Galactic Sample English


Galactic Report for: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Welcome to your Universe! You stand on the threshold of entering previously unknown astrological understanding of the Cosmos. This report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements to ensure complete grounding and connection with your home planet, Earth. Your personal connection to the powerful and transformational black holes takes you into a dimension of inner self reflection intended to clarify your essence and your connection with All That Is. Enjoy your journey into the exciting vastness of space!

Section I: The Centaurs

Centaurs are asteroids with several properties in common, one of which is that they travel from deep regions of our solar system to within the orbit of Jupiter. They are similar to comets but are larger. The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977. Chiron was first thought to be a kind of planet, but is now considered a Centaur by most astronomers.

Now you might be thinking “Oh, gosh! More teensy things to consider in my horoscope. Doesn’t the chart have enough going on as it is?” Consider that astrologers use one planet, Venus, to describe the vast areas of love, art, and beauty in our lives. The asteroids add depth and detail to the astrological analysis, enabling us to see more specific issues.

When the first Centaur, Chiron, came to our attention, he was greeted with mixed feelings. Some, considering this body very difficult to define (planet, asteroid, comet?), saw it as a nuisance. Others remained sure of his importance. It would appear that those astrologers possessed a vision of better things to come.

Ultimately, Chiron emerged as a potent teacher, healer, shaman leading us all through previously unremovable wounds – whether psychological or spiritual. His urging to fully invest the spirit in the body and involve oneself in life now stands as the leading wave of soulful healing. His demonstration of the essentiality of relationship between body and spirit now stands accepted, intact and most importantly, significant in all of our personal healing efforts.

Now Chiron has five named Centaur siblings: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome. Suggestions exists for yet another named body, Pylenor, which is awaiting astronomical nomenclature protocols. Ultimately, all the other Centaurs will receive names as well.

Each Centaur appears with a solution to a common social malady of today’s complicated society and associated psychological and psychic backlash. The integration of these bodies provides us with simple, consciousness-oriented ceremonies and healing techniques to enhance our coping skills. The Centaurs restore our sensibilities – literally, our ability to use our senses, emotions and body perceptions – ranging from an instinctive nose to chill bumps – thereby increasing our humanness. In a time when the array of electronic communication and technology decreases our sentient involvement in our lives, the Centaurs appear to restore our senses and sensibilities.

The Centaur clan offers valuable attributes in our everyday life, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Consider the powerful remedies offered by these bodies:

Chiron – healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body
Pholus – overcoming substance abuses, restoring peacefulness of spirit, use of daily ritual
Nessus – defining need and want in money and relationships with healthy balance
Asbolus – development of and use of full intuitive faculties
Chariklo – assessing personal boundaries, both psychologically and energetically
Hylonome – healing grief and regret

As you welcome the primal gathering of Centaurs into your horoscope, you will enjoy enhanced awareness of emotion, passion for life, quest for purpose and sensorial reactions to all situations. Saddle up and ride these tiny, yet potent, bodies, for a celestial journey to self understanding, compassion and well-being. Enjoy!


For those people feeling rejected by parents and carrying that banner throughout life, relief is near. Should you be sensing wounds that simply will not leave no matter what is done, a solution stands near. And if feelings of displacement, alienation and disconnection prevail within yourself, the healer has arrived. Soon, with use of the essence of this relatively new healer, Chiron, the way clears for a stronger sense of self with spirit invested in body. This sense of self works to reestablish healthy relationships with others.

Chiron was the wounded healer, or the healer who wounds. His mode of healing works to bring up the hidden issues, overcome denial, offer penance, then go on in greatness. He was one of the immortals, with a god as a father who rejected the son. The mother disowned him because of his ugliness (half man, half horse). With no place to go, Chiron became an avid learner studying with the great ones, devouring all knowledge. Accidentally wounded at an event using ceremonial wine unceremoniously, his immortality became a liability as the healer could not heal his own wound. He persisted in life feeling pain that he, the healer, could not heal. His pain includes parental rejection, unworthiness and in today’s terms, soul loss.

Chiron opted to end the eternal pain at all costs. He took a voluntary task in the underworld, coming out with the ability to ascend to the heavens as granted by Zeus (Jupiter). He represents being able to take on healing directly, clearly and intently. He symbolizes our willingness to go into the caves of consciousness and examine our nature. He grieves, then heals. This powerful healer comes before us encouraging the clearing of all things within our psyche. After this occurs the path opens for our spirits to fully fuse with our physical being.

Chiron Quincunx Moon, Orb: 1 deg. 13 min.

Each emotional situation you feel has the right stuff to fill your need platter, needs some additional spice of sensitivity. After all, if you were cooking the mashed potatoes you would have done it such and so. Though the potatoes do their comfort food thing, it could be flavor enhanced. This phenomena requires a couple of persistently used prescriptions. First, know that when others don’t quite line up on your emotional page they simply do not perceive your exact need. Then, you get to explain how you need it to work for you. Suddenly, magically, things at this point don’t work perfectly; but they are better. Go through the cycle again. Next thing you know, with a little emotional elbow grease, things are feeling pretty good. As far as others are concerned, when you hear complaints of hurt feelings, tell them what you do when you’re in that boat. Easily moving downstream on the currents of feelings no longer looks like you’re going south.

Chiron Opposition Uranus, Orb: 1 deg. 12 min.

Your life feels like a double cup of espresso coffee. There’s a perpetual buzz resounding in your body. You can hear it. The sensation of being mentally and physically out of synchronization causes doubt about your ways. Really the issue is one of finding a place for your supercharged energy to go. Often you experience this with other people. They tell you to settle down, get a grip, ease back on the throttle. If you knew how, you would. A starting point is to gain a sense of grounding your energy. Every working electronic circuit has a ground. With this symbolic Earth point, energy flows productively through the components. Take notes. Find the Earth and connect with it. In indigenous traditions this is mother/grand mother. Sink roots. Feel the pulse of the Earth. This will align your heartbeat with that of the Earth. This connection stabilizes your energy without limiting it. With this knowledge you help others reduce any inner disequilibrium, hyperactivity or even erratic thought patterns. You become a healer of the electrical system. Remember to be a lightning rod if you work with others. Discharge all excess and unwanted energy back to Earth.

Chiron Trine Neptune, Orb: 2 deg. 39 min.

You have a free pass to travel into the heavens whenever you want. Your consciousness drifts in and out of your being without the need for any passport. Simply you get to take your attitudes and emotions on refreshing spirit driven vacation many times a day. This way you stay invigorated, attentive and involved in your life. While you’re traveling take some time to notice directives, ceremonies and healing rituals that come to mind in those lofty, inspired places. It would be recommended that these be brought back with you. Should you explore the full extent of these insightful gifts, you’ll find your involvement in the real world getting easier. Thus you need less of the escapist type of reverie. You spirit driven retreats into the ethers maintain more of defined quality. They, too, become more powerful. You probably are beginning to realize that you can create awesome incantations, chants, songs, prayers, affirmations and ceremonies for yourself and the rest of the planet. Raise your spirit. Raise your voice. Raise the rafters.

Chiron Opposition Pluto, Orb: 4 deg. 03 min.

The teachers come to you. Usually you can’t remember asking for one. But nonetheless, here’s the big kahuna and with a huge bag of tricks. Come on down and play the teacher says. Like you have a choice. You are fully aware no real option exists here. This teacher might even tell you they were sent to you. They don’t ask. They tell. Go for it. If you don’t, the sink of life clogs forcing a call to the ultimate plumber. This process seems like a broken record. Bear in mind previous teachers/healers/mentors do not abandon you. They simply plop you down in a place where the next one can find you. This aspect actually contains many blessings. Whenever a life difficulty becomes insurmountable, the teacher with the greatest expertise in the problem area magically appears. Part of the good karma profile, the tasks before you require constant, intentional work. The benefits come in the form of metamorphic transformations as if a million butterflies store their magic in your spirit. Next thing you know, you’ll have at your fingertips the ability to pop open the tightly woven cocoons of others.

Chiron Trine Asc., Orb: 1 deg. 53 min.

You possess an ease and grace in confronting challenges. Everybody thinks so. You probably don’t even know this, do you? Regardless, it’s seen as true. You radiate an attitude of “let’s make something good of this,” despite the dilemma at hand. You inspire others to respond outside the bounds of initial troubled reactions. Are you faking this inspiration or do you mean it? At some level you mean it. Otherwise you would not be so consistently able to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. What becomes important to remember is how you did this. You specialize in reward, positive reenforcement and acknowledgment bearing the banner of celebration for every life victory, howsoever small. Your attitude of getting more bears with honey certainly pays off. After all, you are dealing with primal, instinctive responses – not at all sophisticated. They fully know the energy of the hand attempting to feed them. Your capacities to approach life as an opportunity of unlimited proportion rallies the troops around you. This urge shows in your hand. When one of the people bearing down on you approaches for a strategy session, bear in mind the fullness of the gifts you gingerly handle.


Perhaps a sense of listlessness in life encourages one to eat too much or too little. Maybe even taking on alcohol or other substances as a substitute for contentment becomes the way one copes. The Centaur Pholus appears to remind us of what it is that actually lies beneath these physical urges to compensate or over-compensate in life.

Pholus appears at just the right time to remind people of the needs of spirit. While he signifies everything about food and drink, he also stresses the idea that all things intending to nurture our beings remain powerful ceremonies. Pholus indicates diet patterns, especially methods of cooking and even the type of diet including carnivorous or vegetarian ways. His attitude toward drink, most especially alcohol, insists that it be offered ceremoniously. The custom of toasting with wine (or whatever is the alcohol of choice) comes from Pholus. Blessing food symbolizes a Pholus thought. He represents use or abuse of all physical substances, alcohol being the most significant of his concerns.

Ultimately Pholus reminds us of the need to fill our daily lives with those things that are good – and only good – for us. He establishes awareness of necessary limits and requirements. He goes even further in that he offers the reminder (and often a stern one) that your daily routine must include your spiritual drill: saying grace, toasting, a daily meditation, smudging, ceremonial cleansing or whatever comes under his wise and watchful eye. Should things feel out of sorts, offer simpler, reverent acts every day. Watch the restlessness subside and the sense of well-being begin.

Pholus Opposition Moon, Orb: 3 deg. 21 min.

Those stating that your emotional agenda, plans for a party or view of spiritual ritual hold major flaws are not the enemy. There is no external enemy. The adversarial force comes from going over the edge. While you might think you’re heading at warp speed to the enlightening edge of the Universe, it might just be warped. The opposition that life poses to you presents a valid reality check. This checkpoint investigates the emotional energy needed, emotional support available and the soul-sustaining agenda underwriting each act of life sensitivity or sensuality. You crave sensuality. Touch, taste and scent especially awaken your feeling of aliveness. This, of course, invigorates your soul. But it’s your sense that you’ve never gotten enough of the good stuff that drives things into redline. Your soul soaks it up, slowly filling the brim. The soul never overflows. Nor does it saturate. When others or circumstances force the question of what do you really need, the time needed to feel your way through this is critical. Your emotional agenda stands to benefit from this sit-down view.

Pholus Square Neptune, Orb: 1 deg. 55 min.

Moderation, though not your forte, certainly serves you better than the one-for-the-road attitude. You might hold some confusion regarding matters of ceremonial pursuit and hard-core reality. For instance, why is wine part of religious ceremony? Why doesn’t more wine make the ceremony more insightful? Part of your reason for moderation comes from a higher than average sensitivity to substances – including food, smoke, cosmetics and supplements. Your ability to be induced or coerced when your sensors are diminished with substance is high. Create your own standards for what constitutes ceremony, ritual and reverence. Then reality check this to ensure no justifications, rationalizations or delusions underwrite your score. Once you create this perspective your visions can assist others in recognizing those things that tamper with their spirituality. An awareness allergy consultant, you guide others to restore their sense of spiritual purity by attending to body irregularities first.

Pholus Quincunx Pluto, Orb: 0 deg. 31 min.

You realize the fine edge in everything you do. You notice that in the blink of an eye or a momentary lapse of attention you can careen out of control. If you drink wine as ceremonial effort, the edge of sobriety stands close. When you use abstinence in any aspect of life, you risk denial. Your job requires that you maintain an ongoing internal checkpoint regarding the consciousness you apply. What do you mean by that? What was the intent? A wonderful line in a movie comments, “you did a good thing.” To which the protagonist replies, “I didn’t mean to.” This startling insight provokes the undeniable idea that every act in life needs a sense of accompanying purpose. Such effort eliminates any listlessness. The sense of lacking direction evaporates. Everything for a reason. This includes those times when your motives don’t rank in heavenly categories. Part of this aspect reminds you of your humanness. Your humanness, and not angelic consistency, reminds you of your need for humanity. Purpose restored, your personal edge returns. Whetstone your appetite for life.


It’s been said that money and sex are only important when you don’t have them. Whether or not this is true is up for grabs. But what we can derive from this saying is that two issues of importance to the human spirit are money and sex. In fact, under extreme circumstances, people can be observed demonstrating the best and worst of human characteristics with these issues at hand. Witness the excited glow of a lottery winner. Look hard to see the collapsed aura of a person dealing with insurmountable debt. Examine the fractured aura of a lover rejected for a younger more attractive partner. Consider the radiant glow of someone newly in love. Watch what happens as people discover that they simply cannot live without a certain thing, economic status or the love person in their life. These issues receive impeccable clarification from the Centaur Nessus.

Nessus refers to a level of desire that goes beyond need. Wanting more, coveting or even qualities of lust fall under his influence. Nessus refers to the two juicy areas of life: monetary matters and intimate relationships. He seeks out the things you unconsciously want but might not be able to articulate. He notes those things you feel you do not deserve, yet crave. First, though, he uncovers urges and desires that may not feel comfortable to your “I am a good person,” belief system. But he transforms all negatives if given a chance. He works with you to ensure you enjoy the bounty of your relationship with healthy abundance. Nessus observes your financial state in life, then offers his position on what would really make you feel good in an unlimited way. Ultimately, Nessus’ balance would be to have enough money not to need more and not so much that it consumes your time and thoughts.

Nessus is a powerful healer. He insists that you open yourself to the realm of sensuality in life. Smell flowers, taste food, feel the air, enjoy touch, savor success and feel everything fully. He provides the ultimate in healing issues of converting poverty to abundance. He brings about the exchange of lust, shame and guilt for healthy physical enjoyment of life, whether explored intimately with another or in one’s relationship with the Creator.

Nessus Quincunx Mercury, Orb: 2 deg. 35 min.

While you’re absolutely convinced that your ideas on love and money are perfect, others persist in attempting to change your views. You then persist in reenforcing your ideas onto others and the stalemate strengthens. Your agenda only needs to be to get what you want. Yet, others insist that you go beyond the approved limits to get what you see as naturally yours. Feedback remains a critical part of this configuration. Without it, the urge to arbitrate falls by the wayside. The first element for both parties involved, is simply to listen. That would be your lead. You’ll indicate your need. Others counter with their reaction and need. You restate your position. Another counter follows. Here you can examine what comes back to you. Can you live with any part of this? If not, you’ll move on to the next thing. If you can deal with the response, given that it requires some adjustment on your part – do so. This act of good faith begins communications that ensures continued progress in these critical life concerns. Meanwhile, your need is not to constantly wrap yourself with uncomfortable compliance around the ideas and responsiveness of others. You seek to fulfill your every desire. Slowly, step by step, you get closer when your demonstrate your tractability. Also know if what you seek is not sufficiently available in this location, it’s time to move elsewhere.


Ever have one of those moments in which you went against the flash of insight you received? Such situations become more glaring if life tosses back some sort of difficulty, like exactly the one of which you were forewarned. When you feel like leading the charge up some sort of symbolic mountain to take on a perilous task, do you ever ponder what the outcome might be?

Asbolus, another of our Centaur guides, represents the best in intuitive awareness. Asbolus reflects good counsel given and not heeded, or good advice received and not heeded. Usually the results of not heeding such input become immediately apparent. The urge to veto one of those insightful flashes falls under the visionary gaze of Asbolus. The insight just seemed to be a logical projection. There was nothing psychic about it. “What are the odds of that,” Asbolus nudges again. The odds seem high at the moment. He urges absolute attentiveness to futuristic impressions. Stop while you’re ahead. No need to take on challenges from an unnecessary argument or death-defying tasks, or push your personal limits. Back off, relax and contemplate.

Asbolus further represents the loss of guidance or wisdom because of alcohol. He points out how judgment, physical and otherwise, degrades when intoxicated. His alternative would suggest that when life feels all-consuming, reinvoke a ceremonial situation to clear the mind. This effort restores strong judgment that supports the spirit and reinstates the intuitive faculties to full potency. Regardless, following intuition remains his determined influence.

Asbolus Square Sun, Orb: 0 deg. 08 min.

You ask for guidance about the action you should take in your immediate situation. You clearly receive the input. Then you play the odds in your mind. What are the chances that if you do what you want things will still go awry? According to this signature, the odds run high that things will backfire. This pattern insists upon impeccable adherence to guidance received. Of course, you could back it up a bit and ponder what would happen if you don’t ask for wise input. The deal here notes that your sense is still that guidance would be in order. If you have the urge to seek wise counsel and don’t, then it’s the same thing as not listening to good input. The complicated way this shows up is that you already know that the urge for guidance vetoes your current agenda. Try using simple images of greens lights for go ahead and red lights for no way. Of course, the yellow lights remain subject to all kinds of subjective reads. Follow your nose. This way you can avoid psychic color blindness.

Asbolus Quincunx Mars, Orb: 0 deg. 11 min.

Life often seems to place irresistible magnets in places where you know you should not reach. So what do you do? You’re one of those, “bet you can’t eat just one,” kind of people. It’s not the satisfaction of the forbidden chips of life. It’s the adrenalin rush that goes with playing outside the lines. You know when you exceed the bounds. It fills your nature with a childlike excitement that borders on the rebelliousness. You seem to sense that others will forgive you – after all, that’s what two-year-olds do. And you’re no longer two. You’re expected to know and understand the rules of engagement. No matter how you demonstrate this in real life, one fact remains undisputably true. You know in your core if you’re playing by the rules you claim regulate the game of life. Should you be outside these bits of psychic fine print, put on your intuition reading glasses before you take on the next task. As the game box so often states to you, “some re-assembly required.”

Asbolus Trine Saturn, Orb: 3 deg. 13 min.

You’re clearly a guide. Given that you use the instinctive templates provided to you, you’ll achieve a successful profile in your efforts. It’s that easy. This design ability places you with others needing basic guidance in life. Basic is the key word. Your impression would be that anyone with any common sense ought to be able to figure out this life puzzle. Well, like they say about common sense, many people have none. Your guidance resembles the sensitive nature of an airliner’s onboard flight computer. You read the environment well. You sense its atmospheric pressure. You know with what energy you can safely press forward. You’re the control on the throttles that pulls back just enough to reduce dynamic tension when entering the instability of high altitude storm winds. When you fly clear of the cell, you can speed up again. You’re aware that sometimes you might even need to reduce altitude to minimize buffets. You can pursue the higher air again later. Document these procedures. They’ll become the real life flight manual for yourself and others.


In today’s world, the term “boundary” defines the receptivity we have to others or the resistance we put up to others. When encountering new people, what is your criteria for establishing connection? Does it work? If you are pushing away people you’d like to have in your life, perhaps resetting your boundaries is in order. If you’re experiencing conflict with a friend, family member, co-worker, boss or your mate, perhaps redefining your boundaries would help. But where do you go for understanding these instinctive urges and reactions you’re having to others? Help is at hand.

Chariklo, the sea nymph wife of the powerful healer Chiron, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges. She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries. And in so doing, she works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit. Your emotional boundary would be how close you permit another person to stand near you, whether consciously interacting or not. It would also show up as your claim of your physical and emotional needs from another person. She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.

The spiritual boundary carries the urge for divine kinship. Here you seek someone with common causes, inspired aspirations and shared views of the Universal – a real kindred spirit. These separate boundaries may or may not be the same dimension. And they might be different with every person you meet. Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion. She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner. She encourages you to start with yourself. Check intent and motive. If it feels good, proceed. If it does not bring a warm sense within its midst, then make corrections.

She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul. Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one’s spirit by the body. She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity-producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people. Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example.

Chariklo Trine Sun, Orb: 2 deg. 18 min.

Judge not, lest you be judged. That would surely be a motto for you to both profess and uphold. As a person, you move through life fully aware of the energetic agendas of others. You see these with the clarity of the light of day. You remain undaunted by what drives another person to transmit the energies they do. You accept it as is. You expect the same respect in return from others. The only indignation you’ll ever portray is when you feel judged, criticized or condemned. Under those circumstances you come alive and take energetic measures to ensure impartiality in life. A good judge, your best rulings occur with your assessments of human nature. As a result you often get the call to explain positions of parties having lost sight of each other’s energies. You have a gift of revealing the results of interpersonal energy weaving. Start with the complete weaving of all your energy spiraling around the core of your soul, aligning with your spine, in a most intricate and discrete natural pattern. Consider teaching spiritual tapestry. That would provide a good judgment on your life.

Chariklo Sextile Mars, Orb: 2 deg. 37 min.

Your soothing attributes are nothing short of walking up to an agitated wild animal causing it to yawn and mellow. Your basic energy offers consolation to the airwaves. Your style of approach pacifies tense standoffs with your mere presence. Better yet, you possess a portfolio of calming techniques that provide effective acts of resolution. Your perception of boundaries exceeds the norm. Within this, you clearly see the veracity of the energies combining between conflicting parties despite their verbal claims. Your skill comes in revealing physical acts that reduce the standing walls of stuck energy. Others expect you to come to the aid of any complicated or confused agenda between coworkers and in the relationships around you. Your aid is better than shaking hands, or kissing to make up. You instruct the participants how to restructure their energies. Then you send them back into the ring. Others expect you to use exceptional presentation of your energy as you seek them out to play a role in your life. In fact, they have grown to know and love this attribute of your spirited approach.

Chariklo Opposition Jupiter, Orb: 4 deg. 59 min.

As a teacher you magnetize students who love to get in your face. Every claim you make receives loud and sharp echoing, but each with its own interpretive spin. You spend a huge amount of your time rectifying statements made. The solution does not lie in repeating or reiterating any of your previously stated claims. The rectification comes by walking the talk. You claim a lot in tolerance and comprehension of the subtle realms of energy interaction between people. Others examine what you do to see how you apply these ideas. Should there be any lack of parity, then the challenges come in with torrential ferocity. Whether in the form of protesting students, lovers, co-workers or in mundane experiences, any inconsistency receives glaring reflection smack dab in your seeking eyes. The solution is simple. Align not only your actions, but your entire demeanor, especially your etheric energy, fully and completely with the principles of guidance you uphold. After all, when you’re a teacher, you must uphold your end of the bargain. Lead “show and tell” with your actions.


When losses of life, failures or those things not attained override one’s sense of hope, the Centaur Hylonome receives a request for appearance. Should the fiscal losses and relational despair feel overwhelming, call out to this feminine Centaur. When distraught over the ending of a relationship in which you had no control over the outcome, use Hylonome.

Hylonome lost her mate during a Centaurian debacle. She was so distressed and unwilling to cope after his death, that she thrust herself on the spear that killed him. So, she appears in our lives not as an indication of hopelessness, but to provide the will to overcome the mountain of insurmountable grief. She appears to provide hope in the darkness of loss. She encourages grief, howsoever painful. She promises that if you let yourself feel the scary feelings of personal, emotionally thick endings, that you will, in time, feel relief.

Whether consciously or not, persons with strong Hylonome aspects function as grief counselors. They offer hope and encouragement to all downtrodden sorts. Of course, to be able to render such precise care, they first must have shed the negativity of all losses perceived in their own life first. These people encourage rebuilding of self-esteem, repair diminished egos and point out a healthy spiritual self-sufficiency.

Hylonome Square Venus, Orb: 0 deg. 06 min.

Your attitude about love concerns runs deep. While you appreciate your current love situation and all it offers, you live in some apprehension. This angst comes from your speculation as to what you would do if this ended – most classically through the death or alien abduction of your love interest. Meanwhile, all the joy and pleasure that is at hand goes into overlooked categories. This does seem wasteful. Maybe if you grieve in advance you can offset the eventually of grief when it raises its ugly head. And it’s possible that this eventuality lies a long time away in the future. Emotionally waiting for the other shoe to drop forces you out of range to the availability of what love envelops you now. Your focus requires resetting your consideration of how to live with the love you have. Avoid the “How could I ever live without this person?” mind chatter. Bear in mind that you now remain fully relatable. Should you specialize in non-relevant grief, expect an undesirable quality to filter into your aura. Next thing you know you could be alone. Antidote: discover joy, pleasure, emotional wellness and being fortified in all moments such things are present. Share this powerful set of values with all others in your life. It’s quite a present.

Hylonome Square Pluto, Orb: 3 deg. 59 min.

When you say, “til death do us part,” you mean it. Your sense of interpersonal interaction runs into eternal dimensions. You’re the kind of person that will a make an agreement to be someone in another life if this one does not offer that opportunity. For those with whom you can form a bond, you uphold the assumption of an indelible soul interaction. We shall always be together henceforth, no matter where you go or what you do. In a more awkward manifestation, no matter whom you are with, that person also fits this billing. Often when a life long mate of a person in this pattern departs the grief becomes all consuming. The key would be to locate the essence and previously committed energy from this partner. Use it as hope and inspiration. After all, the one who loves you would not want you to lose your steam just because they are not physically near. On a more practical application, should you experience any extended absences with your determined soul mate, you will need some help in keeping your furnace stoked. Your awareness of monogamy, soul bonding and the imprinting of spirits that occurs with ceremony far exceeds the reach of many. Should you share this? Well, can this be your soul support?

Hylonome Sextile MC, Orb: 1 deg. 12 min.

If you don’t write the book, someone else will. You know the book. The book has to do with emotional catharsis and down and dirty emotional healing. Your book reveals the methods of doing down and dirty emotional duty without soiling your spirit. Perspective is a major part of your concept. You stress that most emotional stress comes from reactions that have nothing to do with whom you really are. Your focus seeks to restore an understanding of inner knowing that stares directly into the brilliant eyes of your own soul. You tell people that they are not the story they necessarily tell others. Nor does the world see them through the efforts they believe define their value in the outer world. And you know this because? Because this is something you ponder everyday. You know that your latest great job accomplishment means nothing really to your soul. Unless you can find worldly value within it. If you boast about such things, others tire of your lack of substance. You get left alone. You spend some time innovating, but while you’re distracted feelings surface. You shed them effortlessly. And if you’re not mistaken, that would be another chapter.

Section II: The Black Holes

Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics, and as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact to a natal horoscope either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.

Most simply, a black hole is the result of a decaying star. When the star wanes it exceeds a proper proportion of nuclear furnace abilities and explodes into a Supernova. The explosion throws stellar matter and debris far out into space. There, it slows and begins to cool. The cooling process induces contraction. Over time, the gas and matter collapses back toward what was once the core of the “progenitor” star. After a short millennium or so, the contraction forces an accelerating and irreversible collapse. The star falls back in upon itself literally punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe. At this point, infinite gravity, density of space and compression of time results.

A black hole contains two components: the event horizon and the singularity. These look like the shape of a horn. The inner part of the horn would be correlate to the singularity. The outer edge of the horn’s bell would be the event horizon.

At the event horizon, entry into the black hole becomes unavoidable. The gravitational pressure is so intense that not even light can escape – thus, the term black hole. Also at the perimeter time stops. Outside the black hole is time as we monitor it. Inside the black hole time moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, matter can not escape. It become crushed into energy as it falls into the singularity.

At the singularity there is an infinite curvature of space and time and infinite gravitational compression. Everything falling inward simply converts from matter to energy. What matters, literally, becomes lightened up.

Surrounding the black hole, because of this violent consuming nature, the atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees in temperature. This energizes surrounding space causing the emission of X-Rays and Gamma Rays while rendering a blue shift of light, the apparent approach of light to the observer.

It is from these physical images that we derive our first look into the interpretive qualities of the black hole. There often exists a well documented period between the black hole source and the star it consumes. This creates an energy “biorhythm” of sorts for the person in contact to the black hole. While feeling like a physical effect it originates in the person’s own electro-magnetic energy field usually called the aura, chi (life force) or basic flow of the spiritual Kundalini energy flow. The pulse of the X-Ray duration affects a person as well. This burst of penetrating energy establishes an attention cycle requiring extreme discipline. In the most extreme black hole players the pulses range from 283 (4 minutes 43 seconds) to 529 seconds (8 minutes 49 seconds).

The X-Rays produce a perceptive, non-judgmental, introspective inner looking ability. Each black hole person has the ability to literally look through another person. The desire is only to see what the other person (or one’s self) is all about at the core soul level.

These people warp time and space. They are able to go back and forth in consciousness between varying levels of reality. Known for spacing out, such a person actually tracks information of other Universal Realities. The difficulty remains bringing back the insights. Remember, nothing can come out of a black hole. So a person must strive to record the awareness of another realm into the consciousness, perhaps at the cellular level, so it is indelibly retained. Then the awareness becomes usable in the real world.

The ability to “imagine” future circumstances, events, inventions or even societies goes with the black hole. So does the ability to “recall” what occurred long ago. A person with many black hole contacts standing on an historic site can feel, see and sense what happened as if it is happening to them at the moment. They can also pre-perceive reality, imagine progress for humanity or define a future invention in their mind, possibly “causing” the necessary awareness to create the invention.

The gravity of the black hole, particularly with the Supermassive Black Holes, quickly develops a following. Once an intention goes out to draw energy, attention and resource, a following quickly surrounds the black hole person. Sometimes these people are described as irresistible. On a more subtle level, the person seems to be placed in a central position as a matter of drill whether relating to a work group, humanitarian concern or social sphere.

The ultimate effort of the black hole refers to one’s unavoidable destiny or “dharma” in the world. They unconsciously seek to draw everything to them that fulfills the greatest intention for their life. Possible of great impact, the person strong in black hole connections unconsciously aspires to create the greater good for the world and usher in a time of great global progress.

Enjoy your personal journey in these previously indescribable dimensions! Follow your own lead with each awareness received.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct 3U 0115-73, Orb: 0 deg. 01 min.

Martial your energetic forces. Enlist all of your ability. A journey awaits. The journey is nothing less than setting course through the celestial seas of life. You seek the understanding that exists in each glimmer of time. You crave the comprehension of why some efforts encounter ease and success, while others struggle to a frustrating halt. You ponder the continuum of time and space. Ponder, by the way, is the result of extending your energy forward to feel the result. The result produces reaction, which contains a recordable essence. You marvel over the distinctions between warping time and space. Warping either can yield the appearance of altering the other. You wonder if both can be warped at the same time. The real wonder would be if you could rally enough of a internal crew to take care of both. Consider yourself an experientialist. Anything you experience with involvement you can understand. If you send your energy (consciousness) out to view the star Delta Cygnus, did you go there or did you imagine going there? In alternate reality it is impossible to tell, except within the memory of your energy altered by the event – real or otherwise.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct 3U 1956+35, Orb: 0 deg. 46 min.

Your energy intends to lead people, not scare the bedookies out of them. Realize that others unknowingly cluster around your energy field. They wait for the invitation to come inside for cookies and milk. So when you let them in, no need to “play” with their minds. While you appreciate the trickster spirit, you are better being the sage who teaches how to perceive over the next hill. Your method of energy sharing is to extend the reach of energy beyond the known. Get a “feel” for what lies ahead. You possess a clarity of how energy really works. Create some physical energy perceiving exercises for the doubting ones. Feel energy and gravity. Then maybe, they can see what they’re doing with you. You can translate energy to others using science as a template. Regardless, your job is to reveal the cobweb nature of energy that people weave without even knowing it. Reach into those high corners, you know the ones – they’re the ones closer to the Heavens.

Sun Conjunct 3U 1322-42, Orb: 2 deg. 03 min.

Collision of will versus the collision of consciousness underwrites what appears to be a simple battle of egos. Actually, don’t you really aspire for total collusion that seeks a higher outcome, not the usual debris? The gravitational attraction you emanate can draw in most people, regardless of compatibility. You know in your heart of hearts that you don’t want to be with those that don’t want to be with you. Take copious notes of the nature of conflict and attraction. Though your peculiarity is intriguing, that does not make the soul parity you need for entering connections with vulnerability. Otherwise, the relationship disturbs you and disturbs others. Simply, the energy of the situation knocks the emotional responses out of context. Overreaction becomes common. Knowing that tendency, focus upon an agreement of understanding to determine as to whether or not there can be a real joining of forces. Should such alignment not occur, cut losses and move on. If so, join up. Remember, your find your real comrades by revealing your nature.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct A 0538-67, Orb: 2 deg. 20 min.

“Self-esteem cannot be taught,” so you claim. It must be an experience from within. Both true. You also suggest that affirmations no matter how many, how potent or how rapidly recited cannot fill the black hole void of one who does not think well of her/himself. Also true. So how are you going to transmit the essence of knowing one’s self to those without a clue? Do you remember how you did it? First, you made an effort to become aware of the fact that everything living – including yourself – emanates vital energy. You then felt your own energy, possibly by just moving your hands back in forth in front of you. You recognized the potency of your essence. And when it felt good, it felt very, very good. You savored and stored those moments of knowing your energy. This process actually transcended thought. No longer did you need to think about your potency. You knew it. Open the door and lead the way for others to share in the simple energy of self illumination – without a word, without a thought.

Mercury Conjunct APR 220, Orb: 0 deg. 33 min.

Your words echo your thoughts with rich energy and brightness. Everything you say can be illuminating. It seems as though your silver tongue is a platinum tuning fork resonating a chord in the chest or belly of others. Your mission only seeks to spread the light of understanding. Sometimes this effort requires shining your flashlight into dusty corners, dank cellars and directly into persistent shadows. While this might not be fun, it seems helpful. There is a sense that in this resonance answers can be found that unlock psychological woes. There’s another impetus that encourages the full use of resources. Go ahead and open that hope chest of yours. Review it every now and then. The reminder resets the hopeful aspiration. Asking the question, “Do you remember?” works wonders. It unleashes the wonder of what this lifetime intends to become. It recollects what you want that you feel fills your soul. Do remember that this process is best studied at home before you take it into the field.

Asc. Conjunct NGC 3034, Orb: 0 deg. 39 min.

While you might be known as the most gracious host/hostess, cook or party giver, little do the people in attendance know you did all that work for your own benefit. Sure you did. You love having these people over. You love watching people marvel at the way you can create comfort and lay out a spread. You giggle with glee at your reputation as being one who can offer good times, good cheer, good counsel and strong friendship. And, of course, equal and opposite reciprocation is expected. Is that clearly known? Your feelings might get hurt if you extend yourself beyond your means, physical or energetic. If others fail to offer ample gratitude you feel let down. Seems like a good start in these situations would be creating clear agreements as to: “I’ll do Friday’s gathering. You can do the one on next Wednesday.” Clarity of emotional expectation and support helps you in all interactions. Others will be glad to comply. Really they want to keep you motivated to do what you do so well.

Sun Conjunct NGC 4945, Orb: 2 deg. 31 min.

Your aim is true, regardless of your motive. Ultimately, you want a straight and narrow view, which just might mean arch your back – you know like the scorpion does. Body posture permits your basic energy flow to occur naturally, without inhibition. Then you know you’re pure and polished. Surely, your base surge is more than most folks. No need to judge your energy. Judging the motive might not be so bad. Better yet, intend carefully. The effort is for intent to support your basic energy. Then, you needn’t worry about your ulterior agendas. You are a Scorpio, after all. There’s nothing you can do with that. You’re working with your energy to pave an open road ahead of you. Nothing about intimidating nor conquering outside emotional nations goes with that. That out of the way, relax into your energy. Feel all the power you can muster. When your power flows, you feel serene – that is a grant only you can write for yourself.

Mercury Conjunct V* GU Mus, Orb: 2 deg. 35 min.

Pesky thoughts often hold a purpose. The annoying ideas establish the need for you to deal with junk thoughts, inferior beliefs and sagging self-esteem. This happens a lot. Many times a day the thoughts of learned behavior, previous disappointments and emotional abandonment blaze superimposed over the current reality projection view of life. Funny how the thought can so easily upset the balance you’d been feeling. Clear the decks. Use the method of shaking your head side to side in a “No” direction when dealing with these mental mix-masters. Do it until they fade. Now do whatever you do to restore the previous image of okay-ness. This process repeats each time it repeats. Will this go on forever? Probably. But clearly notice that each time it gets easier and faster. When you finally do finish this mental quest you’ll more than likely dematerialize and turn into light. In fact, that’s really what you do to each ill thought, making them well.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct V* QZ Vul, Orb: 1 deg. 57 min.

How far can the fox walk into the forest? To the center. After that, he’s headed outbound. The same is true of a black hole. Once you pass the point of attraction, you enter the realm of repulsion. This does not imply a negative reaction. It implies the point of no return and ejection. The quality of boredom, lack of challenge and disinterest might occur here. Remember though, once the fox in the forest passes the middle a good bit of forest still remains. You’ll never know, without applying your most acute sensors, what lies in that forest. Should you amble on ahead carelessly, the noise of your own steps might conceal the sounds that provide you with a full sense of what is around, willing to share in your adventure. Involvement, engagement and interaction in present tense with full awareness goes with any hike. That’s the key to forest walking. One other thing, should you elect to leave a given forest of life, withdraw your energy with you. Avoid scattering and unwitting disbursement of your spirit in places you’ve been that no longer serve you.

Heliocentric Venus Conjunct V* V518 Per, Orb: 1 deg. 48 min.

In the final analysis, you’d be very good at resolving immovable relationship stand-offs. The solution you’d offer would simply be that of having each person in conflict physically stand where the other person does. You’d have each describe what they see and what’s different about the view. This idea translates into being able to shift just enough to loosen the knot. Perspective and point of view prevail. In any relationship that’s where you place the most emphasis – on your own point of view. In fact, you’re very likely to become one of those, “walk a mile in the other person’s moccasins,” sort of person. You’re aware of the time it takes to walk that mile. You’re also more aware of the time saved by empathy, understanding and responsiveness. In the long run, it’s a shorter journey to include these attributes. Study how people think. When someone comes at you with a comment that appears to have no connection to anything, ask how they got there. Take time to trace your own sequence of thoughts – sometimes share the end thought and the journey leading to the conclusion. These might head off potential perceptual conflicts at the pass.

Mars Conjunct 3U 1820-30, Orb: 0 deg. 16 min.

Short physical breaks contribute to your daily routine in a very positive way. Should you step outside for fresh air or lie down for a ten minute cat nap, that’s not cheating. These methods restore your clear headed-ness, which ensures you have the momentum for the task at hand. You might initially believe this need to be a weakness. When tired, you force yourself to work out. While this produces energizing endorphins, it also fakes out the system into believing it has more energy than it does. Even computer batteries need regular recharging. Take notes. The requirement to honor your most basic physical needs dominates your life plan. You often refer to the idea that a tired athlete functions instinctively in her/his best zone. True, but those who do not take the time to monitor what they’ve got left could collapse. Nothing is more embarrassing that admitting to the masses you don’t have it. Restore yourself whenever necessary. It is a valiant face-saving deed to do so.

Mars Conjunct GS 1826-238, Orb: 2 deg. 33 min.

Your energy surges every single time you recognize another thing to do. Since you’re of the “Immediately clear your desk,” people, you press yourself to take care of this one last bit of paper. Chance suggests that in these surge waves you hurry. When you hurry, well, you know the rest. You end up dedicating more significant time to correcting the matter later. It all seems so counterproductive then. Consider the idea that the attention grabbing item only requires enough focus to write it on the list of things to do. Ask the simple question, “Is there enough time available to complete this task with precision, efficiency and competence?” Asking the question implies you’ll take time to hear the answer. Otherwise, the question becomes a waste of irreplaceable temporal resources. You come to learn the maximum use of your energy factoring in efficiency. Regrettably, the insights unfold from trial and error. Thankfully, you do not have to make the same action/energy mistakes ever again.

Mars Conjunct LS5039, Orb: 2 deg. 13 min.

Chilling your jets offers an operational idea for you. How can you keep your thrust at maximum, stay targeted with it, while ensuring that no overheating occurs? For one thing, focus on the motive behind your actions and efforts. Why are you doing this thing? There exists a clear, obvious answer. However, you possess an added awareness as to whether or not there might be an additional motive as well. Only you know for sure. As far as you’re concerned, you’re the only one needing to know. It’s fairly immaterial for everyone else. There’s a strategy all right. While your efforts claim an immense altruism, for instance, you might also be quite gratified with the way you’ve found to make a lot of money. Which motive comes first? As long as you maintain your energy in win-win situations, does it matter? That depends upon you. Should you locate a conflict, that’s when you become likely to overheat and shoot off on odd, tangential concerns of no merit. When you see your personal needles closing in on redline, reset the solid feeling deep in your bones of performing only in meritorious ways.

Mars Conjunct V4641 Sgr, Orb: 0 deg. 11 min.

Before setting a fractured bone, a clear picture of the physical state of the bone would be desirable. Otherwise you could cast something that would cause less than optimum range of motion later in life. The purpose of the correction submits to defeat. Before taking any action, realizing your natural responsiveness to time constraints ensures ample clarity. Chances are you’ll also require several points of view – just like a bare bones revealing X-ray. Slight hesitation and analysis supports your quests. Study your energy as well. Are you a burst of speed kind of person – or can you run a long race without fatiguing? Whichever it is, know it. Regardless of your determination, another critical fact remains: you require intense recharge times. Sleep, rest or meditation intervals cannot be compromised. If they are, the muscle structure surrounding bones weakens making your basic physical structure unnecessarily vulnerable. It is a physical world. Now the rest is up to you.