Nature Appreciation Sample English

Nature Appreciation Sample English:
by Lorna Houston

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


This report is designed to help you learn more about your own, inner nature; to appreciate nature around you; and to know what you can do to protect the environment in the best way possible, given your uniqueness as an individual.

In this report, your planets in the signs indicate your inner nature and the natural species and phenomena with which you, as an individual, have an affinity. Your planets in the houses indicate the activities which you would enjoy, pertaining to nature. Your planetary aspects indicate the environmental causes where you would have a particular talent, and where you could express yourself in a positive way towards helping to preserve nature.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Sun in Scorpio:

As Scorpio in ruled by the outermost planet, Pluto, you are able to deal constructively with extremes which would scare other people off. You are able to find creative uses for that which others have discarded and , in general, to transform and regenerate. Everything in nature goes around in a circle, rather than just living once and that being the end of it. For example, fields, if left unattended, will eventually have bushes grow in them and then taller trees, until there is a forest. However, the forest is not the very last stage, because eventually the tall trees will prevent new trees from growing by blocking out the sun, and when the tall trees die, the whole process of natural successions will start all over again., until a new forest grows up. In order for the tall trees to decay when they die and turn into usable soil, there have to be small organisms to break them down, and they would be ruled by Scorpio. Eaters of carrion such as vultures would also be ruled by Scorpio, because they help convert what was a waste product into usable material again. On the human level, Scorpios help humanity to deal with death and destruction in such a way that life can go on, rather than just end there.

Sun in the 4th House

You have a strong interest in maintaining a nurturing home for your family, and you would also be good at preserving local history and heritage trails. You have a special talent for sensitive caring, and you would be able to care for young animals and birds, with remarkable success in encouraging them to recover. That is because you would be aware of their moods and food needs. You are tuned in to natures cycles, and you may be interested in gardening according to the phases of the moon. You would enjoy quiet, peaceful recreation with your family, such as camping or sailing.

Sun Sextile Mars:

You are very constructive and able to provide creative leadership. You could start a nature-based business or lead children’s activities outdoors. You would be good at building things such as devices which produce or save energy. You could take on the cause of fighting for the lives of people, animals, and plants from whatever threats exist. Do use your great resources of personal energy for constructive purpose; you will feel much better being active, and the world needs what you have to offer.

Sun Sextile Jupiter:

You have good opportunities to gain recognition for publishing articles or books about nature and the outdoors, especially for children. Do not take these opportunities for granted because this work is genuinely needed, and you would find great fulfilment and happiness in doing it. You have an unusual talent for creatively bringing outdoor, wilderness activities out into the limelight, so that people can relate to nature and value it, by identifying with it. You may find that television or films are a useful way of doing this; or perhaps you could lead expeditions in person yourself.

Chapter 2: The Moon

Moon in Leo:

You have a warm, happy, outgoing disposition, and you were likely born on a nice, sunny day. Just as people and the creatures like to get outdoors and celebrate when the weather is nice, you like to lead the way in dramatizing happy feelings and spreading the warmth to others. To do this, you need to be the center of attention and to have followers, and you may have a large, happy family where children are important. Your home is in a permanent place, perhaps with a dramatic view, and with some resemblance to the castle of a king. Like turtles and woodchucks which came out to bask in the sun, you know the nurturing value of the sun.

Moon in the 2nd House

You are good at providing a secure home for yourself and your family, and if you have a farm, you would be good at providing for large animals such as cattle as well. You are very good at gardening, and have what has been called a “green thumb”. You appreciate the beauty of the land, and of the trees, and you are aware that the earth needs to be nurtured and protected, so that it can continue to provide for future generations. You understand that the family farm is the basis of a stable society and a stable economy.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter:

You would be concerned about fund-raising for the care of the earth, and you would inspire others to donate by your caring, positive attitude. You could be successful at publishing books and articles on composting, the care of animals and plants, and the food requirements of migrating birds. You could inspire young children to take an interest in planting seeds and caring for their own vegetable and native flowers.

Moon Square Neptune:

You would have a great deal of sympathy for nature’s creatures, and you could express this by fighting for clean lakes and wetlands. You are very concerned about protecting your family from pollution, and you would be happy moving them to a quiet place near water. You would have a talent for nature photography or art.

Chapter 3: Mercury

Mercury in Scorpio:

You are capable of intense insights, but you communicate only when necessary for the goal which you wish to accomplish. Your words may be sarcastic or sharply critical. You are capable of scheming and plotting, and generally work out your plans in secret. You are courageous in figuring out the solutions to problems which others would be afraid to approach.

You would understand how the eaters of carrion, such as gulls, vultures and condors fly around looking for a cadaver to eat. You would also understand the movements of a predator sneaking up on its prey. Even the domestic cat uses the strategy of quietly stalking a mouse or a bird.

Mercury in the 4th House

You would have a good knowledge of local history and ecology, and you might have others coming to your home to share information about these subjects. You would be able to teach them how to grow plants and care for birds and animals. You might like to take your children out camping or sailing or on nature walks. You would have good ability as a nurse or helping with veterinary care.

Mercury Sextile Venus:

You could create a beautiful, neighborhood garden, with your ability to communicate pleasantly with others to get them involved. You could teach others how to use their senses to get more enjoyment out of observing the flowers, butterflies, and birds. You would be a good art teacher. Your approach to conservation would be intelligent and convincing.

Chapter 4: Venus

Venus in Virgo:

You are concerned about personal hygiene and cleanliness, and you work hard at having a neat appearance. Birds do this too, and it is called “preening”. They remove any dirt or parasites from their feathers using their bill, and then they apply oil to their feathers from a special gland. They preen all of their feathers except their head feathers, which their bills cannot reach, but they can scratch their head with their foot. Mammals are also very meticulous about cleanliness and appearance, as anyone knows who has a cat ; cats lick their fur with their rough tongues.

Venus in the 3rd House

You might enjoy writing poetry about nature, and people would appreciate its charm. You are a pleasant communicator and could lead educational nature or garden tours. You might enjoy doing this with a partner who shares your intellectual approach. You would be interested in the study of geology and rock formations.

Venus Sextile Neptune:

You have an unusual talent for nature photography and art, because of your imagination and sense of form. You would be able to relate to fish and other small creatures in a friendly, mystical way, because you like them, are receptive to them, and have an empathy for them. You could create beautiful, secluded gardens with ponds for fish.

Venus Conjunct Pluto:

You would be very concerned with restoring the land, by planting trees, removing pollutants, and growing organic crops. You could also develop strategies for preventing flooding of the land or loss of soil through erosion. You could turn quarries into beautiful gardens or have parks instead of increased density of housing.

Chapter 5: Mars

Mars in Capricorn:

You are very ambitious in your career and you use self-discipline to work your way to the top. You need to see concrete results for your efforts, and you very carefully make sure that you do not waste any energy on things which will not bring you recognition. This may make you rather cold and unsympathetic to others, but you are likely to reach the top in either a business organization, a political career, or the military. You can be relied upon to act calmly and unemotionally in any emergency, and get the most essential tasks done efficiently.

In the animal world, the polar bear is the largest of the terrestrial, carnivorous animals. It lives in the Arctic, on the top of the globe, where it spends most of its time out on the ice hunting seals, in a mostly solitary existence.

Mars in the 6th House

You would enjoy teaching or doing research in such field as biology, entomology or geology. You would fight hard for a clean, healthy environment such as uncontaminated soil, and you would see the value of composting. You might like to grow your own herbs and organic fruits and vegetables. You could go out and do a butterfly count in a nature parks, or keep wildlife species lists from your own observations in the field.

Mars Trine Jupiter:

You have an easy flow of energy when it comes to putting your beliefs into action, and you could be very enthusiastic about fighting for the cause of nature. You would be very good at teaching people about their spiritual connection with animals, and you could publish articles of books about this. Your approach is positive and wise. You would have a talent for raising funds for nature groups, and your leadership ability would enable you to get a good following for the cause.

Mars Square Saturn:

You would have endurance and physical strength, and you would be able to do hard work outdoors in the cold weather. You could do serious work to ensure the survival of animals in a cold climate, such as enforcing laws to protect them and going out on patrols.

Chapter 6: Jupiter

Jupiter in Virgo:

You benefit both yourself and others by your hard work. You are concerned about honesty, cleanliness, and practicality. Many of nature’s creatures benefit others in the course of their efforts to obtain their own food, and they, in turn, benefit from others. An example is the honeybee, which obtains nectar from the flowers and, in return, helps the flowers to reproduce by spreading their pollen. The earthworms benefit the plants, growth by digesting the decaying plant material and aerating the soil, and then the plants grow to provide future food for the earthworms. You would understand how the practical, hard work of the bees and earthworms is what supports all this life.

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Because you have business ability for acquiring property, you could obtain land and preserve it as wildlife habitat. You would be successful in growing organic food and selling it as a business and you could share your abundant harvest with others. You could succeed in an eco-tourist business in which you could teach visitors from faraway places about the value of the earth and the life it supports.

Chapter 7: Saturn

Saturn in Aries:

You have, through necessity, learned to be resourceful. The hardships which you face are a challenge for you to keep on fighting. You learn patience and perseverance, because, if one initiative does not work, you can always try another until you move beyond the problem. Others may behave coldly towards you, but this forces you to become more independent, self-reliant, and stronger.

In nature, some of the birds fly north early in the spring, only to find that the weather gets colder again. The snow may prevent them from getting at the type of food they usually eat, but then they have to try new food sources. They also have to find new adaptations for keeping warm, and, in the long run, they become stronger and more able to survive in a variety of circumstances.

Saturn in the 9th House

You would work hard to publish articles or books about nature, such as gathering details and editing, and then systematically distributing them. You are willing to bring your high ideals into actual, physical reality, rather than just preach. You would see the value of conserving outdoor wilderness, and you would work hard to bring it about. For example, you might promote and carry out the actual work for a long, nature trail.

Chapter 8: Uranus

Uranus in Virgo:

You are very resourceful and inventive at getting a lot of work done quickly. You are able to analyze the essence of the tasks, and then come up with a single, inspired idea which will transcend all of the detail and achieve the overall goal. If you do need to go through repetitious tasks, you will still complete them with haste.

There is genius in nature too, in bringing about remarkable achievements quickly. For example, a spider can weave a new intricate web daily, so that it can keep having a new place to catch its food. A beaver can quickly cut down whole trees and make a dam and a whole, new pond.

Uranus in the 3rd House

You are a free thinker and could come up with new environmental solutions. You might like to organize a group for nature study, both by learning from books and by taking walks out in the field. You might take up the cause of protecting the local neighborhood from the loss of green space by getting busy on the telephone and convincing others to give their support. You would enjoy studying unusual aspects of nature such as the flight and movement of birds.

Uranus Sextile Neptune:

You are very idealistic and imaginative. You have a vision of how nature could be, and of how people could be better connected with it. You would do well to convey this awareness to others, by developing new, imaginative, spiritual forms of nature art. You could also be innovative with music or dance. You would find opportunities to bring your ideal vision closer to bring a reality.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

You are likely to become active in bringing about large-scale changes to protect the environment. You know that a group or mass approach is needed to make a positive difference, and that those who are responsible for the pollution and destruction must be stopped. You are able to tune in to the universal will and make it manifest through your individual will. You would fight hard against the genetic modification of foods, because it represents a perverted form of science. You would also be concerned about the large-scale destruction caused by oil spills, nuclear accidents, and pollution of the air and water.

Chapter 9: Neptune

Neptune in Scorpio:

You were born at a time when exploration of the deep oceans were going on to learn about the creatures living there, and new knowledge about the hidden mysteries of nature unfolded. There was a growing concern about the effects of oil spills on marine life, and about chemical pollution of the environment as whole.

Neptune in the 4th House

You might like to make the sea or a river your home, by going on a voyage or living in a house-boat. You deeply care about small creatures, and you would be psychically receptive to their needs. You might even create a sanctuary for wildlife at your home. You would enjoy having a pond in your backyard for fish, or an indoor aquarium. You are good at healing nature’s creatures, by meditating or nurturing them and then healing them psychically.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

You live at a time when people have profound compassion for nature, and they work very hard to protect it. There is likely to be nature art which has a strong spiritual message. There would be efforts to restore the aquatic environment, for fish and other marine species.

Chapter 10: Pluto

Pluto in Virgo:

You were born at a time when there was a rebirth in interest in maintaining a natural, healthy lifestyle. Health food stores appeared and grew; exercise and yoga classes became popular, and holistic therapies emerged. There was a strong rejection of the corporate influence on the quality of the air, the use of chemicals in food, over-packaging, and pollution of the land and waters. There was a rebellion against oppressive employment practices and the introduction of humanistic and cooperative work environments.

Pluto in the 3rd House

You have the resourcefulness to get at the real causes behind environmental problems, by researching information which has been kept secret. You are then able to change people’s thinking fundamentally. You would be a good speaker on behalf of an environmental group, because your words and arguments can have a profound effect.