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Relocation Report by David Cochrane

The Best Places Report does something amazingly simple and powerful: it tells you which towns and cities are best for the area of life you are most interested in. Instead of looking at an AstroMap or running an astrological analysis for particular cities, the Best Places Report simply tells you what the best places are!

For example, suppose that you live in Europe, you plan to continue living in Europe, and you wish to know which places in Europe are best for your career. You can run the Best Places Report and select “Europe” and select the option for 10 categories. This provides not only a list of the best places for Vocation and Career but also lists for 9 other categories that may be of some interest to you as well.

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The Best Places Report analyses 980 towns and cities in Europe. This includes smaller towns and villages as well as all of the metropolitan areas and it covers every area of Europe. In regions that are sparsely populated, the largest village or town in the area is included so that virtually every part of Europe is included in the analysis. The default setting is to list the top 200 places but you can produce a shorter list if you prefer. A list of best places for each of the following 10 categories is produced:

  • Friendship and Family
  • Detailed Friendship and Family
  • Love and Romance
  • Vocation and Career
  • Optimism and Opportunity
  • Education and Communication
  • Culture and Creativity
  • Responsibility and Focus
  • Imagination and Inspiration
  • Excitement and Instability

You can select one or more of the following regions of the world:

  • Canada and Greenland
  • United States
  • Mexico and Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Russia and countries bordering on the West and South
  • Middle East and SW Asia
  • Africa
  • India and bordering countries
  • China and Mongolia
  • SE Asia and Guam
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific IslandsSuppose that you are especially interested in Love and Romance and Vocation and Career. Rather than look at the lists separately, you would like to combine them together to easily see which places are best for both Love and Romance and Vocation and Career. You can do this! Instead of obtaining a 10 lists of best places, one for each of the 10 categories, you can select a combination of specific categories. You can combine two or more categories.

What if you wish to customise the formula used for a category or create your own category? You can do this as well. You can see the list of astrological aspects that are used to produce the scores and you can add or remove aspects, change the orbs used, or the weight given to aspects according to how important you think a particular aspect is in regards to a particular category. There are also five “User” categories for you to add your own categories in addition to the 10 categories that are provided.

Read full sample report: ENGLISH version HERE


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