KiddieGram Sample English

Specialised Natal Report by Moira Collins Griffin

The KiddieGram Report for: Rossdale
May 26, 2006 – 12:59 PM
Los Angeles, California

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The RISING SIGN in the birthchart (also known as the Ascendant) shows how this child faces life, his basic attitude or stance toward the world, the way he comes across, and how he appears to others.

Virgo Rising:

Rossdale has a quiet, humble, unassuming appearance, and he can easily be overlooked in a group of children, as he is not in the least flamboyant or dramatic or even especially assertive, at least on first impression. He has a rather intelligent demeanor, and often appears to be quietly observing and analyzing.

He is careful, cautious, and has an almost compulsive desire to do things “right” or perfectly. He may be especially particular about the appearance or the way he comes across which can make him seem rather self-conscious or inhibited. Generally, Rossdale is very contented NOT to be in the limelight; having too much attention focused on him, especially in a public setting, can make him very uncomfortable. In fact, self-criticism may well be one of his biggest demons, accompanied by the desire to be perfect which underlies it. As his parents, you need to be sure that you do not reinforce this tendency by expecting too much of him or having unreasonably high standards yourselves. Helping him to lighten up, worry less, relax more, and keep things in perspective, will be an ongoing challenge for you. He tends to obsess over the most minute details that most people would not even notice.

There is an up side, however, to his attention to details: he can be a highly skillful artisan, with his ability to do fine, meticulous handiwork, such as needlework, building models, making crafts. Any hobby in which he uses his hands to create something useful can be very satisfying for him, and will also build his self-confidence. When he is able to do something really well, he feels good about himself.

He also has an innate sense of order and tidiness. He likes to categorize and classify and keep things in their place. A simple, orderly, and peaceful environment contributes a lot to his sense of well-being.

Asc. Square Sun:

Rossdale appears or comes across very differently than he feels himself to be at heart. If you read the description of his sun sign and compare it to the interpretation of his rising sign, you will note some basic inconsistencies or contradictions. Actually he has both of these sides of himself, and he may sometimes feel frustrated or at cross purposes with himself due to this.

Other people are likely to be quite surprised to discover that he is really much different once you get to know him than he first appears.

Asc. Sextile Jupiter:

Jovial and sociable, Rossdale likes people and they like him. He also seems good-humored, generous, and above pettiness, so that other people are inspired to trust him.

He is likely to be popular and well-known in his neighborhood or school.

Asc. Opposition Uranus:

Rossdale has a strong need to break rules and to be free of restricting conventions, when it comes to relating to people. He is likely to choose odd, unusual, creative, and possibly unreliable friends, and he enjoys being with very different people of all types, shapes, sizes, and colors.

He resists being controlled or limited by others and has a highly independent, individualistic streak, also.


The SUN in the birthchart represents who this child is at heart, his primary thrust in life, and what path he needs to follow in order to fulfill himself as a unique individual. It indicates who he is inside rather than the way he appears (which is shown more clearly by the Rising Sign).

Sun in Gemini:

Restless, changeable, extremely inquisitive, bright, active, and always eager to see or learn something new, this child is likely to keep you on the go, delighting you with his intelligence and playful wit, and possibly wearing you out with his seemingly endless need for entertainment, mental stimulation, and interaction.

He is quite a social creature, is apt to be an early and avid talker, and he loves to converse.

He is a very mental creature, basically, and he has a keen interest in words, language, ideas, communicating, telling and hearing stories, and learning about the world in all of its fascinating variety. Books and puzzles may well be his favorite playthings. He does tend to flit from one activity to the next, however, and his concentration and attention span may be quite short. He grasps concepts quickly and is easily bored. He needs to develop depth, focus, and patience in order to use his considerable intelligence to the fullest.

Nimble and quick in both mind and body, he is likely to be “on” all of the time and he may not even want to stop to rest or eat. It can be hard to settle him down at bedtime and, especially during his early years, his sleep may be light, sporadic, and easily broken. Food is also not especially interesting to him. (Eating it, that is. He may love to play with it.) Very likely he “eats like a bird,” and he may need to be gently encouraged to eat regularly and substantially.

He is flexible, craves variety and novelty, and adapts well to change. He has a mischievous side and is quite fond of pranks and playing tricks. In fact you may find it difficult to get him to be serious and to stop fooling around. He can usually be coaxed out of a sour mood by the use of humor or silliness, and he cannot resist word-plays or puns. He is very witty himself, but he may be oblivious to the emotional impact his words have on others.

He is a child who can be reasoned with from a rather young age. Unless other factors in his chart indicate otherwise, he is not very emotional, and may be bewildered or frightened by great outbursts or displays of emotion in others. He is even likely to point out to you the inconsistencies in your line of reasoning!

Sun in 9th house:

Rossdale is naturally broadminded, philosophical, and interested in learning and in seeing as much of the world as possible. Faraway places and exotic cultures fascinate him, and when he grows up he may travel widely, be involved in cross-cultural exchanges, or have business interests in foreign lands. This child thinks big and dreams of the future–so much so that his immediate here-and-now world may be neglected. (Cleaning the bedroom or feeding the cat isn’t nearly as interesting as fantasizing about leading an expedition to Mars.)

Sun Conjunct Moon:

The above description of Rossdale is so ingrained that he has little objectivity or real understanding of people whose temperament differs from him. At best, this means that he is sure of himself and of what he wants. At worst, he tends to be one-sided and unable to see issues from any viewpoint except his own.

Sun Sextile Saturn:

Rossdale is mature and responsible from a fairly young age. You should be able to rely on Rossdale and give him a good deal of freedom, as he is unlikely to let you down. He is sensible, realistic, and has a good sense of proportion.

Rossdale enjoys working and accomplishing. He appreciates being rewarded for his achievements and being given reasonable tasks and challenges. Helping him become competent and capable by teaching him practical skills makes him feel good.


MERCURY represents thinking and reasoning processes, the way your child’s mind works, his intellectual inclinations and way of communicating ideas.

Mercury in Gemini:

Alert, clever, and quick-witted, Rossdale is very inquisitive and grasps new ideas very rapidly. He is fond of words and ideas, and is likely to be very talkative, sometimes overly so. His mind never stops!

Mercury in 10th house:

Education is extremely important to Rossdale, because he’s ambitious and will be drawn to an intellectual career, one that involves presenting ideas and concepts. He may start planning his college curriculum in elementary school! Having an elder who takes a special interest in his education will make a significant impact on his life.

Mercury Square Uranus:

Rossdale has an inventive, creative, original way of thinking and is apt to be suddenly inspired with a new idea or way of understanding a problem. He is likely to come up with unusual solutions to problems, but his mind works in an intuitive, non-linear way, and he cannot always give a logical explanation for his ideas. He is often bored and restless in a conventional, highly predictable, structured learning environment. Hastiness or nervousness can be a problem at times.

Mercury Trine Neptune:

Rossdale’s imagination and intuition is very active, and he prefers studying subjects that have an inspirational, colorful, or creative element rather than those that are strictly technical, dry, or mundane. Art is a good area for him.


The MOON in the birthchart indicates how he deals with and expresses feelings, how he experiences the world on an emotional, feeling, non-verbal level, what his emotional needs are, and what he needs to feel secure, comfortable and at ease.

Moon in Gemini:

One of the primary ways that Rossdale responds to the world is by thinking and talking about it, and if given any encouragement at all, he will discuss his feelings and experiences very readily. Creating a ritual of talking about the ups and downs of his day with him, just prior to going to sleep at night, can be very relaxing and soothing for him, putting him at ease. Even at a young age, before he can articulate, he is likely to be a chatterbox and to need quite a bit of social interaction and “conversation.” He will love hearing rhymes, jingles, and little songs, and he will often respond with a stream of his own jabbering. Try not to tell him to “be quiet” too often as he is growing up, because speaking is a significant means of self expression for him.

Rossdale needs an interesting stimulating environment and he may become cranky and out of sorts when he exhausts all of the materials and playthings you provide for him. He will love books, story tapes, puzzles, and mentally challenging games, such as word games or computer games. Restless and easily bored, he is inclined to lose interest in an activity rather quickly. It may seem that he needs to be entertained constantly. He grasps concepts quickly and is always eager to see or experience something new. Outings to the library, to visit friends, or just anything to break up his routine will always be welcome. He adapts well to changes in his environment.

This child has an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn about the world. and he is unlikely to cling too tightly to your apron strings. The outside world is just too fascinating. He is also somewhat uncomfortable with emotions, sentimentality, and others’ emotional needs or demands. When difficult feelings such as fear or sadness arise, he will often simply ignore them or try to make a joke. Sometimes he becomes silly in response to intense feelings or situations that he does not understand. Even at a surprisingly young age he can be detached and objective in emotionally-charged situations.

Moon in 9th house:

Restless moods and a longing for the freedom of wide open spaces come over Rossdale from time to time. He gets cranky when he feels confined or bored. Long distance travel, which he may or may not experience as a youngster, will satisfy something in his soul as nothing else will. Stories of faraway places, studying the customs of foreign cultures, and especially enjoying exotic cuisine are all ways this yearning for the faraway can be at once fostered and fulfilled.


VENUS represents the way your child gives and receives affection, makes friends, and socializes. It also indicates artistic or creative inclinations.

Venus in Aries:

Rossdale strikes up friendships and makes overtures to others quite readily, but he often will not compromise or make any special accommodations for his friends. Generally, if you want to play with him, it is on his own terms. He likes courageous and forthright children, and there is likely to be a good bit of friendly rivalry between him and his playmates.

Venus in 8th house:

Deep feelings of attachment and closeness, along with jealousy and other strong emotions, typify Rossdale’s friendships. He may be possessive and demanding or have a close friend who acts that way toward him. He isn’t breezy and casual about those he loves, and he won’t give up easily on people. Even his pets are likely to be the objects of intense feelings and affections.

Venus Square Mars:

Rossdale’s relationships with friends are rather intense, often stormy and volatile. There is a love-hate or on again-off again quality to his friendships. He can be quite demanding and competitive for attention and affection.

Venus Trine Pluto:

Rossdale’s need for love and closeness is very strong, and he becomes intensely attached to his friends and the people he cares for. He is also very attractive or charming, and he may use this to subtly control or manipulate people, especially if he feels that he is not getting enough affection. Positively, he has unusual creative abilities and could pour his strong feelings into artistic or creative work.


MARS represents your child’s drive, ambition, will, energy level, and ability to assert himself.

Mars in Cancer:

Rossdale will rarely initiate a fight or a confrontation, and he is uncomfortable with aggressive competition. He often goes after what he wants in an indirect or subtle way. He may have stomach upsets when he is afraid to confront something or assert his will.

Mars in 11th house:

Rossdale achieves the most and is most inspired to work when he’s involved in a group project or team event. He can be a take-charge person in a group, and he likes to be with people who are active doers rather than passive spectators. He may prefer the company of boys or be more interested in traditionally male endeavors.


JUPITER in the birthchart reveals the child’s future aspirations, and how he seeks to grow and improve himself. It also indicates areas of natural confidence, success, or “luck.”

Jupiter in Scorpio:

Daring activities which have an element of danger or mystery appeal to Rossdale. He wants to live fully and passionately and not hold himself back from anything life has to offer. From rock climbing to scuba diving or investigating caves or other out-of-the-way places, he thrives on challenge. He seeks to grow through delving into the mysteries of life.

He’s also extremely resourceful and has a “nose” for opportunities. Even when he’s a youngster, his shrewd judgment of people and situations will serve him well.

Jupiter in 3rd house:

Rossdale is apt to be a voracious reader and he’ll love adventure stories and books which spark his interest in foreign lands and cultures. Traveling will be one of the joys of his life, something he longs to do. He’ll be eager to accompany parents on their journeys, and if he must be left behind he’ll truly regret it. (Bringing him unusual gifts from faraway places, however, will delight him and help to ease that regret.)

Rossdale will also enjoy positive and friendly relationships with any siblings he might have, with aunts, uncles, and extended family, and with people in his neighborhood. At least one or two of these people will be his special “angels,” providing him with considerable support and faith over the years.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

Optimism and pessimism, or belief and doubt, are often at odds within Rossdale. This may mean he will hopefully, enthusiastically start something, but be easily disheartened by any resistance or criticism he receives. A constructive relationship with a positive role model would be especially beneficial to him, as would a caring parent or teacher who encourages him to stay with his original plan, and reminds him that he can withstand criticisms and doubts.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

Rossdale is apt to be very “lucky”, escpecially when he trusts his instincts and intuition. He has an excellent sense of timing and an uncanny knack of showing up at the right place and the right time. Because he is enthusiastic and open minded he attracts opportunities to go places (both literally and figuratively) that more conservative family members will never see. Dancing, music, and other exuberant, joyful activities are important to him all his life.


The position of SATURN in your child’s birthchart indicates the areas in which he is especially insecure, about which he is most serious, and/or in which he works hardest or is hardest on himself. It also reveals those weaknesses which, through effort, may become his greatest strengths.

Saturn in Leo:

Rossdale is often unable to accept external authority graciously. He wants to be the ruler and authority in his own life, and parents or teachers who try to rule him with a heavy hand will be greatly resented.

Rossdale can also be something of a snob in that he sets high standards of behavior for himself as well as for other people. If others don’t measure up, he considers them his inferiors–no matter who they are or how much older they may be. In fact, he’s apt to see himself as better than other people and to keep apart from them, while at the same time wanting their recognition and feeling–on a deeper level–unsure of his own worth. This child takes himself very seriously and says, in numerous ways, “Look at me!” Yet he is also acutely self-conscious and may even be shy. To his caregivers, it may seem that he cannot get enough reassurance, personal attention, or “strokes.” In fact, he needs inordinate amounts of all of these. He must constantly prove his worthiness to himself, usually by working hard to be “the best” in some area of endeavor (academic, athletic, creative, etc.) This, of course, would be fine if he didn’t take it all so seriously. It would be wonderfully helpful to this child if his lovableness and worthiness were conveyed to him often–regardless of his performance.

Being at once a proud and an insecure creature, he suffers acutely from any humiliation or affront to his dignity. Teasing–especially in public–is odious to him and may, therefore, be especially tempting to others (who probably wish he’d lighten up).

Saturn in 11th house:

Rossdale is apt to close down or become a little insecure in groups, but he’s at ease with close friends, with whom he interacts singly or in groups of two or three. Larger social events, at which he feels unable to fit in or lonely amid the crowd, will be very stressful for him until he finds his own niche.


The Lunar Nodes are points formed by the moon’s orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth’s path around the Sun. These sensitive “power points” in our child’s chart give vital information about those areas of life experience that he will instinctively be drawn to in order to fulfill his life purposes, as well as qualities he needs to develop and express in order to do so. They show where he can be most successful as he unfolds his natural talent

North Node in 7th House in Aries:

Rossdale’s life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. He’s learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around him. Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to him all his life, and he may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.

His destiny is really about “us” rather than “me”, about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in his life. Understanding this, you as his parent or caring elder may encourage him to value his connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.

The qualities Rossdale needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are boldness, self-reliance, and the courage to take risks and make his own mistakes. Encourage him to be pro-active and to trust himself.


The slow-moving planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent the ideals, changes, and impulses of an entire generation. While the descriptions below may or may not describe your child as an individual, they will tell you about the climate of the times and the underlying issues and challenges of your child’s age group.

For instance, when Neptune (which represents one’s spiritual ideals, dreams, aspirations, fantasies and illusions) passed through the egalitarian and harmony-loving sign of Libra (from 1943-1957), the children who would grow into the “flower children,” hippies, and supporters of the peace movement were born. Not every person born during that time became a hippie or identified themselves with the peace movement, but certainly they were affected by the feeling-tone and ideals of their age group and the times they grew up in. Thus, the following information is intended to give you insight into the important motifs and issues of your child’s generation.

URANUS indicates where the impulse for change, innovation, liberation from the past, and experimentation with new forms is the strongest. It is where the status quo is disrupted or uprooted to make way for something new. Sudden inspiration and invention are also represented by Uranus.

Uranus in Pisces:

Those of this age group (2004-2012) have creative genius, unusual inspiration, and visionary ideals. Their art, music, literature, and lifestyles will be unusual or strange to others, and they have a rather unstable and impractical bent. They are inclined to be discontented with the ways of the world, but without a strong desire to make positive reforms in a practical way. Traditional religion does not suit them either, and they will experiment with their own personal forms of mystical experience.

Uranus in 7th house:

Rossdale is unconventional and independent in his attitudes toward relationship, and as a child this is apt to manifest as a whole array of unusual friends. He’s drawn to free spirits, eccentrics, nonconformists, and mavericks because they allow him the freedom to explore new ways of interacting with and connecting to the world. Or, he may be somewhat erratic with her playmates – suddenly dropping someone he was quite enchanted with earlier. He is apt to avoid friends who rely on him excessively or exclusively.

NEPTUNE represents the quest for the ideal, the dream, for something more sublime. The sign it is passing through at the time of one’s birth colors one’s spiritual aspirations and ideals, and also indicates where the desire to escape reality, to fantasize, deceive oneself, and become lost in illusion is the strongest.

Neptune in Aquarius:

This group harbors great hopes for world unity and universal brother and sisterhood. An inner group impulse toward collective awakening and a strongly futuristic, visionary, evolutionary “dream”. On the other hand, increasing globalization and impersonalization of daily life is strongly at work in their lives. How to contribute to the whole without becoming a cog in the machine is their quest.

Neptune in 6th house:

Rossdale may dream of being a doctor or a veternarian, as he hopes to alleviate others’ physical suffering or distress. He may have a rather sensitive physique himself, and building immunity through a healthy, moderate diet and regular habits should be encouraged. He responds well to gentle and spiritual approaches to healing as well.

PLUTO in the birth chart indicates a process of deep change, transformation, and renewal, often through destruction or confrontation with darkness. This is a process that takes place in society as well as in individuals. Pluto’s position in the birth chart shows where one is compulsive, extreme, or learning key life lessons.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

For those born at this time, the order of business is the destruction of old, limiting concepts, philosophies, religious forms, and ideas about God or the nature of the Universe. At the same time, religious fanatics, extremists, and evangelical fundamentalists of many persuasions are likely to rise up quite strongly. There may be much conflict between those with powerful convictions of one kind or another.

Pluto in 4th house:

Rossdale is apt to have a very intense relationship with one or both of his parents. It may be stormy and difficult, or it may simply be an unusually close, strong attachment. He’s very much aware of and affected by the emotional undercurrents, secrets, or power dynamics in his home. Healing or clearing away some old family business is a part of his life task