home furnishings or decorations. Some may not like household chores and live in a messy environment. For most, though, your tastes are refined and tasteful. You strive to create charm and grace as well as popularity with your family and friends. You treat family members fairly and expect the same from them. If Venus is well aspected the parent represented by this house is fair, just, and loving. This parent treats you with respect unless the ruler is afflicted. Sometimes this parent regards you as a partner. The stability of your home is shown here too. Fixed signs (or Venus in a fixed sign) are the most stable. Cardinal signs with a fixed Venus are next, and mutables least of all.

The last years of your life are usually happy ones. Loving family and friends may surround you. Your pleasant ways may bring you the cooperation of others rather than continuing alone. You strive to be surrounded by the arts and keep a lively curiosity about the activities of others. If you don’t have a spouse, you need to cultivate a close friend.


Since you are represented by the ascendant, the descendant or 7th house cusp describes others you attract into your life. This includes your spouse or the person who is most important to you with whom you operate as an equal as well as others in general. Open enemies and opponents are shown here too. The descendant is a reflection of who you are. i.e. An aggressive or self-centered Aries ascendant attracts a Libra type who is a more easy-going other-centered person; a Leo ascendant person being too personal attracts an Aquarian type who is impersonal. Each ascendant type attracts its opposite sign and often projects his own needs on this person. In conflicts such as court actions, power struggles, or war, the descendant describes the nature of the opponent. Libra, the natural ruler of the 7th, seeks balance and harmony even if he has to fight to get it. The descendant sign, ruler, aspects to the ruler, and planets in the 7th if there are any describe contracts and public relations.

Desc in Capricorm

With your Cancer nurturing nature, you seek a partner who makes you feel secure. You want affection but do not trust your feelings so you hide how you feel. You neither give nor take easily. Sometimes Saturn’s sign here delays marriage or you may seek a mature “father figure” type. A few marry a younger person if their protective nature is strong. Either you or your partner limits each other in some way. He/she loves law and order and believes that a rule is a rule. The areas of practical affairs are those where your mate succeeds. These people tend to be slave drivers at home. Your partner has a feeling that he must develop into something, have property to look after, some accomplishment to point to, or some obligation to fulfill.

You are cautious and reserved in forming relationships. Even though you want to protect and mother your partner, the relationship is difficult to maintain. This is due to Cancer’s moodiness and self-centeredness. You do not want to be restricted in any way but will restrict the other person. Your partner could be self-indulgent and inclined to be lazy. You want binding ties but may avoid the sense of responsibility a relationship requires. You have keen wit and sense of humor. Home is your castle, and you can be a good cook and wonderful host, but the business world appeals to your partner. This is true even though some Capricorn partners are almost as much a homebody as you are as long as he has his home and family to be proud of.


The Moon’s nodes move at a rate of about 3′ per day making them very useful in natal, progressed, solar arc, and transit charts. There is an electromagnetic disturbance when the Moon crosses the ecliptic. Unlike the planets, the Nodes in themselves are not energies although they are based on the Moon. They operate in a polarity, the North Node and the South Node. They are representative of the disturbing nature of changes. Since the Nodes always oppose each other, there is a quality of finality in its interpretation. If the North Node is stronger (i.e. a conjunction of the North Node and an opposition to the South Node, or a quincunx to the North Node and a semi-sextile to the South Node) these disturbances show changes to be more open and expansive according to the Jupiterian nature of the North Node. If the stronger aspect is to the South Node, the opposite indicates that the disturbances may be just as severe but will be less public in its manifestation giving a more Saturnian nature. This is not to say that one is better than the other. Some benefit comes from any change, no matter how disturbed the normal conditions of life may be during the time of flux.

The Nodes have much to do with relating – how we relate to new people, conditions, or any change from the normal. We find them activated when people enter or leave the life, new jobs or work relationships either entering or leaving the life, or new neighbors or friends who enter or leave.

There’s a karmic aspect to the Nodes. We have already experienced and developed the nature of the South Node, so this is the more comfortable placement. The North Node shows an area where we get our greatest growth and development, but these changes are not as comfortable because they represent new relationships or experiences.

North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra

You have experienced and developed the Libra qualities in past lives. You have probably been in marriages that allowed you little room for your own development. These Libra areas are comfortable for you now. It may still be easier for you to rely on others and be too concerned with their opinions. Sometimes it has been easier for you to find out what others are thinking or what they want than to assert your own thoughts and desires. Through your charm and concern for them, you’ve been in the role of peacemaker many times. While relationships, especially marriage, have been important in the past, you’ve neglected the things you want. Your own development is what your task is in this lifetime. You tend to have difficulty making decisions and you overly concern yourself with the opinions of others. You often rely on others too much. Practice boldness and take a stand for what you believe in. You need to become more active and courageous. Growth comes from assertiveness and taking a stand for what you believe in.

Spontaneity and assertiveness are qualities you need to develop. Loving and respecting yourself is not the same as selfishness. It is now more important that you meet your own needs than those of others even if it means having a need to be right, angry, combative, and seemingly unaware of their concerns at times. You know instinctively that others can take advantage of you, especially in marriage, so it’s time to affirm yourself and develop the Aries quality of taking initiative.

North Node in 10th House, South Node in 4th House:

There is a dilemma between your career or world and family. You need to develop competency, responsibility, discipline, and achievement through your career while also developing a sensitive caring and compassionate nature. There is a need for being practical as well as being one with feelings and empathy for your family. Parental ties may be strong. You need to take charge of your life and accept responsibility. In past lives you have ignored the ones who cared for you, and now your spouse and children seem to be unappreciative of all that you do for them. You could be overly focused on emotional problems yet must maintain independence as an adult. You’ve developed sensitivity to the opinions of others. Conflicts with family members over real estate will manifest for some of you.

You need maturity to overcome childish reactions. When you can offer shelter to others, it brings you great happiness. The financial and emotional security that you crave can come by clearly defining your goals and achieving them. You feel that you had little care from others, so now you must be the adult instead of the baby. You are capable of executive positions if you are business-like and take control.

North Node Trine Moon:

It is easy for you to agree with the social trends and attitudes of your world. Emotionally and instinctively you do and say the right thing. You know how to navigate changing popular beliefs to your advantage. You are at ease with women in your life and receive benefit from them.

North Node Trine Jupiter:

Your moral and religious values are in harmony with the people in your circle. You could gain prominence in the religious and social institutions of your culture. Your instinctive ability to flow with prevailing trends brings popularity and financial gain. You have a good balance between doing too much and doing nothing at all.

North Node Quincunx Uranus:

New worlds open up to you through other people as you gain greater freedom. You acquire a greater awareness of who you are and what you want even though the process requires painful separations. The people you meet help you gain the strength to be who you are.