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Like our own western astrology, Chinese astrology uses twelve different signs or symbols to define twelve basic categories of human being. Similarly to western astrology, the Chinese system uses a person’s birth date as the basis for his sign, so in some ways the two systems are alike. Now, let’s have a look at how they differ.

Our own astrological signs are monthly. Each of our signs has a different heaven-inspired mythological name and corresponds to a period equivalent to a single Sun cycle. If you were born in the Sun cycle period labeled Aquarius, then in western astrological terms you are an Aquarian. Chinese zodiacal signs are yearly. Each Chinese sign has a different animal name and corresponds to a period equivalent to an entire Chinese calendar year. If you were born in a yearlong period which the Chinese label the Dragon Year, then in Chinese astrological terms you are a Dragon. Simple? Yes.

Chinese astrology is so simple that you need only know the year of your birth to find out which of the twelve signs is yours. But there is one tricky aspect to consider. The Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. This holiday can occur as early as mid-January or not until late February. If you were born in either January or February, that is, if you are either Capricorn or Aquarius in western astrology, you need to know whether you were born before or after the Chinese New Year. This interpretation has calculated that information for you.

The Chinese animal symbols are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. These animals always appear in the same order. Since the beginning of recorded Chinese time, 2637 B.C., the animal sequence has recurred faithfully every twelve years. It always begins with the Rat and ends with the Pig. And to make things even more convenient for us Twentieth-Century Westerners, 1900 was a Rat year. That means that the next Rat year was 1912 and 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984 were all Rat years. Anybody born in any of these years is a Rat.

Chinese astrology, in one form or another, was widely used all over the Orient from the fortieth century B.C. It became especially popular between 2953 and 2838 B.C. under the Emperor Fu Hsi and again under Shen Nung, who was born in the twenty-eighth century B.C. The zodiacal system and its philosophies as we know them today were codified by Ta Nao, an able minister of Emperor Huang Ti, born about 2704 B.C. It was made official in 2637 B.C. and was formally inaugurated, as were other historical events, at the sixtieth anniversary of the same popular Emperor Huang Ti’s accession to the throne. For forty-six centuries thereafter, this system was used as the national standard and touched on all state affairs in China.

People born in Pig years are all somewhat naive and hate to say no; Rats are aggressive and talkative; Dogs loyal and ardent, Snakes altruistic and attractive; Dragons healthy and noisy; Horses independent and pragmatic; Goats dependent and creative and have no sense of time; Oxen slow and eloquent; Tigers rash and magnetic; Cats flee conflict and love tradition; Monkeys are entertaining and give lots of presents; Roosters are resourceful and bossy and adore clothes.


Yin and Yang are the two main opposite but equal Chinese philosophical forces. The power of Yin is sometimes interpreted as passive, female, docile, receptive and society-oriented. Conversely, the Yang energy is said to be aggressive, male and socially indifferent. To the Chinese, everything in life is either Yin or Yang, and the trick to achieving harmony is knowing how to balance Yin and Yang so they operate in synergy rather than clash.

According to Chinese thought, any circumstance in the universe – a rainstorm, a night of love, a child taking its first steps, a wobbly bedstead, a frantic phone call, a dish of steaming pasta, a traffic accident, a dancing bride and groom or a washing-line in the sunlight – is the direct result of an energy balance or imbalance between Yin and Yang.


To allow for movement to occur and bring about change, Chinese philosophy calls upon the five elements as agents of change and reaction. Change, the Chinese think, derives from the influence of the five main elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – on the basic Yin or Yang energies. Like in the old rock, paper, scissors game, each of these five Chinese elements has the ability to control and/or destroy the previous element, and is capable of producing the element that directly follows it. In the regenerative cycle of the elements, Water engenders Wood. Wood begets Fire. Fire burns to Earth. Earth creates Metal and Metal gives way to Water.

Wood is characterised by the colour green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood’s influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.

Wood, in its turn, can create and nourish Fire. Fire’s signatory color is red. Fire is hot weather, satisfaction of nature, aridity and dust. The tongue and the small intestine are the centres of attention in the Fire person’s body. Fire makes heat, which either warms or burns. The Fire person must constantly seek to balance a tendency to explode and possibly destroy, against a desire to create coziness and warmth. Passionate by nature, this impatient, ebullient person must strive to keep his flame under control.

Earth is created from the ashes of the Fire. Now we are in the soothingly satisfying late summer cycle. Earth’s favorite colour is yellow, which represents the equanimity between beginnings and. endings. The weather of Earth is mild or temperate. In the human body, Earth influences spleen, pancreas and mouth. Earth’s two opposite but equal forces which need to be kept in constant balance are enhancing and smothering. On the one hand Earth gives care and allows for growth and improvement. On the other, Earth buries roots and snuffs out breath. Earth people are gifted for fairness and have the ability to commit themselves to protracted projects and complete Herculean tasks with ease. They must struggle against a penchant for worry.

The Earth grows Metal in her veins. Metal says white and autumn. Metal is cool, crisp weather. Metal’s effect on the body centres in the lungs and respiratory system. It only secondarily rules the large intestine and the nose. Metal people like to communicate. They need to keep discord and harmony in constant balance. Metal signifies the onset of winter. Its influence can sometimes add sadness or gloom to an astrological chart. Two of Metal’s emotional forces are melancholy and romance. I see Metal as Wagnerian. Metal people must guard against a tendency to wallow in nostalgia.

Lastly, Metal begets Water – groundwater trickling its way through layers of the Earth’s core. Water’s colour is blue. Its season is full-blown winter. Water is always moving, fluid, and mutational. In our bodies, water’s influence affects our plumbing systems, the kidneys and the bladder. The ear, too, comes under the spell of Water. Hence people born in Water-ruled years are frequently musical. They pick up on everything. Be it good or bad, they never miss a vibe. Water-ruled creatures are always very sensitive and sometimes even mentally fragile. The downside of Water’s influence, then, is a stressful nervousness. To balance that fidgety, squeamish, overly sensitive side, Water endows its subjects with the noblest quality of all, kindness and sympathy. Sometimes too permeable, the Water-ruled must take precautions against drowning in the chagrin of those they see as less fortunate than themselves.

So, the five elements cause the commotion and are responsible for creating and maintaining both balance and imbalance – for moving things around and making life interesting. These purveyors of change can be controlled or not, depending on how one manages them.

Each animal year of the Chinese zodiac has been assigned one of the five elements. The elements each turn up twice in the cycle going away for another ten years. The five elements are always presented in the above order. Once we know this, we can understand how the elements directly affect us and pertain to individual characters.

The elements work by governing each animal sign once through the sixty-year “century” You will not come across a Water Horse more than once in sixty years. This fact alone accounts for sixty different basic character or destiny types. Further, when a learned Chinese astrologer draws up a chart for an individual person according to the Chinese astrological system, he takes into consideration the month and the season, the time of day and the type of weather on the day of birth as well as certain astral configurations at the moment of birth. In all, good Chinese astrologers deal with a base of no less than 512,640 different possible personality charts. This means that only two people in a million stand a chance of being born with identical destinies.



Noble and fearless, you are respected for your courage and dreaded for your ferocity and incessant intemperance. Like a raging torrent, you constantly overflow your banks. Where are you going in such a hurry? Can’t you take a peek before you pounce? Slow down, practice moderation. Stop being so heartbreakingly attractive. It’s exhausting. For us. And for you.

People find you so dashing and plucky that they often want to climb aboard and go along for the ride. You never want for companionship. But you, Tiger dear, are a swashbuckling loner. The top is the only place you want to be. You court danger. The fiercer the enemy, the more dramatic and calamitous the situation, the broader grows your Tigerish grin. But watch out! Your changeability, disdain for rules, self-sufficiency, and devil-may-care jauntiness could be your undoing.

In matters of the heart you are too demanding. But you certainly aren’t boring. You get on best with devoted Dogs, who espouse your causes. Independent Horses will be able both to love you and stay off your case. Complicitous Dragons find loving you quite endlessly scrumptious. Monkeys admire you, but remember, Monkeys can be tricky. Whatever you do, don’t take up with a tempestuous Tiger like yourself. You are unusually lucky, but not that lucky.

You’ll breeze through your youth. But by the age of thirty-five, half a lifetime’s excesses may start to catch up with you. Call yourself to order by age forty and when you reach fifty you’ll be young again, ready for a productive old age. A piece of advice? Go ahead and take the job as a five-star general, but choose your lieutenants wisely. You will be needing all the loyal counsel you can get.


Lasting symbols have special powers. Enhance your self-image. Live surrounded with tangible signs of your own identity. Make these symbols known to your friends and loved ones. Use them often and they will bring you luck, security and a feeling of personal worth.


Your best color is bright red, flower is carnation, fragrance is jasmine, tree is sycamore, flavor is sweet, birthstone is ruby, and lucky number is 7.


Your favorite food is fruit pie, animal is the tiger, drink is lemonade, spice is cinnamon, metal is gold, herb is thyme, and musical instrument is the trumpet.


On your best behavior, Tiger, you are a lovable, alluring, warm-hearted, altruistic, honorable, hard-working, pleasant, independent, engaging, dynamic and idealistic sweetie pie.

When you act up (which is often), you are a rash, hotheaded, reckless, infatuate, quarrelsome, caustic, moody, predatory, rebellious, disobedient, and irreverent rascal.

You are an awe-inspiring Tiger: a doer, a mover, a shaker and an accomplisher of world-class projects. Because of your unusual accessibility and ease of manner, people almost immediately love you. They are attracted by your magical aura, enthralled by your charm, enchanted and impressed by your fun-filled lifestyle. They drink it all in. Your benevolent Tiger nature goes down like a wondrous potion, guaranteed to cheer people up, designed to make them believe in a better life, and certain to involve them up to their chins in the most sensational methods of survival known to man.

You are the “enfant terrible” of the Chinese zodiac. You are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places.

When you don’t get the full spotlight, you act up like a naughty child. You cause trouble or skulk away into the dark side of your secret self and stay away for a long, long time. You are an indefatigable self-promoter and a willful, but lovable, egomaniac.

You are unpredictable which makes you exasperating and hard to read or pin down. You are notorious for stumping your friends and enemies by blinding them with gestures of kindness and hospitality, followed by a cool denial of contact for weeks at a time. Nobody ever knows just where you are when. You have too many phone numbers and can never be reached. You are an ultra-social being, but you work best alone, prowling and stalking your prey in the dark night of this gnarly forest we call Life.

Afraid of nothing, you charge around the world at a pace more appropriate to satellite shrapnel re-entering the atmosphere. No one can stop you and no one can ever get through to you. Tigers are rarely at home. You are peripatetic to a fault. You are erratic, sending out mixed messages that can drive your family and associates mad with insecurity.

No excuses: you are often hard to locate and difficult to confine to regulations, and you like it that way. You feel that it is not your fault if you aren’t at home; it’s everyone else’s fault for expecting you to be there. You are strong, brave and sure to get things done, but you cannot be counted on to adhere to schedules meant for mere mortals. Tigers are pathologically independent.

Furthermore, you hate to be scolded. Hence you flatly refuse to accept “friendly” observations or allow for constructive criticism concerning your gadabout lifestyle. You fly off the handle at the slightest reproof or disapproval. Tigerish disdain for hierarchies, status, snobbery, and social strata is fierce. When in full rebellion against fusty systems and censorious rigidity, you are at your harshest. Watch your ego. When it is threatened, you may fling some very muddy language around and you will spare nobody’s feelings.

You are not quite as dramatic as Dragons, but you are just as wild and twice as vengeful. You are not nearly so tricky as Monkeys, nor as stolidly obstinate as Oxen, but you are three times the strategist of either and at times almost as unreasonable as the most stubborn Ox. You are not Schwarzenegger strong, Rambo tough, or gangster dangerous. No. You are strong because you feel strong. You’re close-to-the-ground muscular, yet streamlined and linear. You’re always on the alert, taut, ready to spring and pounce at a split second’s notice. Underneath that luxuriant striped coat, you are all sinew and power, gristle and brawn.

Still, you are a really nice person. Despite your sharpened claws and razor fangs, you are noble. You don’t tolerate evil. You are anti nastiness. You are a ghost buster, natural-born exorcist, and banisher of evil spirits. The Chinese claim that having a Tiger in the house keeps it forever safe from fire, thieves and ghosts. Would it be wise, then, for us to resist your tireless insistence on having your own way?

You are not an easy-going lightweight. No matter your size, shape or persuasion, you take up acres of emotional space. Even at your gentlest, you are neither house pet nor casual acquaintance. Nobody who has more than a howdy-do acquaintance with you is ever able to slough you off with an indifferent shrug. You need attention, lots of it. You want to work, play, make love, converse and interact in all sorts of ways. You are just plain there. Nobody says, “Shut up.” Or “Go and lie down on your blanket,” to you and lives to tell the tale. By nature, you do not remain in the background, so people have to either love you adoringly or hate and reject you.(and they will)

You are somehow spiritually invasive. You demand unflinching devotion to your endless causes and sympathy for your countless woes. Sometimes it seems as though you were put on earth to force everyone else to make choices, pass judgments, take sides and prove or disprove their loyalties.

With you, there is no middle ground. Intensity is a word that might have been invented to describe the Tiger’s state of mind. You are constantly involved in stormy litigations or tense power struggles in which you frequently lack reserve or employ good sense. You need wise allies to stay your hand as you tend to get too feisty too soon. If you have opted to be someone’s friend, you want them to take your side against the bad guys, and, because you are so winning and adorable and fair of mind, they often do.

Not many people can stand having you around all the time. You need space and so do the others. Like all cats, you are territorial. Your house is your domain and can be a minefield of disputes, breaches of contract and stormy family battles. You nearly always stand your ground. Faced with your adversaries’ most outrageous claims and accusations, and even the threat of disrepute or eviction, you stay put. You don’t seem to care what people think of you. No long-term, Ox-like, wait-and-see solutions for you. You act on impulse to protect your territory. Your actions are directly connected to your emotions. If someone yells at you, you yell right back.

You scoff at jeopardy. Indeed, you have an unhealthy penchant for risk-taking. You get involved in zany schemes, major humanitarian tasks, or world-scale projects that nobody else in their right mind would try to accomplish in two lifetimes.

You have no fear of the results of your recklessness. You’ll enter battle on a hunch, fight like a Tiger and sometimes even lose. If you do lose and the world crumbles around you, you will be crushed, but not for long. Soon you will bound from your bed, leap into the car and race off to blaze a new trail.

You are capable of enormous sacrifice in return for the special attention you require from others. If you love someone and feel that your love is amply reciprocated, you will crawl on your knees through the snows of Siberia to reach that person’s bedside. You know no bounds anywhere. And that’s just the trouble. You don’t just DO things. You over DO them.

Partly because of your inability to see danger until it hits you squarely in the solar plexus, you have a reputation for being foolhardy. You will rise to any challenge you feel is worthy of your august attention. You simply don’t perceive danger the way other signs do. You will toy with a grenade the way cats play with a half-dead mouse. You prowl around it, pretend to ignore it, walk away, come back, tease it with your paw, give it a nudge with your snout and finally stick your nose right in it, touching and prodding it insistently. But the grenade doesn’t explode. No wonder the Chinese teach us that the Tiger is lucky.

Sometimes this streak of good fortune abandons you. When you court danger just a bit too offhandedly, you occasionally fall down dead (Remember Marilyn Monroe? Natalie Wood? Oscar Wilde? Isadora Duncan?)

You thrive on excess and are a potential burnout case. You are an excitement addict. You love to uncover obscure laws, delve into dark places and locate exceptional people. Once located, you pursue your cherished prey with the spontaneity of a pot of milk boiling over. And speaking of milk, you can often be found paddling around in puddles of spilt milk.

You are incorrigibly contrary. The only way you ever learn is the hard way. You have to be at death’s door before you accept moderation. Defiance is your middle name.

You reinvent your life every single day. Because of your low boredom threshold, you strive to escape sameness and avoid routine. You will very likely move to a new home at least five times in your adult life. Any self-respecting Tiger will change jobs about twice that often. Your messy divorces are not necessarily countable on one hand, either. You get a kick out of change and crave upheaval. You won’t own a house for two minutes before you’re knocking down walls to make room for the new lifestyle you’ve just dreamed up.

Your delight in change can be an asset. Your rush to pounce on novel ideas and obscure notions can be perceived as amusing. No Tiger can ever be accused of being stodgy or conservative. But as a result of your taste for haste, you sometimes have trouble concentrating.

This habit of being easily distracted creates an all consuming work pattern that I like to call the “Blitz Effect.” You prefer not to take up any project that needs to be accomplished over a long stretch of time. You love to paint your fence, cook a meal, go on a hike, or write a letter. Those jobs will be cheerfully undertaken and completed with enthusiasm and immediacy. However, if a task takes too long, it might never get undertaken at all.

Does that mean you are easily bored? In a way yes because you need to feel the pulse of your projects, to sense that the goal is not too far ahead. Pressure makes you perform at your best, but as soon as the pressure eases, you flounder, lose interest, and may even forget what you were doing. You are also easily sidetracked.

As a result, your decision-making sometimes has an annoying hippity hop quality. People sometimes accuse you of procrastination. Fact is, you hold off until the “right moment” when acting on major decisions. It is actually a strategy for you to seem to hesitate, to shilly-shally about buying that house, getting married or signing the big contract. Actually, you are being cautious because you’re waiting for the most propitious moment to pounce. You know that once you have made the fatal leap, it’s impossible to turn back. It’s when the stakes are highest that you let your adversaries stew in their own juice until you feel it’s the perfect moment to strike. You are a canny strategist and seem to know instinctively when the iron is hottest.

Because you are also addicted to urgency and always rushing to get things done, you often have to work alone. Associations, group or team projects are ill advised. You have a low tolerance for inertia, endless or useless meetings, laziness, bossiness, lack of focus, or any deficiency. In your impatience, you simply wrench the helm from the unsuspecting hands of a partner and decide, willy-nilly, to go it alone.

You are a master of rash moves, hasty decisions, and ill-advised associations. So when you take hasty steps, you frequently find yourself in piranha-infested hot water. You are altruistic as well. You seem to specialize in saving sinking ships and bankrupt businesses, rescuing battered wives and mistreated children. There’s a hero streak in your character. You cannot resist getting involved where someone is struggling against unjust odds. A Tiger child will want to rescue a drowning spider in the bathtub. Tiger adults never lose this habit.

Mediocrity is another of your pet peeves. You can nearly always be found hobnobbing with people from either end of the social spectrum. But you will not hang out around middle class, middle-ground, or middle-aged cocktail parties. It’s part of your all or nothing attitude. You will happily invite a homeless family to lunch or, with reckless abandon, charge into a reception at the White House. You don’t understand artificial boundaries between human beings. You are oblivious to titles, position, labels, and rank. You are not even curious about the inner workings of social class. You are drawn solely to people who have a lot of heart.

Unlike the Monkey, who is immune to the effects of treachery and can walk through a crowd of killers with impunity, you are ripe prey to danger and often fall victim to it. There is something mysterious or magical about you that causes unstable people to fixate on you, become obsessed with you, and find reasons to be jealous or envious of you. You are not easily duped because you are quite suspicious by nature. But when you believe in someone, you may follow him or her over a cliff.

Your life may be colored by disappointment. You long for allies. You need trustworthy cohorts and partners-in-crime when you pull off your daring capers. Once you have found them, you often place too much belief in your associates. When you trust too much, you sometimes find your best-laid plans undermined by those in whom you had the most faith.

You make money. Although the world’s richest billionaires are not often Tiger-born, you are not one to slack off when it comes to putting your shoulder to the wheel. You usually earn plenty. You also invest cleverly, but are more likely to build a fortune from a brand new concept that you have devised. Quick-tempered and hotheaded, you usually choose to improvise and invent creative new ways of making money rather than taking workaday jobs that only require your presence, say, on a production line. Boredom, remember, is your archenemy.

Although you usually rank on the high side of middle income, you actually have little or no respect for money. Your financial picture is fraught with devil-may-care spending, perpetual overdrafts and a shocking irreverence for debt. You may not even know how much money you have. You would be wise to let a trusted mate do the household accounts while you take an allowance to live on. As for savings, forget it. The Chinese say that the Tiger need never worry about money: just when you fear it’s all gone, more seems to arrive, as if by magic.

For most of your life, the concept of “different” means “better.” But if you stay alive until middle age, the real challenge for you is to grasp the true meaning of moderation. Rather than rushing headlong into thicket after thicket and coming up with little more than burrs on your snout, you will sensibly accept the fact that calculated preparation is the key to fine-tuning your plans of attack. In this way you bring not only your intelligence, optimism and energy to each new project, but eventually you become the engineer of your own designs.

Sooner or later, despite your fear of boredom and distaste for sameness, you will swap your virtuoso juggling of time, money, and energy for a disciplined personal management program. It is only by learning to cope with routine and sinking your eager fangs into the tedium of day-to-day that you can hope to achieve a healthy, harmonious existence.


You probably believe that you are immortal and will always remain in excellent fettle. You are not one to rush to the doctor at every wince or stitch. Nor are you prudent. You are often run down from over excitement and your highly-strung nerves teeter on the edge much of the time.

You are always tense, never on time, constantly behind schedule and racing to keep up. You like to be in a hurry. You are often in a rage over some injustice and freely engage in loud debates. You hardly ever admit or even recognize it, but you are almost always dead tired.

You were born with a very sketchy, all up or all down health pattern. You are often imprecise and scornful of routine. So it follows that you hate performing any task for the sake of mere maintenance. Most of us admit that, to a large degree, our state of health depends on how well we maintain our bodies and heed the signs of impending illness. Even though you know better, you don’t take very good care of yourself, except in spurts. You want rapid remedies and quick victories – even where health is concerned.

Blitz methods and quick results are what you know best. If you are obliged to calculate your food intake over a period of months in order to lose weight cautiously and definitively, you will find a reason not to do it. If it can’t happen fast, then it just won’t happen.

You are effective, rapid and efficient – but not always steady. You want to have beautiful straight teeth all your life, but if that means you have to brush them three times a day, use dental floss regularly and go to the dentist every six months, “Boring!” says the Tiger. Not surprising then that you frequently have serious dental problems after forty.

It is however possible for you to manage to work out alone or with a personal trainer in gyms, showing tenacity, perseverance and demonstrating amazing personal strength. You are a self-starting independent worker and will use various torture machines until your muscles are burning and your head swims. But you won’t join a team or willingly take an aerobics class. You hate groups unless you are the head honcho. Besides, joining a group activity might mean getting to the gym at a certain hour on a certain day, and that kind of adherence to collective rules rubs your tawny fur the wrong way

Slowness frustrates you. Deliberate, painstaking cohorts thwart your plan. You always feels you must blaze the trail, and you do a lot of navigating by the seat of your pants. You may miss the target and cause yourself excruciating frustration, which leads to aggression. But never mind. You always clean up your own messes and are not afraid to admit that you have been wrong. One thing is sure about you Tiger… you learn by your mistakes.

Here comes the unhealthy part. Because of your breakneck approach, sooner or later you may have to slow down or be obliged by failing health to contain your enthusiasm. Frenzied activity is often followed by total collapse, which can cause you to become depressive and even to succumb to serious diseases. You can also fall into the trap of using drugs to keep moving. Then you may have to turn to sedatives to slow you down. You may thrive on coffee and cigarettes until, one day, you find yourself flat on your back – or worse!

To avert the danger of this frantic pattern, you should practice a sport every day. Running, wind surfing, walking, biking and swimming are excellent because you can let off steam and relax your muscles. Yoga and meditation also do wonders for the tense Tiger spirit and body. You should only eat meat twice a week and stay away from carbonated soft drinks and canned foods. Fresh fruit and whole grains encourage your sluggish intestine to perform more regularly and should be eaten either half an hour before meals, three hours after a meal or just before going to bed.

The Chinese say that Tigers are given to sick headache, tic douloureux, fever, allergy and (because of your highly charged emotions) convulsions, sometimes even epilepsy. All are nerve-related disorders and stem from over-stimulation. If you wake up tired even after a good night’s sleep, you should acknowledge your limitations. If you are smart, you will cultivate the art of spending a whole day in bed once a month. Your bedside table should be equipped with all the unread books and papers you’ve been wanting to catch up on. You should keep a ready supply of unfinished projects around the bedroom so that your day of rest will not seem unfruitful (you hate sloth). A well-occupied, cozy day of recess will set you back on all fours, ready once more to attack another month or so of chronic overdoing.

Although you frequently prefer the city, you should often get away to the country. Nature calms you down. Country people are gentler than city folk and the tone of rural life won’t twang at your exposed nerves. Also, country air and outdoor physical chores will offer an outlet for your excess energy.

Most of all, you must see your doctor often. Of course, suggesting that you do this is about as effective as telling a housefly to turn into a 747 and fly to Africa. Doctors irritate you because you think they are mostly overpaid pill pushers. You admire only those who care for the poor or the suffering hungry masses. You may even believe that people who go to doctors are nothing but hypochondriacs or sissies. Get over it! And get on with seeing doctors or other healers as often as you know you should.

You are a stubbornly excessive daredevil, you undertake too much at once, you don’t want any interference, and you hate efforts at maintenance. Symptoms often go ignored. You don’t want to appear weak because you feel that you haven’t got time to be ill.


Tiger with Rat

At first meeting you two charm the pants off each other. The Rat finds you fetching and would love to show you off, while you are amused by the Rat’s vigorous chatter and lively sense of humor. But there is bound to be friction in the long run.

After the first spark of love, you two will find fault with each other. You, the rambunctious, adventurous Tiger, will forever be seeking excitement. The Rat, being more domestic, will come to hate the sight of suitcases. You stalk instability, and are tempted by danger and the prospect of having a new job every year. Everything is challenging to you. The Rat will not always find your inconsistencies appealing and will be plagued by worry. The Rat’s mental stability depends greatly on material security and, with you always job-hopping, the Rat will fret over money.

To endure, both must remember the initial reasons which drew you together. It’s likely to be called SEX. You have moreover lots to talk about and agree on many matters. If the Rat can recall how you roared attractively into his or her life, and if you can continue to appreciate the Rat’s powers of seduction, there is hope for an exciting, long-lived marriage.

Tiger with Ox

Disastrous. No matter how you slice it, this combo is in for a rocky ride. Both of you possess an iron will, backed by the power to exert it. Equally self-possessed and determined, you and the obstinate Ox are better known as rivals than accomplices. Frankly, this quarrelsome duo is best off entangled at the center of a boxing ring.

Often you jump start the Ox’s tranquil day by stirring up trouble. The stoical Ox wants only to stay close to home and work and plod on. He or she becomes exhausted trying to be patient with you. You are just too effervescent. You want to roar off to a trade union demonstration or some other exciting event. You complain about the Ox being too humdrum. The Ox, meanwhile, bullies you, accusing you of everything from incurable restlessness to insanity.

If round three takes place under the covers, there is hope for reconciliation. Your raw sensuality thaws the Ox’s glacial resistance. The inhibited Ox feels free with you. Twenty-four-hour truces may result. Even so, the union is best-suited for friendship or business partnership where dual iron wills can effect real progress. The Tiger/Ox emotional match is a tug of war. It is not romantically promising.

Tiger with Tiger

Two Tigers? Burnout alert! Tigers believe fervently in love at first sight and may pounce on each other with gusto. Yes, a Tiger tandem is full of instant enthusiasms, quick fix plans, and clever strategies. But there is a basic problem. While both Tigers are out changing the world, who’s watching the store?

There will be candlelight dinners, vibrant, witty foreplay, banter and excitement. “My place or yours?” decisions are rapidly executed. With groans, sighs, crackings of zippers, and tearing of clothes, you twin tigers are so turned on that you may never make it to the bed. You consume each other. Afterwards, you’ll sip champagne and pore over the world’s fate. Your torrid embraces then become passionate arguments. Forever in combat, a Tiger duet is but messily content.

Come morning, you two Tigers return to your respective lairs, freshen up and dash off to work. No time lost, and no extra romantic palaver to cloud the clear purpose of a busy day.

You are inveterate meddlers, always shoving your paws in where you ought to abstain. Two Tigers will contradict and wrongly advise each other all over the place, leaving no other alternative but to swim around in boiling water for the rest of your lives. Help! Perhaps you should forego marriage. A love affair will be played out in fast-forward mode and promises to be ultra dynamic. But this marriage is unlikely to be either peaceful, long-lasting or productive. And should you go through with wedlock, God help the Tiger cubs. The insecurity! The ever-changing domiciles and decors. Arrgh!

Tiger with Cat/Rabbit

A style clash. The two of you might very possibly enter into a so-called “marriage of convenience,” but underneath roils a mute tension that screams, “Get me outta here!” With a Tiger/Cat/Rabbit union, it’s the Tiger who’s doing the silent shrieking. What then? The Cat/Rabbit usually has the money, and you, who possibly even married the Cat/Rabbit for the loot, are busy having a nervous breakdown.

You live for change and victory. Cat/Rabbits dream only of peace and quiet. Get the picture? No common ground. Trying to outwit each other, you felines stealthily compete for the household throne. You go at it with typical self-serving vengeance. The Cat/Rabbit skulks around the house seeking opportunities to entrap you. Imagine, two wily cats under the same roof. You may tolerate each other; but the rhythms are off.

And… an occasional playful interlude can degenerate into a clawing, hissing brawl. Cat/Rabbits require security and build their nests with refinement and taste. You might enjoy sharing these surroundings but, unlike the Cat/Rabbit, you crave change and favor a more Bohemian lifestyle. So much do you long for freedom that you might even be tempted to grab some of the Cat/Rabbit’s dough and dash off to the Amazon, leaving only a deep skid mark outside the Swiss bank.

Even in bed, the two of you are not apt to be compatible. You are aggressive, possessing such a raw, frank, pushy sexuality that the Cat/Rabbit’s delicate sensuality is overwhelmed. The Cat requires a coaxing, seductive, slow-moving lover, and you (and your impetuousness) are ill-suited to satisfy this need.

I see the Cat/Rabbit-Tiger match as either an intense summer romance, or a long-lived “loving friendship” wherein you get together in bed once in a blue moon for old times’ sake. Marriage? Only if the Cat has a private income and protects it from your spendthrift clutches.

Tiger with Dragon

Sexed! The Tiger/Dragon love relationship bears serious consideration. Combined, your strength is almost excessive. And energy! Enough to fuel several large power plants. There is EGO flashing in red neon all over this couple. Overbearing and self-propelled, you are both a bit “too much”. But as a pair, you may just succeed.

Despite an excess of commando muscle, this combo lives peaceably together. Mutual respect and admiration offset the expected clashes. The dashing Dragon begs for constant flattery and applause. However, you sometimes find the pontificating Dragon tiresome and you grab the spotlight away. You are undaunted by fire-breathing antics. In fact, you love a good shouting match and respect a worthy opponent. The generous Dragon is amused by and tolerates your love of danger and precipitous behavior. In short, you two get along.

You not only make a sensual match with the Dragon, the two of you also carry yourselves with bravado and flair. An air of semi-madness colors everything you do. People flock to your home to bask in your auras and share in the emotional high produced by your hazardous love. Not afraid to share power, you take turns sitting on the throne, working the crowd together.

This relationship is good for marriage. Battles will be waged, but at the end of the day the force of your attraction ensures that you will be lovers for life. Entwined in your own whirlwind of passion and steamy sex, the two of you know the road to heaven. The Dragon sets you alight and you devour the dashing Dragon’s scalding hot fire. Enjoy!

Tiger with Snake

The slithering Snake and tempestuous Tiger are irresistibly drawn to each other, but this union is not encouraged. Tiger/Snake can be a disastrous alliance. As different as black and white, yin and yang, the combination just doesn’t blend. Should either of you be ill-fated enough to fall for the other, a preliminary restraining order could save you from disasters. If not, here’s what to expect:

The slow-moving Snake will inflict tremendous frustration on your psyche. Initially, you misguidedly see the enchanting serpent as quiet and submissive, and you attempt to dominate. But reptiles don’t take kindly to bullying. They(slowly but surely)retaliate.

Snakes are aloof, independent, strategic whiz kids. Haughty indifference and disdain are among their sharpest weapons. They are also given to repeated bouts of infidelity which will certainly shatter your giant ego. Your impressive tantrums can make the Snake’s calm, reflective, philosophical life miserable.

Equally magnetic, you and the Snake compete for attention. You do so aggressively, whereas the Snake slyly bewitches. At your own parties, Tiger/Snake hosts may appear quarrelsome.

You are fast and alert, Snakes quiet and slow-thinking. You are impulsive and may act heedlessly. Snakes take things at their own laid back pace and rely almost solely on intuition. The two of you may cohabit for sensual pleasure, but you don’t see eye to eye in too many areas.

Sex? You just get down to business. The Snake’s need for beautiful, romantic foreplay is frustrated and disappointed by your haste and lusty appetite. It can work. But only if you, Tiger, can learn to slow down.

Tiger with Horse

Auspicious, to say the least. Both parties have unruly natures. Individually, you are independent. You might clash, but the attraction between you is strong and so is the mutual respect. In love, you can each become wilting passion flowers of vulnerability. As a loving pair, your passion knows few bounds.

You and the Horse are equally inventive and creative. The Horse’s conservatism in family matters curbs your hotheadedness. You work hard together to raise a fine family in a proper way, yet, thanks to your rebelliousness, the kids will get some relief from the seriousness of the Horse parent’s approach.

Both of you are optimistic and strong. Usually, if a depression comes along, the Horse is up and you are down, or vice versa. There’s no boredom here either. You two are active, lusty life-grabbers. Unless one learns to be practical with money, you may have financial crises. Both of you know how to earn and both love to spend.

The initial sexual attraction is volcanic and you are both imaginative and faithful enough to keep sex exciting over the long haul. This relationship can endure.

Tiger with Goat

This union is among the worst possible known to Chinese astrologers. Although the couple may make a fabulous start (in bed), from there on it’s all downhill.

The practicalities just don’t work out. The Goat is charming, beautifully seductive, dreamy and loving. You have passion and mettle. But who will bring home the bacon? In this family, nobody wants the job. No concessions are made. The Goat remains laid back while you bombast a hole in the kitchen ceiling. What was a great passion in the beginning ends in lifelong misunderstanding and acrimony. Affairs? Yes. Marriage? Abstinence is advised.

Tiger with Monkey

The two of you make eager lovers. Initially, you will leap frequently on each other’s bones, accomplishing astonishing feats of extreme passion. In the long run, though, the ardor may die a natural death because you hate to be clung to, and the innately neurotic Monkey doesn’t know how not to cling.

The strong intellectual tug between Tigers and Monkeys frequently keeps you together anyway. You admire the Monkey’s keen eye for strategy and the Monkey enjoys and applauds your feisty wit and temerity. The Monkey gives you plenty of presents and kudos. You give the Monkey spunk and encouragement. The two of you have an easy common viewpoint and, even if you cannot keep the love flame burning, you will go far together as lifelong pals. The Chinese say that you should beware. Traditionally, the Monkey is Tiger’s natural enemy. I don’t advise marriage.

Tiger with Rooster

I don’t recommend this pair for marriage. Both parties are aggressive and opinionated; neither will back down easily. The atmosphere will be taut and most arguments one-sided. Conflicts and collisions are guaranteed to hinder the harmonious progress of this couple. You bounce back and forget every nasty word that was ever said. But Roosters carry grudges and cannot forget how badly they were treated the last time you had a row. Impasses are common.

In bed, there may be some fairly exciting fireworks, as the Rooster is imaginative and energetic enough to keep you interested. Both of you are impetuous and uninhibited lovers capable of grand gestures and profound intensity. Unless the disagreements of the day carry over into the bedroom, you are well aspected for a long, healthy sex life, without marriage.

Tiger with Dog

Harmony incarnate. Dogs and Tigers just plain get along. You have common causes and common philosophies. But you are very different. You are overly optimistic, the Dog pessimistic. Each helps the other to understand your basic character differences.

The Chinese call this pairing a happy alliance of muscle and heart. You have the strength to put the Dog’s ideals across to the public. The anxious Dog keeps watch and prevents you from leaping into the wrong battles. You are, simply, a great couple. Harmony reigns right from the start. And because you and the Dog respect each other’s deepest convictions, mutual admiration sticks you together like super glue.

In bed, you usually take the lead, which is great for the tense, nervous Dog, who often needs to be thawed out before engaging in any heavy intimacy. With time, this couple learns to blend eroticism with affection to achieve physical fulfillment. It is rare that such a marriage ends in divorce.

Tiger with Pig

The basic characters here are vastly different. Pigs are scrupulous and peace-loving. Tigers strategize every move and carry banners for their own noisy causes. Yet with the proper amount of gentle understanding from Piggy and the sort of generous reasonableness for which you are famous, the two of you can make a real go of marriage.

The Pig admires your punchy gall and you respect the Pig’s guilelessness and purity of spirit. Pigs are mostly even-tempered and good-natured, while you are pathologically changeable. The Pig finds you too mobile, but doesn’t mind staying at home and holding the fort while you rush about being self important. Instead of clashing, you two complement one another.

Your physical relationship is full of tenderness and mutual understanding. The Pig is sensual, adores pleasure, and is lavishly generous. You need a lot of affection and cherish the sort of warmth and homeliness the Pig offers your restless nature. Steamy cuddling sessions abound in the Pig/Tiger household.


What the Tiger should expect from the twelve Chinese animal years

2006, 2018 The Dog Year

Dog years are good for your cynical views and satisfy your longing for revolution. The Dog loves your zing and you admire the Dog’s keen eye for social flaws. The benevolent atmosphere this year is salutary for you, Tiger. But the road may not be paved with gold: you will have to lean into the wind and keep on chugging along. I know you won’t be tempted to give up because this is the year of renewed love. Your emotions will be bustling about getting high on the joy of romance. Have a good time. Next year you’ll have to return to Earth.

2007, 2019 The Pig Year

Remain vigilant. After the initial glow of plenty and easy comfort that characterizes this year has worn off, you may be in for some surprises in the empty pocketbook department. Relax. You can ward it all off by being more careful about spending. Pay up your credit card accounts and stop being so glad-handedly generous. Ask your family to contribute to some of the expense for that reunion you’re planning at your country place. Or, better still, pay them all individual visits instead, you know how you love change. This Pig year is conducive to luxury travel at bargain prices.

2008, 2020 The Rat Year

There’s not much fun for you this year. The Rat wants you to become as conservative as he is and learn how to stock up on everything from money to moderation. You despise being constrained and eschew the very prospect of poverty. You always imagine (and you are often right) that true hardship only happens to other people. Money does come easily to you (sooner or later). You should remain in hiding while the Rat is in power. This is low profile time. Invest your money in surefire schemes. Don’t spend any of it on frivolities.

2009, 2021 The Ox Year

You shouldn’t expect much benefit from Ox years. The stolid Ox cannot tolerate the zany, intense, emotional side of your nature, and won’t be indulgent with any pranks you think up under his reign. This year, make it easy on yourself. Steer clear of lawsuits and arguments and forget about expressing your hard-nosed opinions. Rigor and discipline will help. You don’t mind change. Why not move out of the country for the duration of the Ox year? You’ll stay out of the line of fire and reap more gain for your efforts in a peaceful setting where nobody knows or cares what you are up to.

2010, 2022 The Tiger Year

This is your life, Tiger, so enjoy! But remember what the Chinese say: your year is made easier for you by the fates because you have a duty to your future this year. In the next two years, you ought to decide how you plan to shape the next 12 years of your existence. The vibes are good for you this year. Don’t dilly-dally: use them wisely. Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of the extra portion of charm that this year lends you. Seduce and fall in love at least once.

2011, 2023 The Cat/Rabbit Year

If you have done your homework and planned well, this is the year when good things begin to take shape. You are comfortable in the business sector of your life and will attract more attention than you have been getting over the past few years. Don’t be daunted by the barriers that crop up during this period. Be patient and stick to your guns. The Cat/Rabbit’s influence is one of silent cleverness and refinement. Stay suave and cool and don’t put your paw in it. This is a good year for cosmetic surgery or self-help plans. The quiet, wily, home-loving Cat/Rabbit benefits everything concerning beauty, improvement of lifestyle, and social order.

2012, 2024 The Dragon Year

The Dragon likes you, but you will not be able to have top billing this year. You are well advised not to attempt any new breakthroughs or revolutions. The Dragon does not take kindly to competition. Be circumspect and don’t get huffy. Unwelcome change is in the air for this year, and you may lose something or someone you hold dear. My advice? Hang in there. Read a lot. Your fortunes will remain intact if you stay out of the limelight and work in harmony with the positive influence of the dashing Dragon.

2013, 2025 The Snake Year

The Snake wishes you no ill, but cannot abide your hasty, rushing-river approach to life. It makes him dizzy. You can expect a showdown in almost all of your activities. But don’t panic. Take a few trips, see some new places and learn how to coast along without taking yourself too seriously. You are a speed demon living in the year of the ponderous, philosophical Snake. Don’t expect much in the way of income, but love? Oh gosh, yes. You’ll have oodles of love in the Snake year. Love is what the Snake is all about.

2014, 2026 The Horse Year

Uh, oh! Not my favorite year for Tigers. Catastrophes and Tiger bashings are rife in these galloping years when the tone is self-congratulatory and slightly pedantic. There’s a feeling of “We did it!” in the air and an aura of gloating. Now, your job here, Tiger, is to keep your head. In general, the Horse’s influence is fine for you. But the fates are not on your side in Horse years. Don’t go taking unnecessary chances, but work at your goals with diligence. The Horse wants you to succeed. Low profile time.

2015, 2027 The Goat Year

Oh, the dissension! Goats and Tigers can get along in many ways and even like each other. Deep down, though, the Goat cannot understand you any better than you understand him. You bicker and pick at each other. It’s a rocky year for your psyche, Tiger. The Goat is in this life to bask in security so he can get on with his dreaming. You baffle the Goat with your disdain for security and your zeal for making changes. Frankly, this Goat year may bore you. Go on a few jaunts out of town. Move about. Write a book. Make a film. But stay out of the Goat’s way, or he will certainly embroil you in a pessimistic, long-winded difference of opinion.

2016, 2028 The Monkey Year

You’re going to love this year. It’s action packed with change and surprises. Besides, the Monkey really admires your pep and secretly giggles in complicity behind his paw at your incessant shenanigans. He’s a good ally for you, so you can go ahead this year with your crazy, outlandish plans and your endless plots and schemes. The Monkey’s atmosphere is there to assist you in becoming a better leader. But don’t push too hard this year. Much of what you see is superficial. This year people willingly give you a hand or even a leg up, but they won’t invest in your enterprises. Go it alone. And hurry!

2005, 20018 The Rooster Year

You get along with Roosters if you don’t try to impinge on their autonomy. Now, take heed: this year will be beneficial to you in all kinds of social ways. You will find new friends and make longstanding relationships work better. You must try to be brave, as unfortunate events could tie you up for a while, but as long as you keep working on those projects, you’ll mostly be fine. If anything bad happens to you this year, it will be easy to clear up in a short time. Love turns up again next year.


In Chinese Astrology, there are five elements: Wood Fire,
Earth, Metal, and Water. Each governs an animal sign
once throughout the sixty-year Chinese “century”. There
are therefore sixty different basic character types
in Chinese Astrology. You were born in the year of …


1902 Sir Ralph Richardson, Leni Reifenstahl, Richard Rogers, David Selznick, Darryl Zanuck, William Wyler, Leland Hayward, John Steinbeck, Max Ophuls, Louis de Vilmorin

1962 Jodi Foster, Tom Cruise, Tracy Austin, Elizabeth McGovern, Lou Diamond Phillips, Matthew Broderick

You exhibit smooth, creamy manners and seem to lead a charmed life. Great personal (often early) success characterizes your life. You are a lovable and loving creature whose strength of will and determination to gain both respect and power are admirable. People honor and esteem you. You are more stable and lead a more balanced life than many of your fellow Tigers. You are often artistic and able to perform in public. You tend to be musical and know how to imitate accents and speech patterns with remarkable accuracy. Having a good ear makes you a natural linguist. Travel appeals to your taste for easy adventure: you prefer to go first class.

Long term discipline is not always your strong suit, but you are capable of protracted diligence in the accomplishment of work projects. You also boast a socially pleasing personality and love being with groups, making jokes and displaying your seductive talents. As you crave company, you want to be a family person. You are reliable, you take responsibility for your kin and you look after your home.

You are known for your sense of fairness. Unlike some Tigers who cannot tolerate advice or criticism, you are able to view your own shortcomings objectively. Your open-minded approach to thorny issues might lead to the study of law. You would make an excellent magistrate: your judgments would be unbiased and humane.

You are not so drivingly vain or ambitious as other Tigers. Scholarly pursuits such as philosophy, languages and comparative literature are possible, but it’s the entertainment professions – especially those concerned with music and communication – which will ensure you career stability and bring you joy. Barring success on the stage or screen, you might choose to be a professor, a literary agent or even a promoter of concerts or other spectacles.

Although you make an excellent performer, you don’t ache to be bathed in spotlight every waking second of your life. You can work contentedly behind the scenes, creating, inventing and planning.

You are mostly a virtuous creature whose greatest fault is giving in to rare, but frightening, rages. You cannot abide betrayal and will react rashly when you fall victim to it. You appear calm and unruffled, and put up a slick, jaunty exterior. You are everybody’s pal until you are wronged. The bitter anger which ensues is bloodthirsty, and your long-term quest for revenge dangerous!

Chinese Signs for Women

Males and Females behave differently. Below is the
gender specific description of your Chinese sign:


Tiger women have more fun. Yes. They really do. But you also seem to have more than your share of woes. Being a Tiger female is wild and woolly and can be downright dangerous. You may remain single or you may get married – but if you marry, you don’t often stay married long.

You have a strong personality, a no-nonsense approach to life, and you don’t suffer fools gladly. Being your partner, especially your mate, is a life threatening challenge. No man who has ever survived as full-time spouse of a Tiger will tell you that the marriage has been a bed of roses. But, then too, your mate will never complain of having been bored.

There is nothing humdrum about your existence. You are 100 per cent non-conformist. You don’t live quietly in a tranquil setting in the suburbs. You don’t know how to do things halfway or how to measure out your life in sensible portions. With you, it’s all or nothing.

You are feared and even reviled by the philosophers and wise men who rule Chinese astrology. No bearded sage advises any reasonable man to rush into a marriage with a gorgeous Tiger woman – unless you are very rich and the man is not. In China, the Tiger woman is considered the feminine equivalent of a male chauvinist pig.

You cannot tolerate limitations or brakes on your independence. Enthusiastically gallant men must be careful around you. You don’t like interference from people whose credentials consist purely of extra muscle or brawn. You are not shy about trying your hand at everything traditionally reserved for males. You want to do things on your own and are gifted at doing just that. You are not shy or retiring, and you almost always come out with what is on your mind. If you need help, you will ask for it.

You don’t hate men. You are indeed often accused of liking men a tad too much. But you resist the label which goes with classic femininity. Deep down, perhaps you believe that your life would be better if you had been born a man. You want to perform great feats. You hate taking petty little jobs that don’t challenge your true abilities and you vigorously resist riding in the back seat with Auntie Ethel or having to drive hubby’s old car to the supermarket so he can zoom to the office in a shiny convertible. You want that same (only shinier) convertible and all the mobility and pizzazz that go with it. You want to be first and refuse to live in the shadow of anyone else. If you want to run the world, why should you settle for less?

You are no slouch in the seduction department. You consider your feminine wiles part of your natural weaponry. A good-looking body, healthy hair and teeth, and a fine eye for sexy yet sober fashion are but some of the heavy artillery that you are never afraid to flash in times of serious negotiation or battle with the enemy. Your motives are always honorable and your goals respectable. You are not an evil person, nor are you tempted to commit a crime or get involved in chicanery for its own sake. You are neither tricky nor intentionally devious. You practically always know ahead of time what you want to achieve, and you go about it directly and with strength of purpose. Though you are not consistent in much, you are almost always headstrong, artless and chronically ingenuous.

With your lack of guile and refusal to use circuitous means, you are anything but subtle. When a crucial business meeting reaches its zenith of tension, when the male members of the steering committee are tearing at each other’s throats, the unstoppable, pounce-happy Tiger lady – you – might just plop your forepaws loudly on the conference table, and growl, “Come on, you guys, let’s cut the petty wrangling and make some decisions. You’ve been pussyfooting around the real issues for days now. Are we going to do something about these problems or not?”

These outbursts can be your undoing, but there is a happy ending. Because you almost always know too much, you are often asked to leave quietly by the back door with a nice packet of hush money under your fur coat.

You exhibit talent and sexual attraction, and you thrive on exciting or unusual destinies, but you may also suffer early burnout. You must be wary of many dangers – especially the self-destructive ones that throb inside your own head.

The archenemy of Tigress beauty is your hyper intensive approach to life and your inability to perform even the least significant of your duties without engaging your emotions. You are passionate, involved so profoundly in your pursuits that you sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees. Your nerves grow quickly ragged with fatigue. You give yourself little quarter, working far beyond your physical capacity.

Superficially, you are a vigorous, healthy person. You are on the tall side, angular, and muscular, rather than round or soft-featured. You stand erect and have a proud manner. Because of your elegant stature, you appear tall even in old age. You stand straight and look people in the eye when you speak. You have a look of disarming candor in your. You emanate a girlish quality that you never lose.

You are likely to be slim and wear trousers or sober suits without frills. There is a quality of mystery in your manner that makes you a femme fatale to beat all others. Your beauty resides in your changeable expression.

You cannot hide your emotions. Your innocent eyes give you away. You are buoyant and optimistic. You are dynamic and communicate hope. Your solid, stately energy and pugnacious punch are contagious.

You are not usually exclusive or jealous. Your romantic goal is to love – a lot! Perhaps you even seek to love a lot of different men. But whomever you love you do so with passion and intense loyalty. But… you are easily distracted. You like change. You are eager, lusty and accommodating, but rarely the weirdo whiplash or leather type of sex partner.

You have loving friendships. You can have a long, serious love affair with a happily married man or be content as the secret mistress of a powerful fellow who is too busy to spend all his time with you. Or you might choose to love a fragile or weak man on whom you have no long-term design other than shared sensitivity. You can love one or all three of these men equally and/or simultaneously without ever wanting to live with, marry, or even take them home to Mom.

Possessiveness confounds you. You neither understand nor tolerate being possessed by a lover. For this reason it is difficult to break your heart. Your pride may be hurt if you are jilted or spurned, but you are not one to snivel over the loss of one lover when you know there are fifty more out there to be seduced and conquered.

You are not sexually jealous. You can empathize with a man’s desire to solicit, beguile and win over another woman because you are never quite satisfied with the affections of just one man for life. You are rarely an adoring, obedient object of any man’s affections. Your independence comes first. You can be crushed by betrayal or rejection. Your closest friends are everything to you. If one of these should drop you, you may pine for years over the loss.

Because you often leave your parents’ home young, you create a new family with whom you interact during your adult life, often in preference to your parents and siblings. You learn only from experience and depend on your friends both for advice and fidelity.

Tiger women make wonderful salespeople. You enjoy all jobs where the challenge is immediate, the strategies challenging and the results out by morning. You are happiest when you win a contract or gain a customer, but even if you lose, you are always ready to try again. You constantly test your strength against unheard-of odds. You will attempt anything once and are forever on the lookout for hot new experiences.

As a mother, you are devoted and responsible. To you, mothering is about protection, teaching, and setting examples. However, you are not very cozy or tender. You would gladly commit multiple murders to hang on to your kids or keep them from harm, but you are not the smothering earth mother of Lifetime TV movies. Nor do you demand your kids’ unfailing attention: you want them to be safe, attractive and to do you proud. If they fail, you buoy them up. If they succeed, you applaud.

Because of your disdain for imposed schedules, traditions and rules, you are often perceived as eccentric. You are not “normal,” nor are you dangerous or destructive. You simply need to live your way.