Earth Mandala Sample English

Earth Mandala Specialised Natal Report –  Sample English:
by Bernie Ashman

For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia
33 N 44 56 84 W 23 17
Time Zone 5 hours West

Introduction to Earth Mandala Report:

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Interpretation of month and day of birth:

Day 301: October 28

The Sign: Scorpio

The Element: Water

The Daily Pulse: Unrestricted

The Vision:
A whale is rescued from a tight spot and set free to swim to its home, the vast ocean with unlimited miles to roam.

The Earth Energy Oracle:
A day when the universe is saying to be very concentrated on your objectives, as the energies are very unpredictable.

The Karmic Path:
If you were born on this day, in past lives you did not want to answer to anyone. You were a definite free spirited type. It was not easy to obey any rules. You often lived outside of mainstream society. Where was the rub? It came down to either inconsistent actions or being totally disruptive. It was not the rebellion that was the real problem. Having no overall purpose or enlivening goals thwarted your creativity. A sense of frustration resulted when you lost your way. You would spin in circles.

The Challenge:
The underlying shadow was a confused sense of identity.

The Resolution:

The Opportunity:
Have you observed that when you make valuable connections with people that your life contains more opportunities? You can still be the individualist. Having unique ideas is what you do in an incarnation. You become a stimulating force that attracts attention when you believe in your ideas. It is the sprit of creating harmony and cooperation that actually adds to your power. If you fight with everyone eventually this wears you down. You have a good feel for future trends. Being an innovator is a natural part of your self-expression. Power comes to you when you tap into the invisible forces of life. Tune into your intuition, and your self-mastery levels rise quite high.

The Professional Passion:
You liked to freelance and did not like to stay in one job environment too long to avoid boredom. Your mind needed to stay challenged and have enough room to put your own style into your work.

The Relationship Energy:
You liked few strings attached in your connections with people. Spontaneous individuals liked you better because they were not as disturbed by your sudden change of directions. Authority figures did not know what to do with you. Your friends liked your unpredictability. They were usually an unconventional bunch though conservative types oddly enough often liked you when they appreciated your energy. Lovers either enjoyed your independent ways or it made them nervous. They needed to be able to think for themselves. Your most successful romances were a combination of a lover being a friend as well. Your favorite soul mates demonstrated fast thinking minds and knew how to keep their distance enough to make you stay interested in them.

The Seasonal Influences:

Spring sent you to greener pastures. You relocated often here and expressed quite an adventurous side. Future goals called strongly, asking you to make good on them now.

Summer awakened your intuition. You sensed new directions, whether acting on this instinct or not. Romance caught fire, as did a search for greater meaning.

Fall spoke to your creative drive. Ambition was accelerated as though there was no tomorrow. You fought for your ideas. Rebellious ways increased.

Winter got you to slow down sometimes and get rooted. You tried to regain your focus if it was lost. Faith in a higher power or tapping into invisible forces grew in importance.