Business Forecast-Report-English

Business Forecast – Sample Printout: English

For: Julia Roberts:
28 October 1967 – 0:16
Atlanta, Georgia

27 February 2009 – 27 March 2009

26 Feb 2009      5:00(26 Feb 2009 to 27 Feb 2009)               Mars Sxtil MC



A business opened during these dates is labeled with great dynamism and capacity to struggle. Neither the owners, nor the agents, or the personnel are intimidated by unfavorable circumstances. Because of the existing assertiveness and ability to respond, difficulties are surpassed quickly and generally lead to success. These spontaneous decisions have nothing to do with lack of discipline or doing things haphazardly. To the contrary, this business is characterized by following a very clear and defined path with very specific objectives outlined beforehand. There is the ability to make decisions on the spur of the moment, but without losing sight of the reference or goal that is very clear in the forefront.

It is well known that competition is tough and that the price is dictated by the demand of the public or society. To penetrate the complex interest, trends and preferences of the public, it is essential to develop a personal stamp and a very defined line in the industrial or commercial activities or services that are being offered. This is called efficiency, going directly to the point, or simply giving practical solutions to the problems and needs of the clients. A business opened or started during these dates is going to have all of these qualities. Passiveness or a tendency to conform will never exist, and indecision has no meaning in this business.

The force of this business lies in its capacity to struggle, which never should be understood as aggressiveness, but more as competitiveness. Wanting to be a leader by your own merits and standing out from others is no sin. To the contrary, the one who takes the initiative is the one who gains. In that way the clients observe that the personnel and managers of the business are trying their best to satisfy their needs, always procuring that it will be in the most rapid and direct way possible. Many clients probably patronize this establishment because at others they find too many arrears, certain incompetence or lack of definition. On the other hand, in your company they find quick solutions and immediate service. Everyone gains when the relationship with clients is direct, exonerating, energetic, professional and very clear with respect to commitments. In this connection, it is very important that the client always understands the terms of the negotiation, that is to say, what to expect of the product or service as well as the company, including the quality, price, guarantee on parts or maintenance requirements, etc. If from the beginning the seller clearly outlines the characteristics, conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the product to the clients, mutual confidence is earned.

Simultaneously, the client always appreciates knowing that the person who is going to provide a product or service is honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic about the excellence and quality of things he/she is trying to market. Obviously, if the client observes a degree of insecurity in the seller, it is very probable that he will turn around and is gone. However, if the seller of the product in question is transmitting confidence, security and enthusiasm, there is a much better chance that a spark will emerge that will motivate the buyer to decide on the acquisition of the goods or service. The clients also appreciate fast service on items requested that are momentarily out of stock. Though it may seem strange, many times the seller may unconsciously generate problems or obstacles for himself or his client. This, however, will absolutely not occur in this business, since the owners as well as managers and the personnel have a very clear idea of what they want and how to communicate, therefore there is no dubiousness or greater complications. Your philosophy is to make everything easy so that the buyer can easily make up his mind.

Finally, one must mention as key factor of this business its ease at the time of assuming risks. That is to say, the mechanism of the entire business as formed by the owners, managers and personnel will not resent it when it becomes necessary to accelerate the pace of activity, even when attempting to initiate an expansion that involves a certain risk. To the contrary, the new goals, and putting them ahead of other objectives, turn out to be a stimulus for the group of people that participate in the project. Therefore, motivation is fundamental here. In other words, everyone on the payroll should be advanced in direct relationship to their contributions, for their effort in favor of the business and their ability to resolve the daily problems.

20 Mar 2009          (15 Mar 2009 to 25 Mar 2009)               Jup Sxtil MC



A business started during these dates has great opportunities, that is to say, it is a good time to begin practically any kind of economic, professional or business activity. It is, in fact, a very good opportunity to connect with the so called “influence of abundance”. Under this influence it is easy to reap the fruits of work without any obstacles. This aspect guarantees that, if one is willing to work, the objectives can be reached and, if the necessary effort is put forth, the results will be significant. Briefly, it is a time when one has the wind in one’s favor to plant a seed in the right place.

One of the great virtues of this business or initiative will be the good rapport obtained with the public, which will bring this establishment a faithful, enthusiastic and steady clientele. That connection with the public is based mainly on the quality of the products or services provided, and also is sustained through good public relations. Any effort to train the directors or personnel to improve their personal image, to improve courteous dealing with clients, and to perfect the corporate image of the business will bring great dividends. That is to say, the strong point of this establishment is based precisely on good public relations, through which the owners or executives of the business will be able to expand their horizons and be open to new development opportunities. The warm and respectful dealing with the suppliers, the clientele and the public as a rule brings great results, which will be seen some time after the opening of the business.

Another relevant characteristic of this business or professional initiative is the wide vision used in outlining things, which also is called “thinking big”. Obviously, to think big does not mean to go beyond your means, but to be organized and gradually reaching some preset goals.

The hierarchical organization within this business generally will be quite harmonious. That is to say, there is the right interrelationship between the owners, between owners and managers, and between managers and the personnel. These harmonious relationships motivate the people that work for this establishment and bring the desire to work. An expansive philosophy saturates all activity of this business and certainly is well understood by all the staff that work in this trade or professional capacity. It is clear to everyone that to receive it is necessary to give, something one must show potential or steady clients in an agreeable, obliging, warm and human tone. That is what causes the product or service that it is being provided to acquire prestige and renown.

The external image of the business, aside from the excellence in dealings and human quality, is sustained by an image of abundance. This image of abundance is a basic principle of marketing. A business offering quality, abundance of articles, and different options adapted to each need, is very attractive to the public. In fact, an establishment that has variety, quantity and quality, that is to say, where “there is sufficient quantity and good quality”, as a rule has a special magnetism for the public. Abundance attracts abundance while narrowness attracts narrowness.

Thus, the virtue of this business is mainly based on what its owners or founders consider positive and, because of this, are able to attract what we have called the influence or energies of abundance. Furthermore, to respect humanity, the business and money can help enormously to attract equally evolutionary material conditions. When there is zeal for growth, quality and giving good service to the client, and money is being handled with a harmonious and wide perspective, greater harmony and attraction is generated at the same time. One of the principal flaws of those who tend to incur many companies or persons with commercial or professional activities is their narrow outlook, that is to say, continually removing quality of the product or service to earn a few dollars more. However, this business is characterized by giving everything its just value, preferring to charge a little more than average, but giving more superior quality than average. That is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental keys for the success of this business.

Trips, assistance in meetings, expositions, fairs or samples, and correspondence with potential clients of other regions or countries are fundamental factors that cause this activity to expand gradually. There is also a balanced vision on the part of the owners or managers, since they not only consider the material resources, but also the human resources as those that count. To invest money is as important as caring, perfecting and giving attention to the human capital of this company or professional establishment. Because of this, at the time of investing not only the purchase of new machinery or the expansion of square yards of the premises is important, but also regular and better training of the personal through appropriate courses, seminars or different workshops.

This business, furthermore, is able to maintain good relationships with banks, since it enjoys a good credit rating, and the owners know very well that becoming indebted beyond a certain limit certainly is a vice.