Astrology Report Options

We have the World’s Best and Largest Collection of Interpretive Reports. These report options are not stand alone programs you will need to have registered and be running Sirius, Kepler or Pegasus.

Astrology Report Options provide you with options for more thorough analysis of your chart and also interpretations that focus on particular areas or issues that are not in the report included in Kepler or Sirius.

In order to insure that you will have the very best product, Cosmic Patterns has called on the writing talents of some of the world’s most skilled astrologers. The experience, expertise, and writing skills of these fine astrologers, in collaboration with our development and programming teams, has been translated into the language of today’s powerful, personal PCs. This is the magic behind the most respected report-writer in the business. And the result? – Smart software that allows you to quickly and easily produce personalised astrological reports of an unmatched quality, highly accurate and a pleasure to read, right from your own home computer.

All Cosmic Patterns reports can be generated in RTF, HTML, and PDF formats for easy print, add them to your website, or send them by email to your customers.

To learn more about our reports and to read sample reports they generate – click on the report title on the list at the left.

General Natal Reports describe a person’s personality, tendencies, inclinations, and areas of potential strength and weakness…

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Your natal report provides guidance and direction that can be helpful and useful to you. There are 4 General Natal Reports to select from.

A Natal Report is an interpretation of the birth chart that does not focus on one specific or narrow issue such as vocation, but instead provides a comprehensive analysis of the person. Each of these 4 reports is written by a different astrologer. Each of these astrologers has been a practicing professional practitioner for over 15 years, and all 4 reports are excellent.

Specialised Natal Reports focus on a particular area or aspect of life, such as vocation. 

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Others are written specifically for a particular age group, such as children or seniors. There are 17 specialised reports to choose from in this category. All of these reports focus on a particular issue or group of people. For example, the Child Report is written specifically for parents of children, the Vocational Guidance report focuses on career choices, and several reports analyse the birth chart from a metaphysical point of view.

Health Reports Medical Analysis and diagnosis can legally be given only by licensed, professional doctors;

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these reports are being made available to medical doctors and researchers. This medical analysis is NOT to be used for producing reports for commercial sales to the general public. The information provided is state-of-the-art astrological analysis and can only be properly applied by trained, licensed, professional physicians. To repeat, this product is exclusively designed for medical doctors and researchers only.

Anyone purchasing these health reports needs to sign a Disclaimer that states that the purchaser is fully responsible for properly using any of the medical reports and that Cosmic Patterns has no legal liabilities that arise if the purchaser distributes printouts of any of these reports. Click here to view the Medical Disclaimer.

Chinese Reports
The Chinese divide time differently from the way Western cultures divide time. Most of us are accustomed to 100-year centuries, but the Chinese…

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divide time into blocks of 60 years. We divide our centuries into ten decades. The Chinese divide their sixty-year spans into “dozencades” or twelve-year periods.

In the West, we divide our year up twelve times by its suns. Each 30 day month has its own astrological name. Every year our cycle begins anew. In the East, each year within the twelve-year dozencade has its own animal name. At the end of each twelve-year period the Chinese cycle begins anew.

Past Life Reports
A Past Life Report interprets your astrology chart from a metaphysical perspective. The authors believe that a person is born at a certain time not by chance,…

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but because the astrological forces at that moment are designed to help you learn the lessons and highlight the talents that are most appropriate for you to have in this life.

A Past Life Report is an esoteric point of view and look into the souls intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime based on reverberations on past lifetime.

Each of the reports below interprets your past life report. The style of each author’s writing is different however. It is best to view the samples first before deciding which past life report software to purchase.

Integrated Reports
An Integrated Report interprets information about different charts in order to produce the interpretation.

For example,….

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the Saturn Report analyses how Saturn functions in the birth chart in 7 year cycles when transiting Saturn is conjunct, square, or opposition natal Saturn throughout the lifetime. By combining different charts into the analysis, the report is able to incorporate many different factors to produce an analysis that is accurate and meaningful.

Compatibility Reports

These reports describe the issues that arise in the relationship between 2 people….

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The strong points and potential problem areas are described. Each report has its own unique way of interpreting the astrological influences, and each report uses different methods to determine the most important themes in the relationship.

Solar & Lunar Reports
A Solar Return is an exact moment when the Sun returns precisely to birth position….

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after completing a full orbit rotation through the zodiac. Almost always the date that the Sun returns to its natal position is the same day as the birthday, or one day earlier, or one day later. In very rare circumstances, it could occur 2 days earlier later.

Lunar Return is based on the Moon’s return to its natal position about once a month (approximately every 27 1/2 days). A chart calculated for the time the Moon returns to its natal position is the Lunar Return chart and it gives indications for the coming month.

Forecast & Progression Reports
Forecast or Transit reports predict future trends – what is likely to occur over the coming months or years….

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Astrologers use a variety of different techniques to forecast the future, and some of these reports use transits while others are based on solar returns, lunar returns, or progressions. You do not need to understand these astrological techniques, though, to read these reports; as with all of our reports, they are written so that non-astrologers as well as astrologers can read them. There are also various specialized forecast reports included in this category.

Relocation Reports
A Relocation report describes astrological influences of any locality based on your natal chart. These reports can be referred to when planning vacations, visits, business traveling, or relocating….

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The Relocation Reports use aspects and 13 midpoint structures to the relocated Ascendant and Midheaven to derive the astrological interpretations.

There are some things you know without needing an astrological analysis: For example, if you hate cold weather, you probably will not enjoy moving to a city near the Arctic Circle! However, probably much to your surprise, you will find that if the astrological influences are positive, there will be some nice experiences to help you through the long winters. In addition to weather, carefully consider the culture, the kind of people, and other issues that may be important to you (crime rate, quality of schools, natural environment, etc). Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. Combining the astrological analysis with good research on an area will help you identify the best places to vacation, conduct business, find friendships and romance, or to move permanently. It is worth creating this report for yourself or for your family, clients, and friends before planning to move or go on vacation.

Pets Reports
We have two pet reports to choose from: the Canine Report and the Feline Report….

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These reports address issues that pet owners and pet lovers have with their pets. To get to know more about your dog and/or cat order this report. It is also a very nice and different gift for a f friend who has a pet cat or a dog at home.

Horary Reports
Horary is an astrological method of that answers oracle questions….

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A question has to sacred in which, the date, time, and place when you thought of the question is recorded. Horary is the astrological method that find answers to a specific question by examining the chart drawn for the moment of the question.


All our programs include a basic set of astrological interpretations.

Here is a list of the free reports included with each program:

Sirius includes:

  • General Natal
  • Specialized Natal
  • Compatibility
  • Forecast
  • Relocational
  • MultiMedia Reports!
  • Automated Online Chart Service!


Kepler includes:

  • General Natal
  • Specialized Natal
  • Compatibility
  • Forecast
  • Relocational
  • Automated Online Chart Service!

Pegasus includes:

  • Cosmo Natal
  • Cosmo Compatibility
  • Cosmo Forecast
  • Major Life Themes