Solar Return-Report-Portuguese

Solar Return Report – Sample Printout: English

For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

Solar Return calculated for:
October 27, 2009 – 4:18:06 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

***** FIRST PART *****

Chapter 1:
General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Virgo :

Your mental or intellectual activity Julia, will increase considerably this year. Your capacity to analyze and your attention to detail will be greater. You may feel the desire to study something new, or improve the way you do your present work. You may get more interested in service projects which improve the lives of others. You may concentrate on helping those around you by solving problems, distributing information on health issues, or getting involved in environmental concerns. It’s important for you not to neglect your own interests. However, you will find that, in one way or another, the things you do for the benefit of others will bear fruit for you in the future.

You could get so engrossed in your work that you lose yourself in details. Having a practical outlook is the key to finding good solutions. Don’t spend too much time unnecessarily analyzing data and avoid wasting time on unimportant things. Deal only once with matters that you have to attend to. Then come to a conclusion and don’t turn back again to analyze the topic in question. This only wastes a lot of time, entangles you in your own thoughts and has an immobilizing effect on you. If by nature you are less than meticulous in your work, you may find it easier to organize your thoughts and your work this year. If you are already very detailed and analytical, you should try to take time for some kind of physical activity so that you can remain more balanced between mind and body.

You could become less inclined toward a lot of social activity and be more drawn in and thoughtful. However, it is not good to be too reclusive and isolate yourself too much. This would give you too much time for self-criticism and dissatisfaction. You should see that you have a balance again between work and play.

Physically, you could be more nervous than usual which could result in intestinal disorders or other illnesses caused by nervous tension. It could also cause insomnia, brought on by too much mental work and excessive worry. It would be advisable to practice techniques such as Yoga to calm and focus the body and the mind. Highly competitive activities should be avoided if possible. You also should maintain a balanced diet of foods that are easy to digest. You will be inclined to want to improve your body and your health this year. It will come naturally to you now, and it would be a good time to go on a diet, if you feel you need to. You could benefit by boning up on subjects such as nutrition and the various kinds of alternate medicine that are available to you. Good health is one of the themes for this year.

During this period you may come in contact with intuitive and sensitive people who will share with you their hunches and visions of things to come. It would be wise for you to listen to what they say to you if you believe they might be relevant and true for you. Examine them carefully and determine their value. But, on the other hand, don’t accept everything you hear without question. Be discerning and evaluate everything.

You will find yourself being more cautious and critical in your relationships. Things that never used to bother you will now become issues for you. You may not see your partner as clearly as before. You may find Pisces natives entering your life this year. Although you will find them appealing, you could also be annoyed by their emotional approach. And you may find them too dreamy and impractical for your Virgoan thinking.

Solar Return MC Gemini:

Your professional activity will be diversified during this period. You will impress others with your intelligence and your ideas. If you are a fairly stable person, this year will be more exciting and productive. If you are bored with your work, you could change jobs, even going into a different kind of work during this year.

This influence favors activities related to communication, short journeys, publications and the gaining of information in general. During this year you may develop your ability as a writer, journalist, speaker, translator or publicist. No matter what you undertake, you will be more involved with expressing your ideas and receiving the ideas of others.

You should be careful not to spread yourself too thin, taking on too many projects though, because then there is the danger of not really accomplishing anything well, or not finishing those you start. Although you may be restless and have trouble staying with any one activity for long, you will use this time well if you complete the projects that are most important and rewarding to you.

You will probably make several short journeys during this year, some of which may be business related.

Activities with siblings and other close relatives will be important. There is a possibility of doing some type of business with them. Your home life will be more active and busy. You may make some changes there, or even consider moving (if other indications in this report confirm it). You might even be attracted by the idea of living in another country.
Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality

Sun in 2nd house:

Business and material matters in general will be very favored. Investments, purchases, negotiations and the increase of your capital will be the principal objectives of this period. You will concentrate your attention on everything related to money, and you will be successful in your enterprises, unless other astrological factors contradict this.

You could become so obsessed and worried about material things that you will overlook other important parts of your life, such as your spiritual life or your loved ones. Don’t get so involved that you can’t find a balance between financial security and emotional and spiritual growth in your life. However, your main objective this year will be to achieve economic stability and to improve your standard of living. You may find that you are able to acquire money more easily than you have in the past, and you will direct your will and your effort in that way.

There will also be a tendency to live big, spending more than you should on certain luxuries that at other times you wouldn’t have indulged in. Spend your earnings wisely and save a little for the future. If you do, you can enjoy the benefits of this year for many years to come.

Sun conjunction Mercury:

Your ideas will be on the right track this year. You will be able to understand situations better and put things in their proper place. Communication will be important to you and this influence will prompt you to keep your correspondence up to date and to stay in contact with your friends. You probably will take one or several short trips, especially if other astrological factors in this report indicate the same.

Sun square Mars:

You will demonstrate more aggressiveness, rashness and lack of patience during this period. It will more difficult to control your anger when crossed or frustrated. Try to keep a lid on this so that you don’t do or say anything which you will later regret. The practice of some type of sport or gymnastics would be very beneficial to maintain your balance. You will get bored with routine, especially if it is sedentary or slow. You could also be impatient with people who don’t share your way of thinking or even those who just cross your path. This aspect could bring fights, confrontations, conflicts and ruptures in relationships in general. In your personal life, there could be jealousy and the possibility of some kind of scandal because of it. You will be the most aggressive and intense in that area of your life represented by the house your Sun is in this year (described in the previous paragraph) and in the house occupied by Mars (described later on).

You also should be very cautious, because you could be prone to accidents, blows, falls, or burns. The main reason for that could be your impulsive haste, your lack of control over your reactions, and your excessive rashness.

Sun sextile Pluto:

During this time you will feel the desire to investigate and study the mysteries of life in depth. You will be interested in the occult and also will bring to the surface memories or impressions of your past that affect your present conduct. It is a year of positive transformation and of freedom. All changes that begin now will enable you to live with more freedom in the future. If you were contemplating some type of therapy, it would be a good time to start and would be very beneficial. You will be attracted to any type of activity that tests your ability and level of energy. You will need to reaffirm and rely on your own strength, and during this year you will be willing to move ahead.

You will express yourself with authority and strength in your relationships with others, causing a strong impact and making a very good impression. Due to the strength of your great inner convictions, you will more easily persuade others to adopt your ideas. Your authority will be notable and you could become a leader in the group that you are affiliated with.

This astrological influence brings concrete action and will solve many aspects of your life. Once you have made a decision, you will be devoted to working toward your goal. You will experience a transformation and renewal of your life in general.

Sun semisquare Asc:

Your vanity and personal pride could increase considerably during this time, causing problems with communication and relationships with people in your environment. This applies especially to people in authority. You could have disagreements with your boss at work or male family members or friends. Be aware of your actions and take care not to act too impulsively.

You could waste a lot of energy trying to impose your ideas on others and fighting with those who attempt to dominate you. Your physical body could be affected because you may drive yourself to exhaustion. It would be advisable to maintain an adequate diet during this time that gives you the necessary nutrition to keep up your energy level.

Sun sesquiquadrate MC:

You will feel some dissatisfaction with your job and start looking for something else. You could experience opposition from others or problems that keep you from realizing your principal goals during this year. Direct your energies appropriately so that you don’t drive yourself to physical exhaustion. Don’t expect much approval from others now and don’t just assume that everything will go the way you want it to.

It is important be realistic, practical, and persevering in order to achieve your goals. You should not try to go it alone or to be too inflexible. If you succeed in coordinating your efforts with others, you will have success this year.
Chapter 3: The Emotional World

Solar Return Moon in Aquarius:

You will be very restless during this year. You will be very active, continually needing stimuli to keep you going. Otherwise, you will be bored, especially with your daily routine. You will search for new experiences and a greater social life. Participating in group activities of any type would be very favorable. You will need to relate and exchange ideas with other people who have the same interests.

Your love and appreciation for true friendship will stand out this year. You will be surrounded by very good people and will avoid those you don’t consider compatible. You may have frequent changes, but the end result will be positive. You also will be interested in meeting people who are different from you in personality or lifestyle. Your curiosity will bring you in touch with unusual people who will enrich your view of the world. Your behavior during this time will surprise people who were accustomed to always seeing you in the same way.

You will become less inhibited and more expressive. This will make you more popular, but it could also expose you to some criticism. There is a possibility that some time this year you may be involved in some media activity, like radio or television.

In your relationships with women, you would do better by keeping things on a friendship basis as much as possible, not applying any type of pressure. This will insure a more harmonious year. During this year you will want to give others the same amount of personal freedom that you desire for yourself.

You will be more intuitive than usual and will have a more progressive and visionary attitude toward life. Your ideas will be more concerned with the future than with the past, and you will be more unpredictable, likely to make sudden, unexpected changes.

If by nature you are a nervous type, you should search for creative ways to relieve your tension, because, otherwise, you will suffer an undue amount of stress. You will be experiencing an unusual amount of electrical energy flowing through you which can be relieved by being more physically active. Creative and artistic activities also would be very favorable.

Solar Return Moon in 5th house:

You will be inclined to make investments or take part in a speculative business that has a certain margin of risk. The earnings will be unexpected and could come through playing games of chance.

In addition, your physical attraction and personal magnetism will increase, which could bring romantic adventures. You will be drawn to seek out a life of pleasure and will want to have a good time all year. Other people will court you and you will receive countless invitations. This could cause trouble if you are in a committed relationship. You will also express your emotions in a more dramatic manner.

Your creativity will also increase. Search for ways in which you can express this energy that will enrich your daily life. If you have artistic talents, you will have a very productive year.

This astrological influence could also announce the arrival of a baby. In the chart of a woman, there is a clear possibility of pregnancy.

Moon conjunction Jupiter:

This will be a period of positive feelings and generosity toward others. You will be more fearless and expect everything to go well for you. You won’t be as prone to anger or impatience when dealing with problems or involved in discussions with others. You will search for harmony and will bring it with you wherever you go. This astrological aspect promises a happy year, both emotionally and socially. You will receive support from others, especially from women.

Besides that, you will have a greater interest in the profound aspects of life and will want to expand your knowledge of the metaphysical or spiritual world. You will be more prone to follow the dictates of your heart rather than your mind.

Your personal life should be very pleasant. You will give to and receive a lot from others. If you are in a committed relationship, you will be feeling more obliging, helpful, and willing in your daily interaction. This will cause your partner to respond to you in like fashion. As a matter of fact, you will find harmony and peace in all areas of your home life. Even if other astrological influences this year indicate problems and dissatisfaction, you will find ways to have a happy year.

Moon conjunction Neptune:

You will be hypersensitive and emotionally vulnerable to the energy of others. You will tend to absorb the energy like a sponge, which could sometimes be unpleasant as you take on the problems and unwanted tensions of negative or unhappy people. It is wise to avoid this kind of person if at all possible.

On the other hand, your imagination will increase greatly. You will spend more time in your dream world and forget about your problems. This influence could cause you to take on an escapist attitude, if you are not careful. There also is the possibility of acquiring bad habits such as cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. You will be more idealistic, which could cause you to be deceived by others as you will not be facing reality head on. The pain resulting from this could cause you to want to escape in some way or another. Try to think more realistically about the people you associate with. Under this influence it is possible for you to be disillusioned or betrayed by your friends and associates. You could easily end up being the victim, although it might not really be as bad as it will seem to you.

Your ideas and your emotions will be difficult to express with words. During this time you will develop your creative and artistic talents more easily, especially in the fields of music and poetry.

Moon trine Venus:

This will be a happy year. Your emotions will be intense and very positive. You will be softer, warmer, and more sensitive, which will make a very favorable impression on others. Your interest will be directed to pleasurable activities, and you could also want to develop your artistic or musical talents. If you are already in a creative profession, this should be a productive year for you. You will receive favorable responses and approval from the public.

The area of your life where you could expect the most success will be in the romantic area. You will be more magnetic and concerned about your physical appearance and the way your actions affect others. If you are not already in a serious relationship, you will find that you have numerous possibilities for romance and may meet the person that you would like to share your life with. If you are already in a stable relationship, this year will bring much pleasure and well-being. If you are involved in a relationship that is becoming more serious, you might be making plans for marriage during this period. Even if you do not find yourself involved in a romantic relationship this year, this astrological influence could bring you happiness and harmony with the people close to you.

You will want to be surrounded by beauty and could dedicate yourself to the task of redecorating your home and your environment. However, your desire to enjoy life could cause you to neglect your diet and to become less active in physical activities.

You will have harmony in your home and a good relationship with your mother and with other women in your environment.

Moon trine MC:

You will have a very favorable year for your personal enterprises and your work in general. You will be able to rely on the support of the public, especially that of women. Changes in your professional activity will bring you in more favorable contact with others, achieving an increase of your popularity and of your success. In return, this will be reflected in your financial income and also in your creativity.

Your emotions will be in tune with your intentions and you will concentrate your energy in one direction. Your dreams and imagination will give you new ideas to improve your work. You will be able to rely on the support of your loved ones, particularly your mother and other women, for the achievement of your objectives.

Moon quincunx Asc:

You could become very easily irritated with frequent and unexpected mood changes. You will be more in touch with your subconscious and will tend to make decisions which are rash or illogical. It is important for you to think things over very thoroughly before making major decisions. Otherwise, you may have future regrets. Your relationship with others will tend to change, for better or worse. You will need to find emotional calm during this period.
***** SECOND PART *****


HOUSE 1: Personality. Principal interest of the year
Asc on 3rd natal house:

One of your principal interests will be communication, both in writing and in conversation, particularly in your immediate environment. You also could begin some type of study or take short trips to broaden your knowledge.

During this year you could have a closer or more important relationship with your siblings, neighbors, or other relatives. You will value their opinions more. However, there could also be some disagreements.

Solar Return Asc Conjunct natal Venus:

Your artistic and creative abilities will surface. You probably will begin some type of activity related to art, music, decorating or any other artistic endeavor. You will also feel like enjoying life and expressing the love that you feel for your loved ones. You will be more spontaneous in showing your feelings and emotions and will dedicate more time to your social life.

You will have a strong self image and spend more time taking care of your physical body and your personal appearance.

Solar Return Asc Conjunct natal Pluto:

You should get in touch with and work with any repressed or hidden emotions or deep feelings that come to the surface of your consciousness at this time. If you don’t recognize them and allow them to be expressed in a constructive way, you may find yourself acting in negative, nonproductive ways. You may have a desire to dominate or manipulate other people or situations.

You could become very inflexible and closed off from others.

Saturn in 1st house of Solar Return:

This will be a year of personal maturation. You will find yourself forced to confront problems and obstacles that will require you to be more realistic and practical in resolving them. You might not experience these challenges as being pleasant or easy, but they will be necessary for your growth. No matter what type of temperament you have, you will be more introspective and introverted now. Any type of therapy that you have during this time will be very beneficial because it will help you to understand your inner self better.

You will have some new responsibilities and liabilities that will limit your personal freedom. You may find yourself being tested to the limit as these experiences could be difficult and distressing for you. You must work on overcoming any feelings of fear, pessimism, or depression. If you don’t deal with these fears, you will encounter similar issues in the future which might be even more difficult to resolve.

Physically, your energy level will probably be low, so it will be necessary to maintain a diet that provides the nutrition your body needs, especially calcium.

Solar Return Saturn Conjunct natal Uranus:

Although your daily routine and duties will lead you to want to change your life around in a different direction, you will find it difficult to be as spontaneous and creative as you would like to be. You will rebel against the limitations and restrictions that are imposed on you by others. You will long for complete freedom, but it will be difficult to find it during this time.

HOUSE 2: Financial situation
Solar Return 2nd cusp Conjunct natal 4th cusp:

There is a possibility for earnings through real estate investments or other important business investments during this period. The conditions of your work will probably change in some way or an enterprise that you have started before may come to an end. You will receive family support in issues regarding money. However, take care not to let financial problems disturb your home life.

Mercury in 2nd house of Solar Return:

You will concentrate your thinking on material objectives during this year. The desire to earn more money will be your principal thought and you will be successful in activities relating to commerce, communication, journalism, and travel. You should be persevering in going after your objectives because, under this influence, you could find yourself not able to stick to any decision for any length of time. It is important that you not place too much emphasis on material gain at the expense of other important things in your life. You should also guard against the temptation to spend more than you earn and to acquire additional debts unless you are certain you can handle it.

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Sun:

The ideas and comments of others will be very beneficial to you this year, and they will increase your personal pride. On the other hand, they could also be critical or full of gossip. You will feel more sure of yourself and better established in your current position and will be less influenced by the ideas of others.

Venus in 2nd house of Solar Return:

During this year, your finances will improve. If your work is related to art, aesthetics or creative expression, you will have much monetary gain. Since you will have more money to spend, you will be inclined to make investments and purchases that will improve your quality of life. It would be wise to keep your spending under control because there is also a tendency to be wasteful or to indulge in unnecessary luxuries. You could spend money on jewelry, art work, very expensive clothes, and other items that beautify your life or your home. This astrological influence can cause you to become less practical and to be more extravagant than usual.

You will be very good in negotiations and transactions of any type because of your ability to manage people with diplomacy and softness. This would be a good year to apply for and receive a loan if you need one.

HOUSE 3: The conscious mind. Study, communication, and short trips

Solar Return 3rd house on natal 4th house:

This influence could bring travel and intellectual activities within your native country. Matters concerning your home and your family will be on your mind. Communication with your parents and other relatives will be very favorable, which will allow you to resolve any existing problems. You might also become interested in studying about and discovering your own family tree. This would be an appropriate year to study history, psychology, or archaeology.

Solar Return 3rd cusp Conjunct natal Mercury:

Your desire to take short trips for business as well as for pleasure will be accentuated. Your mind will become more active and curious, and you will also become more talkative and questioning. Your intellectual and literary interests will also increase.

HOUSE 4: The home.

Solar Return 4th house on 5th natal house:

Conditions in your home will improve a lot and you will enjoy the company of your loved ones. You probably will give and receive much love from members of your family, especially the ones who reside with you.

There is a strong tendency to want to gamble, not only in games of chance, but also in business ventures. Be cautious. During the final months of this solar year you will be more interested in the life of pleasure and amusements.

In a woman’s chart, this influence could indicate an addition to the family and pregnancy.

Pluto in 4th house of Solar Return:

There will be a transformation and profound change in your home environment. Your relationship with those who reside there with you will be different. You will be opposed to being influenced or manipulated by others and will aggressively seek to free yourself from any limitations to your personal freedom. This influence can cause major changes, breakups, and separations within your family group. You may now desire to live alone and in a different style than you have been. However, the changes could also be in the physical structure of your home, through decorating or remodeling.

On the psychological side, you will have to confront problems or memories that originate in your childhood and you will begin to understand their significance for you now. It would be advisable for you to scrutinize these issues carefully and, if possible, seek out some sort of therapeutic help as you will gain much profit from doing so.

Solar Return Pluto Conjunct natal Mars:

You will respond aggressively to people who want to manipulate, dominate, or expose you in some way. You won’t be willing to take orders from anyone and you will react strongly to any attempt to do so. You could have a violent confrontation with someone which could change your life and your social relationships considerably.

HOUSE 5: Romance & amusement. Relationship with children

Solar Return 5th house on 6th natal house:

Your health could be affected by too much pleasure seeking. On the romantic side, you could meet and fall in love with someone who has some serious personality problems. You could also get involved with someone in your work place. And you might decide to acquire a pet to keep you company.

Jupiter in 5th house of Solar Return:

During this year you will want to have a good time and enjoy life. If you are already involved in a committed relationship, you will share happy moments together. If you are not, you could meet a number of people who are very different from you or are from a different culture. There will be a tendency toward excessive behavior, on your part, which could result in relationship problems. Your search for pleasure also could lead you to games of chance or speculative business deals. Try to curb your impulses so you don’t run into debt or suffer unnecessary loss.

Your creativity also will increase considerably and your artistic gifts will surface. Any work that you do during this year will be an unquestionable mark of your self-expression. If you are involved in arts or crafts, you could earn a lot of money from them.

Your relationship with children will be especially pleasant, and if you have children of your own, you will have a very happy year with them. In a woman, this astrological position marks an increase of fertility and the possibility of conceiving a child.

HOUSE 6: Health and illness. Employment. Service

Solar Return 6th house on 8th natal house:

Your health could become seriously affected during this year. If you are presently ill, you should not neglect your treatment now. And if you are in good health, you should regulate your diet and get enough rest in order to avoid bringing on new health problems.

There could be problems in your employment situation which could even result in your losing your job. There also could be complications with placing funds into joint ventures with other people or recovering money owned you.

Neptune in 6th house of Solar Return:

This influence could bring problems and misunderstandings in your work environment. Your relationships with superiors and co-workers will be difficult because you will have trouble understanding and following detailed instructions. You could also encounter problems with envy, gossip, or dishonesty at work. You will be disappointed by the actions of some people or perhaps even in the quality of your own work. However, you should think carefully before making any changes in order to avoid making unnecessary judgment errors.

In addition, you should look after your health. It is especially important, if you are a social drinker, to take care not to drink too much alcohol or take drugs. You could have problems with illnesses which are hard to diagnose due to the fact that they are brought on by tension or emotional upsets. Avoid taking medications and drugs if your illness has not been clearly identified. As much as possible, use natural methods. It is advisable to act in moderation during this time.

HOUSE 7: Associations. Marriage and partnerships

Solar Return 7th house on 9th natal house:

You will probably do business with people from other countries or with friends residing in other countries. This influence could bring certain complications with contracts, legal proceedings, or international litigation. You could become associated with someone who lives in another country and find it necessary to do a considerable amount of long-distance travel.

Uranus in 7th house of Solar Return:

If you are married or in a committed relationship, you will want to make certain changes in your daily home routine. There may be disagreements over how you live your lives together. If your life style has been very organized and inflexible, this year could bring about a serious crisis and even the danger of a separation.

If you are not involved in a relationship, you could meet some new people in sudden and unexpected ways. There is a tendency toward getting involved in unstable and fleeting liaisons.

Any type of association that you have this year will have a lot of tension and could come to an abrupt end. You will have the need to function more independently and freely. Any legal proceedings you are involved in could also have unexpected changes and surprises. If you are involved in politics, watch out for lies and sudden attacks coming from your opposition.

HOUSE 8: Life and death issues, inheritances, and mysteries

Solar Return 8th cusp Conjunct natal 10th cusp:

You could find yourself ending some part of your professional responsibilities and taking on new ones. At first, you will not quite understand what is happening and could become confused and concerned. You should be aware of your new needs and allow things to proceed freely and naturally without being afraid. You could receive financial aid from a partner or a lending institution.

HOUSE 9: Religion and spirituality. Long-distance travel

Solar Return 9th house on 10th natal house:
You will stand out and receive some distinction for your intellectual activity during this year. If you are studying at or working for a university, you will receive great recognition for your academic efforts. There also is the possibility of receiving literary or scientific prizes. You could take a trip to a foreign country in relation to your professional activity that could enrich your knowledge a great deal and will also bring you more prestige in the future.

HOUSE 10: Your profession, success, and status

Solar Return MC on 11th natal house:

This year will be very good for realizing the majority of your goals and aspirations. This will be achieved in part through the support of your friends and associates. Contacts with important people you meet during this period will contribute to your growth. You will begin working toward far-reaching ideals that could demand some kind of sacrifice on your part.

This astrological position will grant you popularity in your profession and the possibility of having much success in community activities.

HOUSE 11: Friendships and social life

Solar Return llth house on 12th natal house:

You probably will experience some problems in your on-going friendships. This influence could bring opposition from or arguments with friends that will turn friendship into enmity.

In addition, the achievement of your hopes and dreams for this year could be frustrated or defeated. There could be feelings of anxiety or upsetting accidents or surprises that will hinder your progress.

Mars in 11th house of Solar Return:

You could have confrontations or arguments with your friends because of your selfish or aggressive attitude. Be careful not to lose your patience so easily and don’t try to force your ideas on others. You will feel better sharing some physical activity or sports with your friends rather than listening to and agreeing with their opinions. If you participate in some group activity, you could probably encounter situations of tension and disagreement. You could be the responsible party or you could be the receiver of the attack by other members of the group.

You will feel a current of hope and energy and will know exactly what you want to do with your life. You will act with stability and your confident attitude will convince others. As a consequence, you could become the leader of the group.

HOUSE 12: Limitations, enmities and hidden things

Solar Return 12th house on 2nd natal house:

You could have serious financial problems. There will be the risk of deception, theft, or betrayal, which could affect your financial standing. Be careful with investments and purchases or contracts you make during this period.

Solar Return 12th cusp Conjunct natal Moon:

The problems of your life will vastly affect your emotional sensitivity, and you will become more sensitive and changeable. You should make an effort to control your mood swings and not to get too discouraged. You probably won’t get much support from others and could feel a sense of abandonment. You should not neglect your diet because your emotional changes could affect your digestive system.