Relocation Information Report English

Relocation Information Report – Sample Printout: English

For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

The astrological techniques used in this report have been used by hundreds of astrologers on thousands of people and there is very strong evidence that the techniques to do work. Still, astrology is extremely controversial and the techniques used here have not been proven scientifically so we cannot guarantee that the methods do work.

1: HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA 34N05’54” 118W19’33” 28 GE 41 9 PI 58

Asc Square Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 29 Min)

In this area you will be very unsettled, undisciplined and rarely stay at one place or one project for very long. You will experience many disruptions to the daily routine which will drive you crazy. You will be very independent, unique, a nonconformist and a rebel while you are here. People who impose their will or authority on your will find that you don’t fit in the mold of a happy camper as you refuse to respond or bend to their wishes. Relationships encountered here will be filled with stressful circumstances and tension. You will be increasingly stubborn and opinionated and the propensity for injuries and accidents is high. You pride yourself in doing the complete opposite of what other people want, just to remain an individual.

Your attitude here will change on a daily basis and your mannerisms can be somewhat rude and irritable. You will also adopt a need to stay detached in relationships so that you can remain free. You can expect frequent separations from people who try to tie you down emotionally.

Friends that are encountered in this area will be very unreliable, and you will find that any routines bore you to death.

Asc Sesquiquadrate Mercury (Orb:0 Deg 11 Min)

While you reside in this area you will have some real difficulties in relating to others, having trouble getting your point across causing misunderstandings and misinterpretations of statements to occur. There will be an abundance of nervous energy and a strong urge to be active at all times. Instead of getting to the heart of issues, there will be an unconscious need to come at it from all angles, never being able to make your point. Gossip and spreading rumors should be avoided at all costs while at this location, and remarks made to others can cause hurt feelings in others around you.

It is possible to have problems with the language of this area or in patterns of speech, perhaps suffering from stuttering or dyslexia. Your will find that your mind processes data so fast that you will have real problems keeping up with it. Be tolerant of other people while you are here because there will be an urge to find fault and be critical. Your judgment will not be at its best, and the possibility of making errors is high.

You may find that you have problems in transportation in this area, and although the best of intentions are laid, you never seem to get places on time, always suffering some kinds of delays. Your mind will be much more scattered than in other places, so an extra effort to keep the facts straight will have to be made. Businesses that deal with buying and selling and negotiations of all kinds are favored.

MC=Venus/Jupiter (Orb:0 Deg 15 Min)

In this area there will be good times and good feelings towards everyone around you, and you will be much happier for no apparent reason. Your compassionate, humanitarian and charitable nature will be alive and well, and relationships and good fortune are sure to find you.

Artistic and creative abilities are heightened and a more sociable and hospitable nature come to the foreground. There is a danger of going overboard on luxuries, and spending beyond your means to keep up with the neighbors.

There is a greater appreciation for the world around you, and your gentle manners will be evident as well. This location can easily increase your finances and attempts at speculation are favored. Your disposition becomes much more mellow and laid back here and you may decide to try your hand at the sophisticated life. One danger though is being envious of what other people have and the jealousy that accompanies it.

Overindulgences can take their toll on your physical health, so be careful of what you put into your body here, and you may also find that you become lazy and inactive becoming a little chunky in the process.

Asc=Venus/Saturn (Orb:1 Deg 05 Min)

Matters of love or the expression of love becomes restricted and somewhat uncomfortable for you here. Love becomes practical and cool, and matters of sexuality become repressed, finding it very difficult to express love. The process of creativity and artistic expression becomes very commercialized and practical as well.

Areas of relaxation and enjoyment are blocked as you spend more time in silence only briefly sampling life’s pleasures. Here you become more disciplined and so does your love for others. The love that comes from others will be disappointing, and there will be less of an appreciation for beauty and luxuries.

On a positive note, here you will turn to the simple pleasures of life to make you happy, and leave the flamboyance of life to the jet set. Health wise you may suffer some arthritic conditions here and your sense of smell and taste will change as well.

Spending money will take on “miserly” qualities and your choice of friends and associates will be very selective. Your communications with others are likely to be with older people who can be somewhat beneficial to you.

Asc=Saturn/Pluto (Orb:0 Deg 51 Min)

While you are here, you will come face to face with the real you, for better or worse, unable to escape the deepest parts of yourself. You will spend more time by yourself in solitude and embark on more serious and fulfilling work while facing the obstacles and frustrations that arrive with it.

Obstacles that you have to contend with here will be very difficult, but you will be able to overcome them with extreme effort, forging a new “you” in the process. You will be organizing and planning a lot more to see your goals and dreams come true and your motives will become more realistic. This is a wonderful place to reorganize your priorities and make some careful preparations for the future. Relationships will experience a sense of seriousness, especially in intimate situations. If you are looking for a place where loyalty and commitments in relationships will be strong, this is the place.

MC=Moon/Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 02 Min)

Your cool, calm and collected self will be a little bit unglued in this location and your responses to others will be somewhat impatient and intolerable. There will be an increase in upsets and emotional responses to others as well. If you are looking for a place to fall into a 9-5 routine, you have chosen the WRONG place.

Your desire for freedom and your need to be uninhibited in your reactions to the world around you can have you doing some pretty “odd” and strange things here.

Should you be living here with your family, expect domestic upheavals a good amount of the time. You will be more detached, erratic and restless but on the positive side much more intuitive and perceptive.

You might notice some changes in your eyesight in this location for better or worse, an increase in stressful family situations or upsets of the stomach.

MC=Moon/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 36 Min)

Emotional upsets to your immediate environment is possible here, perhaps through the passing away of some circumstance, person or animal from your life. In this location you can be easily prone to tears due to the powerful emotional forces that you will find here. Feelings that are best buried and forgotten will come to the surface causing you to do some very impulsive and irrational things, but some real heartfelt changes can occur as well.

Matters of cleanliness and “sterile” environments can be important here. If you are trying to find those parts of yourself that are hidden, or you enjoy research or digging up hidden things or discover hidden secrets, then this is the place. You may use these abilities to uncover corruption or find a greater compassion for people who have been victims of the abuses of the world.

MC=Jupiter/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 42 Min)

While you are here your life will be much more organized than in other places, and people will take note of these abilities. Since there is such a strong drive to improve areas of your life, you will draw success and recognition to yourself. There can be some disagreements with the powers that be however, as they may feel somehow threatened by your abilities and react in very odd ways.

Spiritually speaking, this a wonderful place to begin brand new, or make some very deep and profound changes in your thinking. This will be a very powerful but fortunate place for you.

There can be a strong need to control other people here, but you will keep that need under control through close monitoring of your behavior. This is a wonderful place to use that “power” to help people that are disadvantaged in some way, being of great benefit to them. You can easily work with groups that rehabilitate drug users, caring for the emotionally or mentally handicapped or feeding the homeless.

In this location you will find that travel, outdoor activities and an adventure or two plays a large part in your life. On the negative side you can pick up some very bad eating habits here.

2: ATLANTA, GEORGIA 33N44’56” 84W23’17” 27 CN 53 16 AR 45

Asc Sextile Uranus (Orb:0 Deg 41 Min)

While you are in this location you can expect to be very original in your thinking, innovative and unconventional in your lifestyle. You will exhibit a high degree of creative power and a strong will to match. Your mannerisms will be most enthusiastic and you will be able to gain support from people who can benefit you. In this location you won’t allow anyone to restrict your freedom or control you for any reason because of your highly independent nature. Experience is the best teacher for you here, and you can expect to have plenty of them. You will not gain that knowledge from any book, but pick up a great deal of information from hands on experience and daily living. Your psychic and intuitive abilities will be very strong in this area as well, and you are easily fascinated by the strange, new or unusual. Anything that is weird or off the wall will be to your liking.

You will be somewhat impulsive and nervous in this location and sudden contacts with others will be very beneficial for you. Any relationships that start in this area will be very electric there’s no doubt, but it is not a steadying influence for long termed commitment unless you give each other lots of breathing room. Unexpected business partnerships can begin as well, but make sure to give them room to breathe and grow.

New interests, hobbies, or studies can develop in this location and you will be attracted to technical or scientific subjects.

MC Sesquiquadrate Jupiter (Orb:0 Deg 23 Min)

This is a very favorable place if you are thinking of retirement, looking for a stable environment, or interested in security for yourself. You will find the comfort and ease of life that you may be seeking and can surround yourself with luxuries to make life much easier. There will be a strong desire for a large family in this location and you can become the head of a family unit or group here.

Matters of real estate and property are favored, along with the desire to live in a larger than average home. Investments of any kind will prosper here as well. You will find that you need lots of space between you and others because you can feel boxed in and need room to breath. It might be best to keep your neighbors at a distance from each you to facilitate these desires. Peaceful and tranquil surroundings are a natural tranquilizer for you and your home is a place of retreat and solitude from the big bad ugly world outside your domain. This is a very favorable place for you because you are much more content and comfortable.

You can be strongly attracted to your family history while in this location or you may enjoy researching your family tree or other curiosities. If this location lies in a foreign country or circumstances that are foreign to you, there will be more than an idle fascination for their customs, religions or culinary habits.

MC=Sun/Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 08 Min)

In this area you can expect conditions to occur very quickly and without warning, either positive or negative. You will notice an increase in moodiness and become high strung, and how you appear to others will be more important. There will be an air of restlessness about you, and you will likely suffer from the dissatisfaction that rules and regulations can put on you.

This is really a very unstable environment bringing some very “odd” events into your life, and you will be much more bold in your expression needing to experiment with life and what it has to offer.

Creativity and inventive endeavors get a boost however, and you can produce some very positive results along these lines here. Your humanitarian and friendly nature comes alive, and there will be a greater enjoyment being around people but with certain limitations imposed by you. You will however enjoy grabbing all of the attention you can for yourself while keeping free of the mold that shapes others. Because of this independent nature, you might be prone to more stress than at other locations.

There can be a greater interest in astrological theory or new age subjects in this location.

MC=Mercury/Venus (Orb:0 Deg 47 Min)

This is a wonderful place to spend time with others, because they will appreciate you as much as you enjoy being with them. This is a very harmonious and content place for you where social conditions and lighthearted conversations are favored.

You can be somewhat shrewd in your written or verbal expression and will enjoy learning something new from any situation. Since you enjoy the written word so much, you can easily become a writer or poet in this location, or write a screen play.

You will be much more charming here and can teach others in the art as well. Another side of this auspicious location would be a business selling or demonstrating beauty aids. There can also be an increase in nervousness here as well especially when you are trying to express your true feelings for another person.

On the negative side you may notice that you have a real sensitivity to certain types of foods.

MC=Mercury/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 09 Min)

Here you will be a force to be reckoned with, and a real powerful influence on others, just be careful of how much force you use. There will be an overwhelming desire to influence peoples thinking and you can do so through your heightened abilities for writing and speaking. There is a danger of getting into power struggles through the use of the mind. This is a wonderful location to do some very serious research or investigate something that lies just beyond your reach.

In extreme cases you can use manipulation or destruction as a tool to gain control over another person and this should be avoided at all cost, because power can be your own downfall as well. Be careful of using people for your own purposes here and abandoning them after they have served your purpose, or taking revenge on people who have done you wrong.

You can be unmerciful in your desire to pursue information and can become obsessed with telling on people who gossip, or tell secrets. You would make an excellent interrogator or cross examiner however.

Interactions with people will be far from lighthearted and they can become very intense and probing to say the least. People can have a very dramatic and positive effect on your thinking here as well by making you take a long, hard look at yourself.

MC Quincunx Venus (Orb:1 Deg 19 Min)

If you are looking for a place where harmony and peace can be found, then sit back and relax, you have found it. You will be very concerned with comfort, the good life, luxurious surroundings and an easy lifestyle rather than the hustle and bustle of work. In this location you have a great desire for quiet and find you can unwind from a hard and cruel world in stable and secure surroundings.

You may find that you have an interest in ancestry and history or choose to look up kin from other times in history. There will be a great need for beautiful surroundings and possessions, and money will easily be spent in their pursuit or acquisition.

Here is a place where your relations with your family will be warm and treasured, and your relations with your parents can actually become stronger. You will also find that women in general take a much stronger role in your life while you are here. This would be an excellent location for you to buy some land, bring up your children and surround yourself with love. Any excuse to socialize or throw a party are just what the doctor ordered for whatever ails you. This is also an auspicious place to obtain a “green thumb” while working in the garden, become a farmer or start a business that somehow involves your new found creative talents both in and around the home.

Asc=Mercury/Saturn (Orb:2 Deg 23 Min)

In this location you may find that responsibilities will weigh very heavily on you, and you may decide to spend more time being alone by yourself. This is a wonderful place for contemplation, meditation, serious thoughts and quiet solitude but you will choose to “shy away” from any social activities, finding them very uncomfortable.

Your communications will become more controlled and your thinking will become very logical and practical with some brief periods of hopelessness mixed in for good measure. Your ideas will develop quite slowly with great forethought. Because of this any negotiations or contracts with others will experience great delays, either being concluded or falling apart altogether. Communications will be of short duration, using as few words as possible to get your point across. Your thinking will be much more fixed and nervousness can cause wavering when speaking.

Everything that you do here will be based entirely on “factual” information, and any confidences given to you will remain with you, not being revealed to others. Your mind becomes more mathematical, working more with calculations and solving puzzles that can dumbfound others. Nervous strain or problems with the eyesight or mental clarity can be negative sides of this place. There can also be some bouts of depression, sadness and separations from others.

Asc=Saturn/Neptune (Orb:2 Deg 21 Min)

You may feel like you are entirely alone in the world here, and you may be correct. Your may feel limited, bound and restrained in your activities, and there may be a trivial illness to deal with from time to time. There can be some confusion for you here as well, trying to decide what is reality and what is fantasy. Here is a wonderful place for some self discipline, while denying the physical sides of life to do some very important work “internally”. You can bring your dreams into reality in this location.

If you have been ill and looking for a place to recuperate in solitude, this can be the place to do just that. You may notice some strange changes in mood that you will have to contend with, as well as some very special or disrupting psychic experiences. Any spiritual aspirations will work out quite well here. You can also find success in doing some sort of research and in the process can uncover some startling information or acts of fraud.

3: TAOS, NEW MEXICO 36N24’26” 105W34’21” 11 CN 27 23 PI 45

MC Trine Neptune (Orb:0 Deg 24 Min)

Even with the trine that offers ease of life in your environment, you must be cautious of any kind of scandals in this location, as they can easily find you. You will find that you will need very few material possessions and you can be considered a non material person. Here you will want to blend in with your environment and become as invisible as possible, and as free as possible.

Your emotional and spiritual nature will be all that seem to matter to you, and no matter what the circumstances are, you will gladly give or do for another until there is nothing left. For this reason you will be labeled very unselfish and an easy target for people to “use you”.

It will be very difficult to be around others as you become more introverted and shy here, choosing to remain close to home. Because of your extremely sensitive nature, it will not be hard to understand that you can be very easily hurt by others. You would gladly make any sort of sacrifice for others in this location, and can be considered to be a real faithful friend.

In your business or professional life you can do very well because you can always sense what other people want or need, and will be able to demonstrate a knack for reading peoples minds.

You can easily spend most of your time in the deeply spiritual, religious or supernatural realms. If you ever thought about devoting your time to the priesthood, living in a monastery or developing your true spiritual nature, this is the place. If you are at all artistic, this is the place to see some true masterpieces come to life. This is a truly magical and mystical place for you.

True humanitarian acts of kindness or taking care of people who are ill or disadvantaged in some way can be performed quite successfully at this location. While visiting or living here you can experience a complete change or career or change directions in your life. Your actions will seem to be guided by a much higher source, and you will respond to people in totally intuitive or telepathic ways.

Relationships will not fare to well in this location unless you find someone who will not take advantage of your good nature, and understands where you are coming from spiritually.

MC Opposition Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 48 Min)

While you are here you are apt to be more obsessive about your privacy, finding a greater need to be alone and find a secure place to dwell. Real estate and investment matters are sure to face some very unusual and unexpected turns in events, so use caution when considering buying, selling and renting.

If you were a child growing up here or spent a great deal of time in this location, you may have felt controlled, dominated or manipulated by authority or parental figures.

On the other hand while you are here you can actually make over your entire personality, emerging as someone brand new or change your name. Your life is sure to go through a lot of stress, confusion, suffering and upheaval and you can gain a great deal of wisdom through this adversity through spiritual awareness. On a more positive note, old bad habits, parental programming and attachments with others can cause a wonderful new person to emerge through the adversity encountered here.

You can face some threatening situations while you are here, and caution is advised for your well being. Be careful not to dominate, manipulate and control others for your own motives.

MC=Venus/Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 06 Min)

In this location there can be some sudden and unstable relationships. Your desire for freedom and independence will be high and your creative abilities will take an unusual turn into eccentric. Romantic feelings are heightened and you can easily become involved with someone very quickly. Relationships that are already together can become alive and well again and enjoy a new sense of finding each other.

You may come across to others with an air of sexy behavior and your basic characteristics will be tinged with artistic qualities. You will also be more impersonal or unattached in your relationships as well.

If it is an unpredictable lifestyle you are looking for, then this is the place. Expect some antisocial behavior and disturbed conditions to enter your life here.

The child in all of us comes alive through mechanical or electronic toys that are in evidence everywhere. You can notice some changes or difficulties taking place in the throat area as well.

MC=Uranus/Pluto (Orb:0 Deg 50 Min)

This is a place of great activity, energy and accomplishments. There can be some very deep and profound changes that take place in you as well, and the longer you are here, the deeper the changes. Events and situations can occur that are completely unexpected, inescapable and beyond your control.

You may find you are more detached and aloof in your dealings with others and may find the need to establish a lifestyle that is away from the apparent pressures of the world. In other words you may very well want to be left alone! Your need for personal freedom is heightened, and you can become obsessed in abusing or misusing just about anything mentionable, and a few that are not. On the negative side there can be some dependencies on drugs of any kind.

MC Opposition Uranus (Orb:3 Deg 28 Min)

Any time spent in this location is bound to be very erratic and you will experience change on a daily basis. If you are looking for stability or security, you have not found the place. In fact, just the opposite is true. Your home will be filled with all the latest electronic gadgets, toys, computers and fads and the home can be the central location for group activities.

Your relations with your parents will be less than amiable, filled with moments of tension and stress. As a child in this location you may have wanted to run away, and may have in fact done just that. This location breeds the need to be free from having to listen to the constant burdens and orders that always seem to come from people around you and you will find a great yearning for freedom of movement, thought and speech. People that surround you with jealous and negative attitudes are less than tolerable, and emotional displays will have you heading for the door.

While you are here there will be a repulsion to being controlled, manipulated or possessed by others, and people who have to constantly cuddle up, snuggle up, touch all the time or be a part of your life can have you screaming out into the night in horror.

You are very detached and impersonal here and appreciate others who can respect this need. A traditional home life is fine for others, but it is not where you are coming from. While you are here you will find that responsibilities are for everyone but you, and your need for space can have you labeled as a wanderer. You will never have to worry about growing roots here, because you can’t grow roots on a moving train. If you can live with circumstances that breed constant uncertainty, change and insecurity, then this is the place for you.

Asc Trine Mercury (Orb:2 Deg 26 Min)

While you are in this location you will try to find any outlet for your curiosity. The mind is quick, alive and alert, and the phone may never stop ringing in your desire to communicate with others. This is a wonderful place to sign or formulate agreements and contracts as well. Matters of health, dieting, writing, self improvement or self expression have their place here. The people that you associate with will be people that you have something in common with intellectually.

Perhaps you can make some additional money through a special hobby that the public finds attractive? Any sport, game or amusement that challenges and satisfies the intellect will be of great importance to you while you are here. Speaking and journalism can be an avenue to communicate and influence others around you in some important issues, or you can attend a college here to increase your knowledge or education. This is a very favorable place to start a new business as well. If you are looking for the place to get your point across to others you have found it. Sales, travel and communications in business are favored as well.

MC Quincunx Moon (Orb:1 Deg 03 Min)

You will find that while you are in this area it is an excellent place to put down roots, a place where you can truly belong. You will notice that your emotions and feelings run clear to the bone and because of this your need for isolation, seclusion and privacy will be stronger than at other places. If you are a creative person then this will be an ideal location because your imagination is in “over drive”. The down side to this energy is the imagining of good and bad influences, rather than stable input.

Your hunches will be right on target and your psychic abilities will be very strong as well. Because of the somewhat “unsettled” emotional state, you will become more fidgety than normal, with a constant need to be on the move or make changes in the home.

Professional matters will not work out well here, because your mind is on emotional matters and expression (unless that is your line of work!). Since you will want to stay close to the home environment, perhaps you will consider putting an office in your home so you can be close to others. You may find that people come to you for advice and your compassionate attitude will draw people to you, and you can take on the role of an authority figure for others or become involved in taking care of others, seeing to their welfare and well being. You will be extremely drawn, attracted and bound to others emotionally in this location and should you have to leave, you will be sure to “hurry” home to people you love and care about. This place can be your sanctuary, a place where you will feel safe.