Envionment Therapy Report English

Environment Therapy Report – Sample Printout: English

For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Your Environment Therapy Report provides an astrological analysis of what you are likely to experience in the cities and towns that you selected. The astrological influences are listed very approximately in an order from strongest to weakest, so that the information provided earlier in the report has a more powerful effect on you than the information provided later in the report.

“Environment Therapy” refers to the ways in which different geographic regions affect our attitudes and behaviors and even our physical health, and how we can use this information to enhance our well being and health. Some of us feel rejuvenated at the beach or we feel more alive, enthusiastic, and energetic in certain cities, or we feel a need to periodically hike mountain trails. In different ways different environments are therapeutic for us.

Also note that you may prefer a particular beach, hiking trail, or city more than another even though there may be no obvious tangible reason for why this is so. One person visits Chicago and loves it, and another person with similar tastes and proclivities visits Chicago and finds that nearly every other city is preferable. We react differently to different locations, and one can never be certain how a given person will respond to a particular place. There seems to be a certain kind of chemistry that develops between a person and certain geographic regions just as there is a special chemistry between people. This is where the astrological influences may be relevant. The astrological influences may be able to indicate how we function in different locations.

Of course the demographics of people living in the area, the climate, topography, etc. of an area are vitally important, and the astrological influences are not the only factor that determines how we function in a given place! However, it is possible that astrological influences do play a part in how we experience different places.

Astrology is a controversial subject. One reason for the controversy is that astrology has not yet been scientifically validated. Until astrology is validated it is wise to regard astrological information with some caution or skepticism. Also, you should consult a physician or other health care professional if you are experiencing a physical problem! Although astrology has not been validated scientifically, many people do find astrological information to be useful and hopefully you find the information provided in this report to be helpful to you in finding a place that is most conducive to good health, and ways in which you can be as healthy as possible in whatever place you are located.

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1: ATLANTA, GEORGIA 33N44’56” 84W23’17” 27 CN 53 16 AR 45

Asc Sextile Uranus (Orb:0 Deg 41 Min)

In this area you are able to explore, discover, and innovate. You are not likely to get stuck in a rut. This is a good place for you to become open and involved with new things. The fresh stimulation and insight keeps life interesting and is good for your health. Crystallized or rigid attitudes and physical conditions can be loosened up. In this area you are likely to stretch, both mentally an physically, and you are more flexible. You are willing to experiment and try new things.

MC QuadNovile Uranus (Orb:0 Deg 27 Min)

A good place to discover new creativity and inspiration for your career and life work.

MC=Sun/Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 08 Min)

Your life tends to be fast-paced and periodically take unexpected turns. There is lots of excitement and activity for you in this area. This is often enjoyable, but it can also be hard on your body. Make sure that you sleep well and maintain some regularity in your life.

MC=Mercury/Venus (Orb:0 Deg 47 Min)

It is very likely that you will read, write, or speak a great deal in this area. Your literary side is strengthened, your aesthetic sensitivity is sharpened, and you develop good friendships here. You meet people who are both sensitive and intelligent, and consequently communicating with them is very easy and natural. The effect on your physical health is indirect, but is positive and inclines you to have good health. You are likely to be involved in normal, constructive, healthy activities that require a combination of careful analysis and aesthetic sensitivity. These activities establish an environment in which you can enjoy a healthy and constructive life.

MC=Mercury/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 09 Min)

In this area you are likely to be able to solve problems and, for example, obtain a diagnosis or analysis of a situation that is able to identify the root cause of a situation. This is also a good place for psychotherapy and family therapy.

Asc=Mercury/Saturn (Orb:2 Deg 23 Min)

Mental concentration and focus are good here. You might find yourself reading extensively or studying in this location. However, you may also find that you are unable to communicate as openly and freely with others as you would like. Communications seem to break down periodically. It is best for you to be involved with people with whom you are able to work through the logic of a situation and use critical thinking skills to better understand a subject. You may find that you are gravitating away from vague thinking, and you seek clarity more than you do in other places. By having friendships with people with whom you can carefully analyze situations and have a respectful appreciation of one another’s intelligence and views, you are able to feel more centered and productive. A failure to achieve this can result in headaches or other physical symptoms.

Asc=Saturn/Neptune (Orb:2 Deg 21 Min)

This area inspires you to make real changes to align your life with very deep and honest spiritual ideals. Consequently, you can grow as a person here and direct your energies to higher purposes. However, strive to make the changes gradually so that your body can adapt. For example, changing from being a meat eater to a pure vegetarian overnight is difficult for the body and may not be healthy. Very often the body has to learn and grow into new habits. The real shift in direction that your life wants to take requires courage and common sense. Keep in mind also that simple changes you make in your life style can have more profound effects than you may realize. Handled properly, your health does not need to be negatively affected here, but it does require proper handling. Too often this astrological influence results in at least temporary lowered resistance to disease and feelings of weakness or listlessness. By building new habits and working to align your life with your ideals, these negative tendencies do not need to occur.

2: NEW YORK, NEW YORK 40N42’51” 74W00’23” 9 LE 30 27 AR 48

IC Novile Venus (Orb:0 Deg 15 Min)

A good place to feel loved, appreciated, and to feel special. Others are able to see something beautiful in you, and likewise you see special, beautiful qualities in others.

IC QuadNovile Saturn (Orb:0 Deg 40 Min)

A good place to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of family members and loved ones. A place where you can feel that your contributions to the community are important. A good place for social work and assisting others.

MC=Moon/Mars (Orb:1 Deg 28 Min)

In this geographic area you strive to achieve your goals and you can become impatient with people and situations that distract you from your interests. If you are athletic, this is a good place for you to train and compete. However, too much attention on competition can lead to a hot and fiery temperament. If you find yourself becoming angry, keep in mind that even a quiet, seething anger is destructive both psychologically and physically. If you cannot find a way to channel this energy well, then spending some time in another location may help.

Asc Trine Saturn (Orb:2 Deg 21 Min)

Your self-control, capacity for discipline, and focus on things that are most important to you is very strong in this area. You are likely to find that you are able to diet, exercise, and build a healthy routine more easily here than you can in other areas. Consequently, your health tends to be good. In this area you are also likely to have trustworthy friends.

Asc Novile Venus (Orb:1 Deg 26 Min)

A good place to feel loved, appreciated, supported, and healed.

3: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 34N03’08” 118W14’34” 28 GE 44 10 PI 03

Asc Square Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 32 Min)

You will meet some very interesting and unusual people in this area. There is also a tendency for relationships to change. Plans are also not likely to turn out as expected while you are in this area. People may move or other situations arise that change the original plan. Some psychologists emphasize that an increased number of changes in our lives increases stress levels, and high stress levels are associated with increased risk of health problems. If you are unable to build a feeling of stability and security in this area, you might consider relocating. On the other hand, if the spontaneity and changes are agreeable, this will help you from getting stuck in a rut.

Asc BiNovile Venus (Orb:0 Deg 40 Min)

A good place to feel loved, appreciated, supported, and healed.

MC=Venus/Jupiter (Orb:0 Deg 20 Min)

You are likely to have less financial stress in this location than in other places. This reduced stress is good for your health and in this location you tend to be content, to have many friends, and acquaintances, and to have a nice home. You may also gain some unwanted weight and be less disciplined, but you can counteract this tendency by building regular times for enjoyable exercise into your routine.

Asc=Venus/Saturn (Orb:1 Deg 08 Min)

You might find some of your relationships becoming more like an obligation than a joy and blessing in your life. If this happens, the lowering of inner enthusiasm and joy eventually can affect your health. On the positive side, this is a place where you face responsibilities to others and yourself, and you can, for example, lose extra pounds that you would like to shed. However, if you find there is little real joy for you in this location, then you need to find a way to change this.

Asc=Saturn/Pluto (Orb:0 Deg 48 Min)

There is a severe and demanding quality to life here. Some things from your past may be ripped away from you. You need to rebuild and have a rebirth into a new life here. There may be a loss of luxuries and even things that are not so easily dispensed with. This is a good place to become more disciplined and focused, and to learn how to sacrifice and to be resourceful. This is not likely to be a place where you can settle down and feel that you are being nurtured and supported, and able to become stronger and healthier. On the other hand, if other astrological influences in this location do give these qualities, then this may be a place where you can live an extremely simple life and be healed. You become more self-reliant here.

MC=Moon/Uranus (Orb:0 Deg 57 Min)

You are likely to have some friends that you enjoy laughing with. Certainly you have good times here, but there is also a likelihood of some instability. You may move often or find that you are constantly making changes, or perhaps your neighbors change, or other surprises occur regularly. You may also find yourself sometimes feeling like you are spinning around too fast, and this can lead to an upset stomach or headache. If it feels like there is too much going on, then set some priorities to keep things in balance.

Asc Sextile Jupiter (Orb:2 Deg 38 Min)

Excellent opportunities in your career, vocation, or business pursuits. Doors open for you, and you can find a good job and have a nice home life in this area. The ability to succeed without too much stress in this area is good for your health.

MC=Moon/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 41 Min)

You are likely to learn more about your early childhood, your parents, and your heritage while you live here. This is a good place for psychotherapy and getting to the emotional root of problems. However, if you live here, you may continue dredging up the emotional past for too long, and at a certain point it is better to focus on the present. This geographic area can be good for diagnosing the root of problems, but in the long run may work against good health and have you mired in issues of bias, prejudice, mistrust, and emotional pain from past situations. If this happens, you may need to spend time at another location to move forward with your life and gain better health.

MC=Jupiter/Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 36 Min)

You are likely to achieve success in your career and work in this area. You are able to come into contact with influential people, and you benefit from these relationships and involvements. This success brings you the ability to have good health care, but you may also be inclined to be less disciplined and careful about diet and getting regular exercise. You can stay very fit in this area if you allocate time for maintaining sound health.

4: ARROYO SECO, NEW MEXICO 36N30’58” 105W34’09” 11 CN 31 23 PI 45

MC Opposition Pluto (Orb:1 Deg 48 Min)

This geographic area is not one for light, easy living. All kinds of heavy deep-rooted feelings and issues arise. You are likely to discover “skeletons in the closet”, like things in your family or your ancestry that you never knew, and even things about yourself that you had not recognized. Life can become very emotionally complex and intense here. This can be a good place for personal growth or psychological therapy, but otherwise is not conducive to healing and strengthening of the body.

IC Novile Sun (Orb:0 Deg 18 Min)

A good place for vocational guidance, a sense of direction, family therapy, and other healing therapies and treatments.

MC BiNovile Mars (Orb:0 Deg 00 Min)

A good place for gaining confidence and cooperation with others. A positive place for a team effort and business meetings. Also a good place strengthening and intensive healing, such as deep tissue massage, etc.

MC=Venus/Uranus (Orb:1 Deg 07 Min)

You are likely to enjoy dance, night life, or relationships with humorous or eccentric people in this area. This liveliness keeps you from becoming too rigid, keeps life interesting, and also helps keeps you healthy. You are unlikely to have constipation or chronic tension in this location. Something seems to always loosen you up. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you have stability and regularity in your life as well, as the body needs regularity in order to work properly.

MC=Uranus/Pluto (Orb:0 Deg 50 Min)

You are inclined to impulsive actions here than you are in most other places. You tend to take more risks. This can be exciting, but it presents obstacles for maintaining optimal health. Sudden changes can suddenly change blood pressure levels, hormone balance, etc. and you put your body through a workout. Your body may not always be able to adapt, and then physical symptoms can arise. By maintaining good health habits and a regular routine that provides adequate time for sleep and exercise and a balanced diet, you can avert problems that otherwise might arise.

MC Opposition Uranus (Orb:3 Deg 27 Min)

Unexpected changes and a lack of continuity and regularity in your life can make this area difficult for health-related issues. Strive to maintain good sleeping habits and regular routines in your life. Your body may not be able to adapt as quickly to changes you experience as quickly as you are able to adapt mentally and emotionally.

Asc Trine Mercury (Orb:2 Deg 21 Min)

You are inclined to have pleasant and enjoyable conversations and communications with others in this area. This positive communication inclines you be mentally quick and alert in this area, which is good for your nervous system as well as overall health.