Reports – Interpretations

There are seven topics described below. The first five topics are different kinds of interpretations and the last topic describe the Automated Online chart Service:

  • General Natal
  • Specialized Natal
  • Compatibility
  • Forecast
  • Relocational
  • Automated Online Chart Service!
  • Video Customizing Interpretation Reports

There are reports available in various languages such as Spanish, French, etc. The specialized interpretations are Vedic, Harmonic, Degree Meanings, Asteroids, and Fixed Stars. Some of the interpretations include graphic images and some reports have a “No Birth time” version that can be used when the birth time is not known within about a half hour. These No Birth Time versions are shorter and leave out interpretations that are very dependent on the time of day.

The interpretive reports can be edited. For detailed information on editing of interpretive reports in Kepler you can watch the video on this.

The enormous range of interpretive reports in Kepler can be used in a variety of ways: 

  • You can produce a report for someone and email or print that report that can be sold to the client or give as a gift.
  • If you teach astrology, you may copy and paste an interpretation as an example of an interpretation according to some astrologers.
  • Some interpretive reports are also excellent reference works. See, for example, how different astrologers interpret a degree position or get information about fixed stars or asteroids that are conjunct planets in the chart.
  • Optional interpretive reports through an automated online chart service which require you to do very little and you receive royalty payments for the sales. See the information below on the Automated Chart Service for more information about this.More information about the interpretation reports in Kepler is provided below.

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Customising Reports
41 Minutes