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Personality Profile for Julia Roberts
28 October 1967
0:16 Daylight Savings Time
Atlanta, Georgia
Latitude 33 N 44 56 Longitude 84 W 23 17
GMT: 04:16:00 Time Zone: 5 hours West. Tropical Zodiac


When in control of your emotions, you are the most understanding, sensitive person you could hope to find–but, if NOT in control, the most miserable. Since you tend to be ruled by emotions, your moody, changeable quality is apparent to everyone around you. Your smile is radiant, but tears can easily be close behind. Another characteristic that gives you away is your talkativeness, with an emotional quality coming through loud and clear.

You appear gentle and soft, and you act rather reserved with others until you know them well and feel it is safe to be open with them. You have a strong need for emotional security and a sense of belonging, and are deeply attached to the past: your heritage, roots, family, cherished friends, familiar places, etc. Making radical changes or moving away from what is known and safe can be very painful and difficult for you. You tend to hold on to people and memories, as well as possessions of personal or sentimental significance. Having a home, a safe haven, is very important to you.

Others see you as extremely caring. It makes no difference whether you are male or female, you are the Earth Mother. You ARE caring and nurturing. If you lack children of your own, you will find surrogate children or pets on which to bestow your maternal instincts. You are strongly attached to family and family traditions. In your professional life you will naturally gravitate toward the people helping people activities–doctor, nurse, counselor, social worker, etc.

Perhaps your greatest handicap in your work is your inability to accept criticism. Others may hesitate to make suggestions to you for you hate having your judgment challenged or your routine interrupted or intercepted. This comes from your strongly emotional relating of all things around you to the self. You need to learn to separate your self identity from those things you and others do or say, and learn not to take everything so personally.

Others see you as a “softy”. You are extremely sentimental and you are likely to enjoy romantic reading, movies and “Soap Opera” types of drama. Your emotions respond readily to outside stimulation, as well as to your instinctive and intuitive messages. You can be somewhat like a sponge, picking up on the feelings of those around you. You need to always be alert to this faculty and not allow yourself to respond to negative influences. For this reason you need to pick your associates carefully, surrounding yourself with positive, self-actuated types. Your magnetic personality will draw all types to you, many of whom will be those weaker ones who may rip-off your energy.

Your pride can become so easily hurt and the hurt so well hidden that those closest to you may not even know it. To others, you can appear especially touchy, bitter and resentful, retreating into your shell to keep everyone away. When this happens, you are likely to begin to overeat and overdrink–to overindulge yourself in a manner which makes it more difficult to deal with your emotions, and to the point where you become physically sluggish. You may try to satisfy your oral needs by putting snacks, candy, gum, cigarettes, food, and drinks in your mouth constantly. You may also try to oversleep and to avoid exercise during these times.

The important consideration here is, this is the way for you to grow. These periods are normal in the life process of the person that is YOU. Be aware of this and get in touch with your natural timing of these cycles–watch your movements, analyze the state you are in, and understand why you are acting the way you are. Try to break the pattern earlier each time by taking positive action in physical and health matters. Get out of your self by nurturing others, which is the most natural way for you to start smiling again.


Your Sun in Scorpio gives you will-power and intense emotional desires. Your life is likely to be a constant struggle to conquer desire through creative use of the will. In general, you try to improve the status quo. In all your endeavors, it is important that you embark upon the proper course from the start, since you will act with all your power. Your perfectionism makes it difficult for you to delegate responsibility, consequently you tend to overwork in order to achieve perfection in all details. Whatever you do, you do it with concentration and enthusiasm. You are extremely strong-willed and tenacious in pursuing your objectives. Fierce pride, courage and emotional strength are yours in abundance.

You are not often the diplomat, but can be rather blunt in expressing your feelings and ideas. You have an intense curiosity to know the nature of things and how they work. You could excel in scientific research or in any work involving investigation and detection. You also tend to be very secretive and will not tolerate anyone betraying your trust or confidence.

You love mysteries and are deeply attracted to the dark and secret side of life. You never take things at face value and are always probing beneath the surface of people and situations to discover what is REALLY going on. You tend to be more of a cynic than an idealist. Your intuition is well developed as a rule, often allowing you to penetrate the thoughts of others. You need to develop that intuition at a spiritual level, and to tap the power of the creative and regenerative forces of nature. With that connection, your accomplishments could begin to border on the miraculous.

You have a high sense of justice. Although you may despise weakness in yourself and don’t like to see it in others, you can be compassionate to the point of over-extending yourself to help someone else. You have tremendous staying power and will see things through to the bitter end. However, your patience will come to an abrupt halt if you perceive that those you are trying to help are making no effort to help themselves.

You also have a powerful need for deep emotional involvement and you form very intense attachments and love bonds. You are possessive and often jealous of anyone or any THING that you perceive as a threat to your relationships with those you love. When you commit yourself to someone, you are whole-heartedly devoted and you expect complete loyalty in return. You merge with the person you love at a very deep level and therefore separations are extremely painful for you–often stormy and nasty. When you have been wounded you are not inclined to turn the other cheek, but will retaliate if at all possible. Certainly you will never forget the injury, and you may hang onto resentments for a long time. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily to you.

You cannot live at a superficial level, and whatever you become involved with is generally of serious consequence. At sometime in your life, there is almost certain to be a combination of circumstances or a crises of such impact that you will feel your whole life has been completely changed. You may be totally aware when you reach this turning point, or (if you are lucky) it could seem so insignificant that only when you look back on it, you will realize that your total outlook on life is different. Even positive change can be painful, but you can be sure that the new direction your life will take after this metamorphosis is a path toward higher purpose and more rewarding achievements.

In this personality there is a fixity of opinions, a fixity of emotions, and a strength of purpose, making it difficult for you to adapt to a world less disciplined. You may expect too much from others, and depend too little upon your own resources. Imagined low Self-worth is the culprit. You will need to develop self-confidence by setting realistic goals and expecting less help from others. You need to broaden your service to yourself: to set personal goals and adhere to them. You really can finish what you start. You are extremely loyal to family, especially children. You need to watch out for over dramatizing everything. Learn to relax and allow the rest of the world to flow at its own pace–and learn to flow with it.

You are courageous and decisive with much willpower and leadership ability, all of which is usually accompanied by great physical strength and endurance. You are likely to be very competitive and can function at high levels of energy for long periods of time. You can usually put theory into practice and perform difficult tasks. You enjoy competition, and your initiative and self-confidence will make you a winner.

However, you are likely to apply all these attributes only in areas of your own choosing, shutting others out. Also, you need to watch for burnout. You like physical activities, especially sports, but the keyword is moderation. You need to learn to relax.

You have big aspirations but may not struggle too hard to achieve them. Your self-confidence and inner harmony attract success and benefits may come to you in an almost magical way. Your optimism and cheerful generosity also win you many allies and successes in life. Honesty and high ethical standards will govern your conduct and your behavior. You are positive and altruistic in your attitudes to others, which helps you to gain their respect and cooperation. You seem to be always protected by spiritual forces, and you are not likely to ever be completely “down and out”.

You have good insight into the future (almost to the point of prophecy), and you are able to profit by proper timing. You could be just plain lucky. You need to keep in mind Where these gifts come from by expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for using them to the best advantages for you and your fellowman.

You have a strong interest in establishing a secure home and family. You are proud of your family heritage, and may tend to have an aristocratic outlook. You want your home to be a showplace of art, beauty, and opulence–limited only by the extent of your wealth and social class. The early part of your life may be an uphill pull, but you are likely to achieve your security and prosperity toward the end of your life. You are likely to have a strong interest in land, houses, ecology, and the natural resources. You may want to dominate your domestic scene, and you need to watch for a tendency to unreasonable family pride.

Much of your thinking and learning will happen in your home. Even your business may be conducted from the home, as that is where the practical side of your mind is likely to be the most effective. You may collect a large home library as your intellectual pursuits will be many. Your desire to constantly improve on your intellectual environment may cause you to move often, possibly in mobile homes or trailers. Your communications center will revolve around your telephone, but you may choose a nomadic type of life.


You have an intuitive mind capable of profound insights. You see things accurately, but not necessarily charitably. You may use sharp language, but you will “call a spade a spade”, and will not mince words. If you cannot express yourself openly, you will remain silent. You have much resourcefulness and a great determination of mind, and you can surmount obstacles that many would not attempt. Watch out for a preoccupation with sex and a distrust for other people.

You have good mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and you prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than through books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and can work well with your hands. You could become skilled at sculpture, pottery, carpentry, stained glass, or anything that involves doing and making things manually. Biology (and related fields such as medicine) could interest you as well. You also have an instinctive rapport with animals, and may feel that you relate better to them than you do to people.

You tend to become narrowly focused upon your own specialized interests and may not have much to say or communicate outside that field. You need to work on understanding and trusting other people, and on accepting others for who they are and where they are. Above all, learn to allow yourself to be only human, too.

You have an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits. You also enjoy relations with neighbors and friends, short journeys, social activities, and correspondence. You are likely to have a special love for literature and poetry. You will communicate harmoniously, through both speech and writing, especially beautiful love letters and romantic poems.

Brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors are much involved in your life. Your mind is curious and unconventional, and is likely to be reflected by those around you. Collectively, you will pursue interests in the unusual, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, or spiritual healing. You may have sudden insights which can develop into inventions and creative technology. Beware of jumping to conclusions and impulsive changing of opinions.

You have a strong need to focus upon spiritual values and growth. This position gives you much mental resourcefulness and scientific ability, and enhances your aptitude for the occult. Your verbal and non-verbal communications will be very strong with Pluto here, and you need to be careful to say what you mean and mean what you say, for you do influence others. Guard against scheming and plotting, and undue secretiveness, as well as alcohol and drugs. Avoid negative forms of cultism.

You have a serious interest in religion, philosophy, and higher education. You are likely to prepare for and to seek positions of status, power, and authority, and will probably achieve personal distinction and recognition in education, religion, or philosophy. Long journeys for business purposes are likely, but beware of trouble in foreign lands. Practice moderation in your attitudes toward religion and morality and avoid excessive use of alcohol and other drugs.


You are an emotionally proud individual with a flair for drama. You have a subconscious need to be admired and appreciated–and a conscious need for romance and affection. Your need to love and be loved is a healthy emotional drive which motivates you to continued self awareness and self-improvement efforts. You may dramatize your feelings and appear self-centered, but you are a sucker for flattery. A little praise will make your day. You will want your home to be a show place. You are always well-groomed, and you want your family to be at their best, also.

Warm, loving, and generous in your affections, you inspire tremendous devotion and loyalty from your loved ones. This is good, since you would never settle for anything less! You want to be adored and worshipped like the king or queen that you feel you are, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention you lavish on those you care about.

You are likely to be the center of attention anyway, so you will naturally gravitate into the leadership role in almost any group activity or endeavor. You have a great deal of pride and like to be recognized and appreciated. You are probably a consummate actor or actress and/or some kind of entertainer. The way to really hurt your feelings is to ignore you, yet you are genuinely sincere, and have a strong sense of personal integrity. You dislike emotional games and cannot tolerate dishonesty.

You have the capacity for great sympathy and generosity, and you wish to bring good things to others. You are tolerant and forgiving, always ready to overlook mistakes and give others a second chance. You expect the best from people and draw it out of them, and you enjoy making others comfortable and happy. Because of your emotional generosity, you have many friends, and are likely to reap many financial benefits as well. Your karma is especially tuned to social welfare of the less fortunate.

You are likely to have deep emotional yearnings for psychic fulfillment and will seek out people to share these feelings with you, especially in love, romance, and personal relationships. Beware of false and negative occult sects and psychic influences, since you will be emotionally vulnerable. Seek positive spiritual guidance and you will know what is right for you. Avoid self-indulgence in food and drink.

You are a dreamer, attracted to the mystical side of life, and you may have trouble distinguishing the real from the imagined or the illusory. You are likely to experience confusion, unreasonable fantasies, muddled home life, and to feel a lack of grip on reality. This can indicate emotional indulgence with the risk of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

You do not enjoy confrontation and become very evasive when problems in your personal life arise. You will escape into your fertile imagination in order to avoid dealing with them directly. You are also rather gullible and naive about people, especially if your sympathy has been aroused. You will need to be careful about personal relationships, since it would be so easy for you to be deceived.

You are very sensitive to music and can use it to bring yourself into emotional balance and harmony. There can also be mediumistic tendencies with which you need to be extremely careful, always seeking appropriate spiritual guidance. The message here is to practice getting Self out of the way and focus on doing good for others. Seek true spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation.

You are likely to over-analyze your emotions and to be very critical of those you love. You are fastidious about your personal appearance, your manners, and your hygiene. This could be a cover-up for shyness and feelings of social and sexual inferiority. You may concentrate your efforts toward a primary professional life, in which you are likely to be very successful in accumulating material comforts. You are nurturing by nature and could be very effective in the human services professions.

You are quietly devoted and faithful to your loved ones, but you may be timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. You are more comfortable showing love for someone by doing something for them, making something for them, or simply being there for them. This is probably because you underestimate your attractiveness and lovability, and you may doubt your own worthiness to receive love and appreciation.

You tend to be very picky about trusting potential partners. You will need to be careful lest you set your standards too high and wind up living alone. Also, beware of the tendencies to OVER-compensate on your part (for feelings of inferiority) by seeking the bohemian lifestyle of loose living and promiscuity.

You have deep, compelling love feelings that seem irresistible and often irrational. Your love relationships are very passionate and intense, and you experience both agony and ecstasy in love. You are always changed in some fundamental way by your love experiences, though this may come about through painful and difficult confrontations or separations.

You have a great capacity for regeneration and a spiritual love which will uplift all who come in contact with you. You have a great love for life. There is a need for strong passionate and karmic emotional involvements, and often an almost fanatic attraction to members of the opposite sex. A spiritual lesson is to be learned here: that love must be spiritually directed to the Eternal, which lives beyond emotional death and rebirth. You also possess a great amount of artistic talent and creativity, with the potential to express it in whatever ways you choose.

Many areas of your life could be affected by premonitions, dreams, clairvoyance, and deeper intuitive insights. This could be indicated by a desire for love and appreciation through romance and creative self-expression. Your artistic and musical talent are inspired from intuitive levels. You have good acting ability, and a love for the media. Peculiar circumstances could surround romantic attachments and the sex life. Secret love affairs and disappointments in love are possible. You are likely to be much involved with children with special problems–your own, if you have them, but if not, then with others’ children.


Your drive and energy are directed toward practical material accomplishments and toward obtaining concrete results. Your actions are likely to be well organized and carefully calculated to achieve professional success. You will have an intense desire for status and recognition, and can be extremely materialistic. You are serious about your ambitions: you are disciplined, dedicated, and tenacious in pursuing your goals. You need practical reasons for everything you do, so the energy you use is usually highly effective.

You are likely to possess extraordinary self control and discipline and would probably be very successful in a business of your own. You have no sympathy for laziness and lack of ambition, and you take pride in doing a job well. You also strive to be in a position of authority and social influence: you enjoy being the person who is in command. You are hard-working and capable of forgoing immediate comfort in order to achieve your long-range goals. You can easily become a workaholic, but you are very responsible and conscientious about doing a thorough job.

You need to lighten up and keep your work in perspective in order to avoid physical and emotional burnout. You need to balance your materialistic desires with understanding of human values. Try practicing some consideration for others, lest you appear selfish, cold, and calculating.

You possess the gifts of perseverance and endurance, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Once you decide you want something you immediately go after it. Self-discipline is natural to you, but it is usually accompanied by feelings of guilt. You work best alone. You are rather impatient with the performance of others, and they may resent your drive and impulsiveness.

Your repressed guilt feelings and your impulsiveness for immediate action could result in physical hardships, accidents, violence, and broken bones. You need to be especially careful regarding physical danger risks, and also, extremely patient in partnerships and marital relationships. Be wary of occupational hazards, but avoid tendencies to drop activities before their conclusion. You often experience repressed anger, which causes you to appear harsh and austere in your disposition. You need to cultivate calm, practice patience, and develop a deeper consideration for the feelings of others. Healthy physical exercise will help.

You are enterprising and ambitious, and you have a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Ever on the look out for new opportunities, you are willing to take risks if you sense that something is going to be a winner. No matter how much you accomplish, you never seem to be completely satisfied. You always feel that you can do more, and continue to set your sights on another goal. Sometimes you over-extend yourself. You promise more than you can deliver, due to an over-optimistic assessment of your own capacities. You relish healthy competition and feel that it spurs you on to even greater achievements.

You act upon your beliefs in a big way, whether religious, philanthropic, or psychic (or all three). You are enthusiastic and practical, and will gain understanding and wisdom through positive action. You are interested in humanitarian causes, and you practice what you preach. Your enthusiasm will attract the kinds of friends you will need to support your humanitarian efforts. You appear to have good karma already worked out.

Your general emotional well-being may be extremely dependent upon material comfort. You have a strong need for monetary security to establish a stable home and family situation. You probably have good business ability in matters dealing with food, home and real estate. You need to watch out for tendencies toward unreasonable possessiveness and jealousy.

You are likely to have substantial business ability and good fortune regarding money and property. You are interested in psychology, education, travel, and publishing. You could express those interests by engaging in businesses related to real estate, domestic products, food, hospitals, and other institutions. Beware of over-extending yourself and taking too much for granted.

Most of your energy and skill will be expressed through work. You are likely to have extremely good mechanical ability as well as an excellent understanding of how mechanical things work. This includes the mechanics of the human body, as many great surgeons have this understanding. If you work for others, it will be extremely necessary for it to be a well-organized, efficient operation. Beware of perfectionism and overconcern for details–also for the tendency to overwork.


What you have just read is a condensed version of your personality profile in simple language — without reference to any of the technical data or astrological sources responsible except for your Sun-sign. We hope that you have been able to recognize a lot about yourself from this report. It is our belief that the better one is able to know and understand one’s self, the better equipped that individual will be to cope with life’s complications.

It is our experience that astrology is an excellent source from which to gain that self-knowledge. Astrologers have been observing, studying, comparing, defining, delineating, and recording the influences of the planets upon mankind since before 6000 BC. Today sophisticated computers make these tasks easier and the information more reliable than ever before.

Astrology is not judgmental — it just IS. It doesn’t tell us what is “good” or “bad”, it only tells us what the influences are. As astrologers, we give the most optimistic and positive interpretation to that information that we possibly can. However, it has been our experience that often the most valuable information we can get from an astrological report is the awareness of those obstacles and stresses which we need to overcome in order to be able to grow and to fulfill our lives according to our own individual value systems.

The Natal Chart is like a blueprint of what your personality could be like if you made no personal decisions or changes at all. However, you have had “Free Will” at every twist and turn of your life to choose whether to accept things the way they were, or to change them. The choices you have already made could have modified the profile of the person you are today, but the astrological imprints from birth will always be with you to provide a strong base for your personality.

Our computer has used the Date, the Time, and the Place of your birth to select and evaluate the influences of your Sun-sign, your Rising-sign, and other significant planetary aspects in order to produce this report. This particular combination of influences apply only to you.

We hope you will study the report carefully from beginning to end. Try not to reject any statement — not those you dislike, or even those you like. Note any statement with which you strongly agree or disagree, and mark it for later study. Then add all statements which seem to contradict each other to the list. When you study the “contradictive” statements, try to determine if any of them might apply to you at a different time in your life, or in a different place. Then consider if the pair could combine and modify each other to produce an interpretation that does apply to you.

Listed below are the astrological factors interpreted in this report

Astrological influences analyzed in Section 1:
Cancer Rising

Astrological influences analyzed in Section 2:
Sun in Scorpio
Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo
Sun Sextile Mars
Sun Sextile Jupiter
Sun in 4th House
Mercury in 4th House

Astrological influences analyzed in Section 3:
Mercury in Scorpio
Venus in 3rd House
Uranus in 3rd House
Pluto in 3rd House
Saturn in 9th House

Astrological influences analyzed in Section 4:
Moon in Leo
Moon Conjunct Jupiter
Moon Square Neptune
Venus in Virgo
Venus Conjunct Pluto
Neptune in 5th House

Astrological influences analyzed in Section 5:
Mars in Capricorn
Mars Square Saturn
Mars Trine Jupiter
Moon in 2nd House
Jupiter in 2nd House
Mars in 6th House