Love&Romance Forecast Report English

Love&Romance Forecast – Sample Printout: English
For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

27 February 2009 – 27 March 2009
1 Mar 2009 (11 Feb 2009 to 18 Mar 2009)
Ura Oppos Plu


This astrological aspect generates great personal energy and magnetism. There is a clear interrelationship between total vital energy of the human being on one hand, and sexuality on the other. You now have to become aware of your great potential of inner nervous and psychic energy. If you control this wealth of energy, you will be able establish a creative outlet and events will not go out of hand.

Your affectionate and sensuous behavior sometimes may appear a bit sharp, unpredictable and uncontrolled. You must care more about your relationship with your mate and be more polite, respectful and sensitive to the feelings of your companion, and stable in your emotional states. If you are not even-tempered, it will confuse your mate, since he\she will not know how to establish a communication bridge with you at given moments. It is advisable to moderate and perfect your way of communicating with your loved one. You now need a very strong and deep affectionate interrelationship with your companion. However, during the course of the day, you may show a certain indifference toward your mate or become a bit moody. Because of this, it will be important to maintain a deep and strong interrelationship in other kinds of activities and not only sexually. For example, it would be good to talk about your daily experiences, to jointly plan your professional activities and your free time, and jointly face the difficulties that could emerge. All of this is an essential part of a relationship. Thus, to walk hand in hand through life and share your love experiences is essential for maturing your relationship.

Perhaps you now feel tied down with responsibilities in courtship or your marriage, which may give you a sense of being out of inner balance. For this reason it is fundamental to communicate with your loved one in a none-accusing and respectful way, outlining your need to expand and develop on an individual level. Personal freedom is fundamental for you, but don’t forget that this can be accomplished in the heart of your relationship. What you both need now is tolerance, since this quality permits you to relinquish and be more adapted to the feelings of the other.

Change, originality and new experiences will fascinate you now, but don’t ever forget that continuity also is necessary in life. Jumping from one thing to another doesn’t help to increase and stabilize the love with your mate.
7 Mar 2009 (8 Feb 2009 to 8 Apr 2009) Nep Oppos Moon



You now need to balance the strong flow of emotions and inner perceptions you are going to experience, many of which will be subconsciously. On occasion you will have to analyze them or find out exactly what causes your emotional changes. It is preferable to stay within reality in your sentimental and affectionate relationships or friendships. Don’t excessively idealize anybody, since this could produce subsequent disillusion or disappointment. Don’t accumulate susceptibilities or seek solutions by retreating into yourself and escaping reality. It is preferable to actively communicate with your loved ones, as this is the way to avoid misunderstandings, hypersensitivity and imaginative elements that don’t coincide with reality.

Concerning your family relationships, it is possible that you now feel that some members of your family are not honest with you. It is better to look at the positive side of each person and try to understand the circumstances in which each one acts and decides. Don’t be too concerned or influenced by the problems of others, since you now have to learn to differentiate between your responsibility and those of others. Preoccupation, speaking of problems or complaining makes it very difficult for things to improve. A better way is to think positive, to learn from experience in all annoying situations, and above all, to have great inner faith.

If you are engaged or married, you may feel tired or emotionally exhausted at times, which could make you a bit passive in your sentimental relationship. Try to relax, enjoy your relationship with your mate and express your feelings openly. Anyone can have a period of imbalance, and this is only an opportunity to understand yourself better and to see parts of yourself that until now you had not assimilated. Fluent communication is the key to surpass susceptibility or hypersensitivity. Now any irritating situation with your mate will affect your inner sensibility more, and because of this, your communication has to be quiet, calm, immediate and full of confidence. Thus, little by little your flow of psychic energy will take a more active and creative slant.

There will be strong emotions between you and your mate, and you will discover aspects of your own subconscious as well as feelings of your companion that up until now you had not been able to perceive. If you are not involved with anyone, it is advisable to be calm and relaxed and try to see people as they really are. It could be dangerous to idealize or put on a pedestal the first person you meet and is preferable to allow the relationship to mature before you completely trust them, and above all, base your relationship on an intensive communication. Don’t look for someone to solve your own problems, since an affectionate relationship is strengthened when each one is more positive and gives the best of himself. It is preferable to think and feel positive before speaking about problems, complaining or feeling ashamed. If you are realistic, you will be able to tell if a person is compatible with you or if he/she is likely to cause problems and suffering for you.
8 Mar 2009 12:00(8 Mar 2009 to 9 Mar 2009) Mars Oppos Moon



This astrological aspect stirs up your emotional life; that is to say, an escalation and revitalization on that level will be produced. Thus, the big problem will be to control that increase in energy in your mental states, your feelings, and your family and affectionate relationships. There will be ardor, delivery, sacrifice and spontaneity in your emotional life, but susceptibility, irritability and passion could also emerge. All in all, this is a phase in which many things in your sentimental and family relationships will be defined.

It is possible that a small disagreement or misunderstanding with a loved one could emerge, but try to soothe your spirits and control yourself. Don’t make any emotional decision based on states of psychological irritability,

There could be hypersensitivity and resentment. More than anything, relaxation and psychic neutrality is important for being able to see things with objectivity. If you have been accumulating small animosities or misunderstandings with someone in the past, it is very possible that suddenly everything will come to light. When that happens, don’t argue, but simply communicate, try to create an environment of mutual confidence and don’t magnify things. Don’t be melodramatic now, and don’t deem yourself a victim of others. Consider the future, propose solutions and have sufficient greatness of the soul to forgive.

If during this phase you take on a family responsibility or have to decide something on behalf of your family, be very cautious, since you are inclined to be guided by rashness and excessive daring. Thus, if you make a mistake, you probably are going to lose some of the confidence that your family had in you. Because of this, it is advisable to heed the advise of an appropriate person and, above all, delay decisions somewhat so that they can mature. In this respect, you will not be alone and are supported by others that could facilitate your labor.

You will be direct, exempt and spontaneous in expressing your emotional states and your feelings, but don’t go to extremes of ardor, fits of anger, or try to impose on your loved ones. Try to be a little more respectful, amiable and affectionate in your emotional expressions, avoiding at all cost abruptness and cultivating amiability. If you soften your emotional expressions, it is much more probable that your family and loved ones will be more receptive toward what you say or suggest to them. On the other hand, if you act in a hard way, they will close up and will be put on the defensive.

This is also a good time to bring to light elements from your infancy and adolescence that still could be active in your subconscious, in the wake of psychological experiences that still have not been assimilated well. If you have some antipathy, resentment or grudge toward some member of your family, now is the time to reflect on it and, thereafter, improve your relationship with that person.
8 Mar 2009 12:00(8 Mar 2009 to 9 Mar 2009) Sun Oppos Ven



A disharmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Venus brings an increase in your sensuous vital energy, which can incline you to certain excesses. For example, you now could feel a great desire for amusement and expansion, and may even want to escape from your daily grind going to a dance with your mate, dining out, going to a club, or preparing an exceptional weekend. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with it in general, unless these kind of activities are carried to excess. It isn’t so much the fact of wanting to live well, but rather to control yourself and stay within your means. If you are not careful, the following weeks could be a narrow squeeze of money, since you over spent on details, gifts or outings to such a degree that you actually are left without anything in the budget for the rest of the month. Don’t give so much importance to the size or quantity of your entertainments, since a simple gift in a given moment can have great sentimental value.

Avoid an egocentric, superior and arrogant attitude toward your mate. Perhaps now you are very proud of something you have obtained on a social or professional level, or even are proud of your own companion, but you should never have a capricious or egocentric attitude. Learn to control your abundant energy and you will find that with simplicity, sincerity and nobility big improvements are brought about in your partnership. Learn to speak but also listen, give advice and also think about the advice given to you, in fact, learn to find the right balance between you and your loved one. Neither of you should impose your points of view on the other, but share the decisions and enjoy the responsibilities that both of you have every day. Don’t ever think that you are going faster than your companion, since it is necessary that both of you go hand in hand, jointly experiencing the new encounters that are opened to you each day.

At this time you may also be especially proud of your mate and may want to show him/her off socially so that everyone can see that you are the “perfect couple”. Although this is not negative in general, it isn’t bad either to be unnoticed from time to time and to intermingle with others without creating so much attention. It may boost your ego when others remark about you, but it also has it’s disadvantages since, whether you like it or not, there always will be a certain amount of criticism.
12 Mar 2009 10:00(12 Mar 2009 to 13 Mar 2009) Sun Oppos Plu



This aspect symbolizes the possibility of a small irritation or conflict of little importance in your love relationship. Perhaps subconsciously something has been growing between you that has not been dealt with, come to light or outlined in a direct and respectful way. Now is the time to review possible latent issues between you, such as jealousy, secret sensitivities or egotistic attitudes of one with respect to the other. Don’t forget that in love relationships there has to be revitalization from day to day that should not be neglected, but is advisable to maintain continual attention and concentration. Learn to share the achievements that each of you may have accomplished, talk about the psychological imperfections that still are within you and have not yet been surpassed, in fact, summarize your psyche in an earthly way. It is not the time to conceal anything, but rather to recognize your own limitations and making goals to surpass them. Sharing your limitations with your loved one will help you gain more strength to tackle the task.

You will also notice an increase in your sexual energy during the time of this astrological aspect, but at given times it could be expressed abruptly and vacillating. A satisfying sexual relationship requires self-control, commitment and desire. True love is accompanied by higher qualities such as the above mentioned. Don’t forget that a sexual relationship is brought about simultaneously on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. The physical vitality must be accompanied by the feeling of sincerity and intense communication so that the spark of real love can be produced.

Avoid superior or arrogant attitudes in your love relationship and practice sincere communication every day. Don’t accumulate anything or keep anything for tomorrow. If you believe that your mate has failed in some way, first meditate on it and when you are completely calm, show respect and confidence in your companion. By continuing this method you will find that a good quality of communication is established, and the results will be seen by you alone. It is always preferable to quietly become aware of the situation before accusing each other without reason and common sense. Don’t allow anything to alter the confidence in your mate, since this is the basis on which a stable and fulfilling relationship is sustained. Neither of you are perfect, and that is what makes your adventure more interesting.
12 Mar 2009 (28 Feb 2009 to 25 Mar 2009) Sat Conj Ven



During this time you feel the need of sentimental deepening, maturing and stabilizing. Above all, you seek consistency, calmness and safety in your sensuous relationship. You prefer quality and content to an image and appearance, which will further the understanding and intimacy with your mate. Your feelings are now in the process of ripening, and you will opt above all for essential love, deep feelings, and great concern. Don’t go to the extreme of avoiding social events or meetings or attending some group events from time to time. That is to say, you don’t always have to be accompanied only by your mate.

Now you as well as your companion will tend to speak about and plan your immediate as well as long term future. You prefer to jointly coordinate the practical agenda that both of you have every day, since you know that this is the only way to conciliate each of your social and economic responsibilities as well as your life as a couple. Certainly, you will need to coordinate and distribute the time that is required for your projects, and the time you will devote to yourselves.

Don’t fall into attitudes of routine or monotonous character in connection with love. It is advisable to avoid being dry, inexpressive or too practical in that area. Try to leave matters and problems related to work at your work place and thus, when you are united with your mate, you are liberated and able to express yourself more unrestraint and warm in your feelings. Preoccupations of every day can be left for tomorrow, since love also requires your space and time.

Now, more than ever, you need intimacy and understanding with your mate, but don’t isolate yourself socially either. Go to a dance from time to time, invite some friends to your house or seek different surroundings. All of this is important so that you are not isolated from your environment, which could bring certain manias or complexes.

In love, experience the sensation of refinement and aesthetics. Taste, manners and appearance are also important, since it is not sufficient to get to the point in order to keep the flame of love alive. Give something symbolic to your companion from time to time, write a love poem or prepare a surprise adorned with aesthetic details and good taste. All these elements will help to increase the essential vibration of love. Thus, don’t confuse the energies of the outer world, giving them more importance, with the forces that impel love, which are more of a sensitive, receptive, optimistic character and filled with illusion.

Now that you seek serene, quiet love with deep feelings, it is necessary to work with determination, efficiency and insistence in your professional life in order to solidify your economic bases. By doing this, you will have more time for your family and sentimental life. In other words, preoccupation with your work could overwhelm you excessively, and when you spend time with your mate, you would have your head full of problems originating from your occupational activity. Because of this, it is advisable to schedule not only your work, but also your time of leisure so you can establish an adequate pace or work – rest cycle, well balancing both poles. Being hot-headed doesn’t procure a better resolution to the problems. It is preferable to think about the function of solutions and not the problems, which at the time of leisure and expansion with your companion will be a tremendously effective balsam to renew your vital energies and to go to work more enthusiastically.