Basic Forecast Report English

Advanced Forecast – Sample Printout: English
For: Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967 – 12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

27 February 2009 – 27 March 2009
1 Feb 2009 (31 Jan 2009 to 2 Mar 2009) Mars 7th H.

At this time you are less willing to compromise or to overlook differences for the sake of harmony in your relationships and less willing to sacrifice your own needs and desires. Any tensions which have been simmering in your marriage or other close associations are likely to boil over now. If you are of an argumentative nature, quarrels and confrontations will be more frequent.

Positively, you are more inclined to initiate contact with someone that you wish to make a connection with, and you may begin a relationship at this time that will be very worthwhile, one in which you are the pursuer or active partner.

26 Feb 2009 (26 Feb 2009 to 27 Feb 2009) Mars Sxtil MC

Working energetically with a clear objective in mind, advancing your own professional goals, and enlisting others’ support for your projects by acting as a leader are key issues now. Your superiors and others in authority respond favorably to your confidence and your willingness to take a risk or attack a problem in a new way.

Ambivalence or disagreeableness in a close relationship arises now. An old friend or lover who is rather disturbing to your peace of mind may contact you, or you may feel uncertain about where you are going in a particular relationship.

You may aggravate or pick at a friend or loved one in the misguided belief that you can change things. At this point, however, it is unlikely that your words or actions will create happiness or the desired outcome. Try to be good natured about any differences that are apparent to you now, and let it pass.

1 Mar 2009 (11 Feb 2009 to 18 Mar 2009) Ura Oppos Plu

Your close relationships with others undergo some abrupt changes at this time. The driving force behind these changes is your impatient, demanding need to achieve greater sincerity, honesty, and understanding between you and others. In a marriage or love relationship, you are likely to bring up jealousies and hurt feelings from events that occurred quite a long time ago. You feel the need to air out and clear your feelings and to stop hiding things from each other. If you feel that the other person is unapproachable on these topics or that you simply don’t have the courage to bring them up, the feelings will brew and seethe, and you will vent your feelings by being bossy, impatient, demanding, and angry with the other person. You will blame your partner for various problems in your life, rather than admit that you have quite a lot to do with your problems as well!

You are in a reforming spirit now. Impatient and unwilling to compromise, you are quick to see the flaws, insincerities, ego trips, and personal ambitions that warp the functioning of organizations, businesses, and governments. You are likely to find yourself being forthright and direct about political and social issues, expressing yourself with emotion and conviction. You simply do not have the patience to allow important issues to be glossed over, ignored, or distorted. You also pursue your own personal goals and career now with greater dedication, conviction, and honesty. One warning: do not be too tactless and strident in your dealings with others. You tend to express yourself in a manner that polarizes you against others and causes others to feel like adversaries. A tactful and harmonious style will usually better achieve your goals without compromising your message.

Now is the time to break old habits and start new ones. Be careful, however, in making major career decisions or business agreements. Because this is an unstable time with lots of changes, it is often better to wait until things settle down more and the best alternatives can be better discerned.
2 Mar 2009 (28 Feb 2009 to 4 Apr 2009) Mars 8th H.

Disputes over shared resources, joint finances, or anything which you hold in common with another are more likely now, and you are prone to impulsiveness and recklessness regarding such matters. Also, fights over money may only be symbolic of other, deeper conflicts between you and your mate or business partner, such as questions of personal power and control in the relationship.

Your desires and passions are stirred up now as well and this can be a time of a sexual and emotional renaissance in an intimate relationship.
4 Mar 2009 (3 Mar 2009 to 6 Mar 2009) Mars Qucnx Plu

You are willfully resistant to any outside pressure, manipulation, or authority at this time. A fateful encounter with an adversary, one that can neither be avoided nor ignored, is indicated. You seesaw between taking forthright, direct action and using more covert, subtle methods. A desire to break down, destroy, or overthrow existing conditions is also a part of the picture. Be careful with sharp instruments or glass.

6 Mar 2009 (1 Mar 2009 to 11 Mar 2009) Jup Sqr Merc

During this time period you are planning big things for the future. You become excited about an idea that promises much greener pastures for you. Your enthusiasm and optimism are so strong that it is difficult for you to realistically evaluate the situation. If others question or doubt your plan, you quickly brush their concerns aside, as you pursue a grander vision. Hopefully, you have done your homework or else your grand dream can go up in smoke.

This is an excellent time to spread your wings, to travel and visit new places. You may read something that causes you to view life in a very different light. Your mind soars to a broader, more encompassing view and perspective. You should not rein your thoughts in; the only warning is to be careful when making practical decisions based on these ideas. You can easily overlook the importance of practical details needed to successfully carry out a plan.

6 Mar 2009 (6 Mar 2009 to 7 Mar 2009) Mars Sqr Nep

This can be a very depleting and confusing time when you do not know exactly what you want or you do not feel strong, capable, or effective. Physically, you need to be gentle with yourself and take care not to dissipate your energy reserves. Your imagination can run wild now, and you want to act out a fantasy or strange desire – something you normally would have the good sense not to attempt. However, if you are an artist, this is a very inspired, fertile time for you.
7 Mar 2009 (8 Feb 2009 to 8 Apr 2009) Nep Oppos Moon

Emotions run very high and deep now. Strange, unusual, even obsessive, feelings grip you. These feelings are often irrational and out of character, so you are likely to squelch them; they seem childish, exceedingly sentimental, foolish, and out of proportion. All of this is true, but you should not squelch them! Here are examples of the kinds of emotional experiences you can have now: crying during a movie, crying from seeing an old photograph or other remembrance from years ago, writing poetry for the first time in over a decade, feeling emotionally overwhelmed by a beautiful piece of music or a “golden oldie”, concern that the world will end next week, wondering if your mother really adopted you and you are actually an alien from another planet, or believing that you are one of the 144,000 people who must save the world. There is nothing wrong in any of these feelings, and you should express them fully. But don’t take yourself too seriously! For example, it is very unlikely that you are an alien from another planet! However, this is the time to expand the range of your feelings and develop your imagination. Fantasy, fiction, mythology, fairy tales, music, movies, and spiritual development are areas of emphasis now. Enjoy them!

You are particularly enamored of symbols at this time and consequently fairy tales, myths, and religious symbolism hold a powerful fascination for you. Vivid, powerful dreams occur now and have a deep effect on you. Try to understand the meaning of the symbolism and the message that it holds.

Be careful in all practical business matters and important decisions. Because your powerful moods and emotions affect what appeals to you, it is likely that you will choose the option that appeals to your fantastic imagination rather than what is feasible and practical.
8 Mar 2009 (8 Mar 2009 to 9 Mar 2009) Mars Oppos Moon

You feel highly competitive, hot-blooded, and impatient, which can cause friction or furiously emotional confrontations with others. Your spouse, children, or parents seem especially able to rouse your ire at this time. Unresolved feelings and issues from the past are likely to trigger emotional outbursts now.

11 Mar 2009 (10 Mar 2009 to 12 Mar 2009) Mars Qucnx Ura

You act very impulsively and may do something spontaneously that really upsets the status quo in your life. Daring and reckless, you act with fierce independence. All manner of accidents could result from this rash foolishness. You are apt to feel tense, “wired”, cross, or out of control. You might wish to avoid traveling at this time.

12 Mar 2009 (12 Mar 2009 to 13 Mar 2009) Mars Qucnx Asc

Those in your environment are irascible and quarrelsome; they may attempt to embroil you in their disputes. What begins as a high energy competition or purposeful activity may turn nasty. It will be difficult for you to stay out of it; your inclination now is to do something. It would be much better for you to go solo right now rather than attempt a cooperative endeavor.

12 Mar 2009 (28 Feb 2009 to 25 Mar 2009) Sat Conj Ven

Making a decision in a love relationship is the key issue now. Your feelings about what you want in a mate become very clear to you now. Your tastes have probably gradually changed over the years, and now you have a new image of the kind of person that appeals to you. If you are married or deeply involved with someone whose tastes and interests no longer match yours, the relationship will become very strained at this time, probably to the point of breaking. However, honest, sincere, and deep communication of feelings and attitudes, some of which may have been kept secret, can bring about a rebirth in the relationship, making it deeper and stronger than ever. The relationship is tested to see what is really holding it together.

There is a strong interest in developing lasting, secure relationships at this times, which makes any separation from a loved one even more painful. It also explains why couples who have been living together for a long time often decide to marry at this time. This astrological influence tends to bring people together or break them apart and is guaranteed to at least change the quality of the relationship. The effects also extend to friendships, and you may form close, long-lasting friendships with people of either sex at this time, or a friendship may dissolve.
16 Mar 2009 (15 Mar 2009 to 18 Mar 2009) Mars Oppos Jup

Your energy level and your self-confidence are high now. You are full of enterprise and may chafe at the bit if you can not do enough, if your present position doesn’t give you enough scope, or if your superiors do not allow you to take initiative and advance as you want to. Also, at this time you tend to overextend yourself or to believe you can do more than you actually can.

19 Mar 2009 (18 Mar 2009 to 21 Mar 2009) Mars Sxtil Mars

You are capable of forceful, decisive action, and you have the will to carry through on your intentions at this time. Physically, you feel good and your energy is flowing smoothly. Also, your interactions with others are feisty and spirited. You inspire others to take action, and group efforts or joint projects are favored.

20 Mar 2009 (15 Mar 2009 to 25 Mar 2009) Jup Sxtil MC

Cooperation and assistance in business relationships is high now and, consequently, significant growth and progress in your career is likely at this time. Communications and contacts in business and professional circles open up, with opportunities to expand your services and professional involvements. Take advantage of these opportunities because they will prove to be very beneficial. There is no need to take risks so avoid wild speculation; a very positive avenue for growth is available to you now. This growth and progress in career is very personally fulfilling and rewarding because the work is meaningful to you, not just a means of making money. Consequently you feel good about yourself and this spills over into a happy attitude towards your family. Improvements in your domestic life are also likely. Do not sit back and watch this influence pass you by; you may feel so comfortable that you do little to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

20 Mar 2009 (20 Mar 2009 to 21 Mar 2009) Mars Trine Sun

Your vitality and self-confidence are high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual. You enjoy vigorous physical activities, competitive work or sports, and meeting challenges. You are inclined to strike out on your own and to assert your own will, but not in a way that creates resistance in others.

26 Mar 2009 (8 Mar 2009 to 13 Apr 2009) Ura Trine Nep

Inspiration, increased imagination, and rejuvenation of spiritual ideals are key issues now. Your imagination and intuition are very keen now. If you are involved in an imaginative area such as art, music, theater, or writing fiction, you will find that fresh, new insights and creative inspirations give added zest and originality to your work. Whether you are directly involved in these areas or not, you will encounter imaginative works that inspire and uplift you now.

Your sense of awe and wonder expands now, allowing you to appreciate life to a greater extent. You also encounter inspiring people and places that reinforce your sense of the magic and mystery of life. Your religious and spiritual interests are revitalized and rejuvenated now too. You may attend a spiritual retreat or workshop that inspires you to pursue your ideals and visions with greater gusto. In short, this time period is a positive one, in which your ideals, imagination, and sensitivity are awakened and uplifted.

26 Mar 2009 (21 Mar 2009 to 31 Mar 2009) Jup Qucnx Ven

Overly generous gifts, profuse sentimentality, cravings for beauty, luxury, or sensual delights, giving in to the temptation to overindulge, or a lack of moderation in romantic or financial affairs are all definitely indicated now. There will be tension within you over these issues, and you are apt to seesaw between immediate gratification and more long lasting benefits.

Social events and festivities may be the scene of some embarrassment or awkwardness, also.

30 Mar 2009 (16 Mar 2009 to 15 Apr 2009) Sat Qucnx MC

A blockage, disappointment, or dead end in your professional life can make this a crucial period for you. Long term goals and your relationship to mentors, teachers, and figures of respect and authority are reassessed. Do not overlook or ignore whatever messages you are getting, especially if warnings or problems arise. On the other hand, don’t get discouraged if you feel overwhelmed with responsibility or the realization that you must part company with those who may have guided or employed you in the past. At this time, too, you may feel you have missed opportunities, avoided the requisite rigors, or simply not taken your own goals seriously enough. Now is the time to realign yourself with your own purposes, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

5 Apr 2009 (5 Mar 2009 to 6 May 2009) plu sxtil sun

During this time period you change many personal habits. Your will power and determination are strong, and you have the courage to go to the root of any problem. Not satisfied with the “quick fix”, you want to pull the weeds out by the roots. For example, people with weight problems or health problems may begin a regimen of exercise, changes in diet, stopping smoking, etc. You may also finally overcome persistent problems such as lack of confidence or other personal problems. Of course, major changes of this nature are not easily achieved, and this astrological influence will not bring about miracles. It does, however, give increased determination to root out the cause of problems or difficulties. This is a time when you can shed an old skin and gain a fresh outlook on life.

5 Apr 2009 (17 Feb 2009 to 23 May 2009) plu conj mars

Your ambition and drive to succeed are incredibly strong now. You will go to any lengths to achieve your goals, and you have the energy to do it. You are driven by a compulsive need to achieve, and you often find it difficult to stop. Even if you are normally rather lethargic, you will be a workaholic during this time period. If you normally are a workaholic, you may work to the point of exhaustion now, in which case you should exhibit some restraint or you will make yourself sick from overexertion.

Hard work is very satisfying for you at this time. There are situations in your life that you now want to change completely and you see the hope of working your way out of the limitations of your current life. Go for it! The only caveats are to refrain from working to a point of exhaustion and to be wary of inciting arguments and fights with others. Your aggressive, determined pursuit of goals can cause you to be pushy, belligerent, impatient, overly competitive, uncooperative, or domineering.

This is a period in your life when hard work can enable you to overcome tremendous obstacles. However, be careful to make intelligent and wise decisions about what to invest your energy in. This astrological influence gives you the motivation and energy to work hard, but neither helps nor hinders your ability to choose the best area to invest your energies. Hard work does not guarantee success; you must also choose an area that will be fruitful.

Lots of physical activity is a must now. If the focus of your work is not very physical, then you should take time for regular physical exercise and outdoor activity. Competitive sports are a good outlet.